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Is there any way to "draft" questions on-site and show them to specific people, but not publicly?

I am the room owner for the Python canon discussion chat room, where I have been trying to sort out a variety of issues related to important canonical questions in the python tag. (I also use it to ...
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Is there an option to let other users review my answer? [duplicate]

This question came from the following use case: I post a question on Stack Overflow Sometime later (with the question still unanswered), I find the solution to my problem and post an answer myself. ...
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Improving a relatively old self-answered question

Some time ago, I asked an optimization question that received a few downvotes because I had described my initial solution in the abstract instead of posting actual code. I then added the code snippet ...
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Question and answers being downvoted, trying to understand why

Yesterday I posted this question, but after a few minutes I figured out the solution and answered it myself. The question is being downvoted, even though it doesn't seem so bad to me, but maybe I'm ...
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Reword the Help Center article on self-answering to avoid encouraging users to edit self-answers into questions

There is a statement in this self-answer Help Center article that says: Alternatively, you may go back and add an answer to your own question at any time. This statement is rather vague and upon ...
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Are these Self-Answering rules valid as of today?

While reading the help center, I found this 2009 blog post containing the Self-Answering rules for Stack Overflow. I would like to confirm if these rules are valid as of today or if there have been ...
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6 votes
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Can I upvote or downvote my own question?

Can I upvote or downvote questions and answers asked and given by me? And even if I am able to upvote them, will my reputation increase because of that? Also, if I answer my own question and then ...
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What should I do if the answer I needed is contained in one of the answers but mixed up with counterproductive advice?

After posting a question, I obtained the information I needed mostly by reading the comments. One person posted an answer that basically contains all the information I needed to solve the issue, but ...
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Answer own question [duplicate]

I have found an answer by myself to my own question. Do I post the answer as an "Answer" or edit the question? and how to I mark it as answered?
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How can I suggest to a person that they combine both their answers to make a complete answer to my question? [closed]

I have recently posted a question How to string count unique values in data strings on how to deal with string data variables. Someone has answered in an ambiguous and incomplete way to my question, ...
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Why are two self-answered questions about new Java 14+ features so heavily downvoted?

I have just stumbled upon these two questions with a number of upvotes and downvotes as of the time of writing this post: What is the Text Blocks (or Multiline Strings) feature in Java? with 7 ...
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2 votes
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Should I delete my self-answered question? [duplicate]

I asked this question a while ago back when I had little knowledge of how Java worked. Despite my best efforts to improve it, it has gotten significantly downvoted due to numerous technical ...
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Am I improving my questions and are self-answers useful?

Unfortunately, for the 3rd time in a row I have been question banned. This time I'm really taking it seriously. I have been going through all of my questions to try to improve them, answering other ...
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Can answer-banned users use the "answer your own question" feature?

Can answer banned users use the answer your own question Q&A style feature? I heard that if you post too many poor answers you can get banned or something, banned from posting answers only, but ...
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Is it legit to self-answer your question by quoting a comment you got? [duplicate]

I saw this question just now: Newly downloaded Eclipse installer is making me use Java 11+ This wouldn't be a problem for a lot of people, but I NEED to use Java 8 (jre1.8.0_261). Whenever I launch ...
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Is this a good self-answered question or is there a better approach? [duplicate]

I intended to write a question regarding the installation of Anaconda on CentOS 8 and eventually found the answer. In order to support the community, as the procedure may help, took the time to write ...
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6 votes
1 answer

How can I find all the self-answers available on Stack Overflow?

I very much like self-answers. Over the last 7 years, I've written 4 of these myself. Q/A's about Displaying characters, Displaying numbers, Buffered input, and Multithreading. I believe the author of ...
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46 votes
3 answers

Is an admittedly copied answer which does not add any useful detail (that just adds noise) an answer?

I remained speechless when I read this self-answer, and I'm tempted to mark it as not an answer, because of the following reasons: It does not provide anything more than the original answer; It is ...
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What should we do with "How to solve common errors in Google Apps Script development"?

Recently How to solve common errors in Google Apps Script development was posted and had several upvotes, but it was also closed. NOTE: This is not a duplicate of What to do about hundreds of the ...
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2 answers

Asker substantially copied my answer into their own, and then accepted their answer

I answered the question Compute 2 subqueries then group by date. Shortly after, the asker posted an answer of their own, which they admits was taken from my answer, and then accepted this copy answer. ...
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I feel bad about accepting my own answer to my own question, what to do?

I always think someone may answer something better or more updated. Also accepting my own answer feels strange overall. (unless my own answer is much more upvoted than other answers, like 10x, but I ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Can I use Stack Overflow to host documentation examples? [duplicate]

I'm the author of an open source project and I'm documenting it in three forms: reference (Doxygen and Sphinx), book-like tutorials (JupyterBooks), and "how-to" examples. I expect the "how-to" ...
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Is this "fake" question with a documentation like answer on topic?

How to understand Format Specifiers in C programming It's a ... "fake" question with an answer which is very documentation like. Ignoring the mistakes in the answer for a moment, is such a question /...
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1 answer

What to do if OP self-answers their own bad question? [duplicate]

I was going through the Help and Improvement queue, and found this question. It's a bit difficult to read, includes links to images instead of the code, and seems to be asking for someone else to ...
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Which answer do you accept in this situation? (Using someones answer to create a better self-answer) [duplicate]

I asked this question: How to use a socket created by root with a normal user The user P.Dmitry gave a very useful answer that solved the issue for me. After that, I used his answer to construct ...
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2 answers

Can we make posting a question with an answer easier?

As a developer I learn some really random ins and outs of various tools and libraries that I use on a daily basis. I often want to document, those stupid little things that cost me 4 hours to figure ...
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Self-answer based on someone else's poor question?

Last month, this question was posted on Stack Overflow. I thought it was a fascinating question but did not give an answer since I thought the question was very poor for these reasons. The ...
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Asking a question and publishing my workaround as my own answer [duplicate]

I've had a problem with python crashing on windows 10 with some simple calls. I've been working for a solution or workaround. Python on PyCharm crashes with 'Process finished with exit code -...
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Documenting through self-answered questions

Back in a year or so I came across this question which is an attempt to make SO a reference for documentation. This quite puzzled me as I was (and still am, at least to an extent) considering SO more ...
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Answering own question months later

I was digging through my activity history on the site when I came across a question I asked a while ago that never received an answer. Segmentation fault during Laravel Migration I figured now ...
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32 votes
2 answers

How do I deal with my own revised solution of a provided answer?

I asked a question that got a good answer. It solves my problem. However, it lacked some information and code to make it the best answer. I now have used this answer to create my own version, solving ...
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Is blog-style self-answering accepted on Stack Overflow?

I'm aware that self-answering is a thing and that, when "asking a question" there is an option to "self-answer" right away. But this post, which I ran into while recommending deletion of this answer: ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Can I ask a self-answered question that is very specific and won't be very helpful for many users? [duplicate]

I use Stack Overflow to document my problems and answer, but sometimes my problem is very specific and specific for my environment. For example, my program was facing a unable to activate windows ...
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What about adding a help submission [duplicate]

I have a list of SQL statements that can help with determining the 1st and last day of the month, with conversion, etc. Can I post it as a question?
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11 votes
3 answers

Is it legit to post a self answer with (almost only) a link to another self answer of yours?

It might sound confusing, but let me explain. Going through the "Low Quality Posts" queue, I have stumbled upon this answer. It is an almost a link only answer. However, there is some kind of ...
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9 votes
2 answers

What's wrong with self-answering while adding information missing in the original question?

So, if you look at the edit history of this question you'll see that I originally thought my problem lay with the Process object that I was wrapping. So that was the only code I provided. Upon ...
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Tag badges for self-answers

As I know, my tag badge score isn't affected if it was me who added a tag to the question I answered. Does this mean that self-answers don't usually affect my tag score? Will tag score be affected if ...
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76 votes
5 answers

Could we prevent posting a question when the "Answer your own question" option is checked and the answer is empty?

Steps to reproduce: Press Ask Question button. Fill in title, question body, and choose tags. Check Answer your own question check box. Leave the answer empty. Press the Post Your Question And Answer ...
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2 answers

How to improve a canonical question, that may appear to be "too broad"?

I keep finding myself posting an [mcve] link in comments to questions with either too much or too little code, but askers seem to be having a hard time actually producing a "Minimal, Complete, ...
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1 answer

Answering my own question with advice from a deleted comment [duplicate]

I asked this question yesterday and a user (can't remember who) gave an answer that did not help me, but in the comments gave a completely different answer that did help me find a solution. Now that ...
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Is it OK to use Stack Overflow to document use cases of my new library? [duplicate]

I see Stack Overflow invites users to answer their own questions as a way to "blog" about a given project. Is it still okay to do so? What are the limits of this practice?
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1 answer

Is it ok to create a community-wiki based on several different answers? [duplicate]

Can I create a community-wiki about a problems I faced and how I solved it, in a sort of "First check this... then that..."? I have seen a lot of people with similar problems as mine, so maybe we can ...
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I found a solution to my own question which has many similar questions. Should I answer them too? [duplicate]

I recently found a solution to my own question, sorting a list of 3D points in clockwise order. (Another user also posted an answer, but the one I found myself appears to be more efficient.) I ...
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1 answer

When you found an answer to your question yourself, should you delete it? [duplicate]

When you found an answer to your question yourself, should you delete the question to prevent people from making an effort in vain or keep it for others?
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Can an interesting, but found already error be a subject of a post? [duplicate]

I have found a really beautiful error, that can be very useful for readers. @Override public void storeInputStream(InputStream inputStream, FileAccessDetail fileAccessDetail) throws StorageException ...
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1 answer

I can't publish my self-answer because my question is closed

I asked a question about Grocery CRUD and it was suggested that I edit it for better understanding. The question was then put on hold because it was too broad. I have an answer to the problem, but due ...
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How to handle my mostly-duplicate question

I asked a question on Stack Overflow that got marked as a duplicate. Initially I thought this was a mistake, and I edited my post to reflect that. But after playing around with the suggested dupe's ...
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3 answers

Is it OK to post multiple answers to own question?

Context: Say, I have a programming problem and two solutions in mind. Both solutions do not seem perfect but there may or may not be a better way. Simply asking which solution is preferrable does not ...
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Can I post an answer to a non-existing question? [duplicate]

So I had a question, I did not find any solution to it. Then a while later I got a little creative and I fixed the issue. So this is the question: can I post this solution to help others who might ...
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Should I create a new question/answer out of a (good) partial answer?

Regarding this answer: What is the difference between '?', 'E', and 'T' for Java generics? Note the comments; Testo Testini writes: "...there should be one dedicated question with this answer." ...
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