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How to deal with forum-style questions (i.e. self answers which are edits/updates) at larger scale

I came across this SEDE query which allows to find questions with multiple answers from the OP. Most of these "answers" are no real answers but should have been an edit to the original ...
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Accepted self-answers with a score of 0 or less shouldn't prevent a question from Roombaing

I recently encountered a question that had a score of -4 and had been put "on hold" as off-topic. However, the OP had written a self-answer and accepted it. Currently, the question won't Roomba, even ...
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Can answer-banned users use the "answer your own question" feature?

Can answer banned users use the answer your own question Q&A style feature? I heard that if you post too many poor answers you can get banned or something, banned from posting answers only, but ...
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"Community wiki" checkbox state lost on failed post

I recently ran into this issue making a post. When answering your own question at the same time you post it, if you check the "community wiki" box but there is a problem with the post on submit (e.g. ...
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How many self-answers get deleted, and how?

Good self-answers can be some of the most valuable posts on the site, but many self-answers are deleted in the Low Quality Posts review queue because they should have been edits to the question or ...
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Strange self-answers

In Rails 2.1.0 Gem Missing - RVM, Passenger, Apache, the asker posted his progress as answers without any direct solutions. I'm not sure how I should flag these, but I think they are not truly answers....
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Is it OK to ask and answer your own questions and link to your wiki?

This question will be probably controversal, so please keep in mind that it is meant for discussion in the first place. I am currently thinking about writing a FAQ or "best practices" on a ...
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advice to new user about basic/self-answered question?

A new user asked this question: , which seems (1) very basic and (2) not framed as a typical SO "how do I solve this problem?" ...
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Am I improving my questions and are self-answers useful?

Unfortunately, for the 3rd time in a row I have been question banned. This time I'm really taking it seriously. I have been going through all of my questions to try to improve them, answering other ...
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How should I add a use case to an existing answered question?

I found the answer to my question in another, but the title of the question was specific enough that it made me consider posting and answered question for searchability. What's the recommendation here?...
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Asked question, I answered it myself, not sure answer has any value, though

I asked this question yesterday: Question. It got pretty long as I was probably not explaining well. It turns out the answer didn't have much to do with the question, or at least how I tried to ask ...
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Should I create a new question/answer out of a (good) partial answer?

Regarding this answer: What is the difference between '?', 'E', and 'T' for Java generics? Note the comments; Testo Testini writes: "...there should be one dedicated question with this answer." ...
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Improving a relatively old self-answered question

Some time ago, I asked an optimization question that received a few downvotes because I had described my initial solution in the abstract instead of posting actual code. I then added the code snippet ...
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