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For questions about search and advanced search features.

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User profile page links to broken search results

I was looking over my user profile, and I noticed I have 18 answers in the map tag. I suspected some of those should probably actually be tagged map-function instead, so I clicked on the link (https://...
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Recently active for intags:mine says last activity was modified ... for everything

If I do a search with intags:mine is:q, every single result says that the last activity was a modification. If I search by a particular tag, however, they show up correctly.
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Make marked-as-duplicate "guidance for next time" link to search help

If a question is closed as duplicate, you wind up with something at the top of the question like: This question already has an answer here: Link To Other Question 5 answers Then at the bottom ...
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How should I add a use case to an existing answered question?

I found the answer to my question in another, but the title of the question was specific enough that it made me consider posting and answered question for searchability. What's the recommendation here?...
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Search without tags if nothing was found?

I was using the Stack Overflow search like this: [WARNING] The version of the bundled JRE is too low. Which is warning I got during development, which I just copied into the search box. Strangely ...
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Is it possible to filter the answers with the expected criteria?

Is it possible to filter the answers with the below criteria? It should be answer only - is:answer Answer score to be zero - score:0 Recent answer - selected the newest tab Not an accepted answer ...
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Get notification on union of selected tag, along with intersection

When I click on a tag ios along with newest tab selected. It shows all the question related with that tag sorted by newest: It also gives me badge whenever new question with ios tag arrives: ...
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Enhanced Search for Android App

I'd like to suggest an enhanced search functionality. Two things that come to my mind right now are: I want to be able to save search requests like bookmarks. E.g., if I search for [java] or [groovy] ...
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Narrowing down Careers search by Location returns more (not fewer!) results

This makes absolutely no sense -- trying to narrow down a Careers search by specifying a Location actually returns MORE, instead of FEWER, results! This especially makes no sense when searching for ...
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No results sometimes when searching

The title says everything, there are sometimes 0 results when I try to search for something. It's totally regardless of the search term and options (if any). Here is an example URL that turns out to ...
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How can I find all duplicates for question marked as duplicate?

It is so, that sometimes we can have a chain(or may be a graph) of duplicates (please correct me, if I am wrong). So you find a Question1_4, it is a duplicate of(points to) Question1_3, which has a ...
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Improving search results obtained under "relevance" tab

I've recently had occasion to ask several questions about Selenium, and easily 50% of my search time was weeding out old answers which are no longer applicable due to changes to Selenium. I'm not ...
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Why should we use the search bar at the top right? Ask a question!

Sometimes when I search using the text box on the top right, I get very few or no results. How disappointing! But if I click "Ask A Question", I get a box called "Questions that may already have your ...
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Search Communities By Tags

On two recent occasions I have been unsure about which community I should post a question in. The question concerned data handling/formatting in a statistical application. Should it go to Cross ...
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Full text search of posts I've viewed previously

I found a question that I need a few days ago, and now I can't find it again through Google. I have to try to go to my Chrome history (Cmd + Y) and then try to remember the title of the question. I ...
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Viewing/sorting questions with the least votes

Going at /questions?sort=votes sorts the question with higher votes. How can I sort the questions in opposite direction? So to show the questions with the least votes first? I'm aware that I can ...
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Show results for mistyped searches

When searching for a topic in the search box, and accidentally misspelling something, Search takes it literally and doesn't show anything. Take a page out of Google's Playbook and say something like ...
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