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Use this tag when examining what is on-topic or off-topic, and why.

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Jelastic using Stack Overflow as product support

Jelastic seems to be using Stack Overflow as a tech support forum, using this user. Their website points to Stack Overflow via "Resources -> User Forum" link on their top level menu, and a sampling ...
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The [dns] tag is a honeypot for bad questions

While there certainly is intersection between DNS name lookup and programming, such as gethostbyname() function, it's sad that the entire first page of dns results are off-topic because they are OS ...
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Edit the Title Text on the site to remove any suggestion that questions about career building are on-topic here

Right now, the site's title text contains this tagline: Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers …and while of this is all incidentally true, a developer who asks a question about ...
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Could a question asking about a lack of reply from LinkedIn have been salvaged by editing?

I flagged this question (now deleted) as Very Low Quality because I couldn't see any way it could be fixed by editing: We have applied to LinkedIn API partnership program, its been 20 days, still ...
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Show a 'no programming questions' banner to users without at least 1 well-received question

Downvoting and closing programming questions that are asked here on Meta, is getting old. Can you add a big banner above the Title field to make it clear that programming questions must not be posted ...
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Have I got the wrong idea about opinion based questions?

When I first saw this question: What factors should be considered when using urllib vs urllib2 vs requests vs http.client I thought "uhoh, this is going to be an opinion based recommendation ...
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Can we improve our stance on off-topic questions about deep learning?

We are experiencing an increased amount of deep learning questions lately. Not only does it define one of the latest breakthroughs of this decade in image recognition and other fields, but also easily ...
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How should I handle a Stack Overflow question that requires a hardware solution?

Recently, I stepped on this question that is about an allegedly faulty CAN transceiver code. After reading the question, I figured out that the user might be wrong in his way to verify that his code ...
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Question moved from a site where it should have remained

I have found this question that had been migrated from Computer Science. I could understand and answer it. Then I realized that my answer was not involving any coding part, and that both the question ...
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Is question about optimisation of user interface on topic?

I have made a dialog box that hosts a lot of various controls (around 50) using C++ and raw WinAPI. Although my application works, I still wish to somehow reduce the number of controls I use in a ...
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Should Microsoft Power Platform suite questions be asked in a different community?

I asked a question about Power Apps in Set collection to selected values in PowerApps form when opened in edit mode and even gave it a bounty of 200 points, but it receives very little traffic. I ...
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A question about managing code repository structure - SO or SoftwareEngineering.SE?

I asked this yesterday: Managing a complex repository structure - module dependencies and shared code I couldn't quite decide whether to ask that on SO or on Programmers.SE. Have I made the wrong ...
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Are blender questions on topic?

First off a bit of background. Blender is a open source program for entirety of the 3D pipeline. (If all that means nothing to you then you will understand why I'm asking this.) In May of 2013 blender ...
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Is it okay to ask questions about specific APIs with explanation?

My question that I'm trying to find an answer to is, in a broad sense, How to use Google Drive/Form's authentication process. I would provide more details such as what I'm trying to do, what I have so ...
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Advertising or legit question/answer pair?

I have encountered this question and I am struggling to find any usefulness in it! The title is not great and the question is of very low quality. Answers are basically a bunch of links to the ...
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How to properly handle Azure related questions

For several weeks now I have seen a lot of questions related to Azure, but I struggle to see how they are on-topic for Stack Overflow. Some examples: Azure Storage Account mounted in AKS loses ...
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Is a specific Docker networking issue really about "general-purpose software"?

Someone voted to close my question on the grounds that it is "about general computing" software, which according to the Stack Overflow policy is discouraged unless the question "directly involve[...
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Can I ask this question on using Optuna with nested cross-validation for multiple model selection here?

I think this is in-topic, but I just wanted to double-check in case you think I need to move to the more AI-related groups: How to perform hyperparameter tuning and model selection with Optuna and ...
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What is the proper Stack Exchange site to ask for legal advice on privacy policy?

The question I asked on Stack Overflow, was about the Google Maps API privacy policy: (i) real time navigation or route guidance, including but not limited to turn-by-turn route guidance that is ...
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Should this question about changing color settings in Google Colab remain open or be closed?

While reviewing First Posts, I came across an audit regarding this question (how to change theme in google colab?? I need dark theme like Jupyter notebook has). I believe that the post is blatantly ...
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Is it possible to rephrase my question so that it is on topic?

My question Why is my C++ ATL project linking in a CIL library? was closed and I see why. The title is rather generic, it's phrased as if it could have any number of reasons, and could be hard to ...
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Are questions about writing OpenType rules on-topic for SO?

Writing OpenType rules for a font is, in my mind, a form of programming. One specifies various sets of rules for glyph substitution, positioning, etc. Often the rules need to be in a specific order. ...
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Are database configuration questions appropriate for Stack Overflow?

Questions about how to solve problems using complicated queries are certainly on-topic for Stack Overflow. Many hard query problems also require specific fine tuning of the database server. Are ...
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On what Stack Exchange site would questions about Google Data Studio go?

Lately I've been learning Google Data Studio and I've had a lot of questions related to working with custom fields + Data Studio functions. When I google search problems or errors I'm getting, I'...
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Can I ask how to efficiently check if a JavaScript list is missing elements?

I have a javascript question that goes like this: "How do I efficiently check if a list of consecutive numbers is missing any elements?" (I didn't ask it yet.) As in I have [1,2,4,8,9,10]. When one ...
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Are IIS configuration tasks on-topic?

This question was recently asked and answered: Use https on application running on localhost. Given the accepted answer, it is pretty clear that the question is completely unrelated to ...
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Audit question failures

I keep "failing" audit questions where people marked the question as "Unclear what you're asking" (perhaps because they were annoyed with the question asked). In most of these cases it's quite clear ...
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Are questions about following style guides considered on-topic?

For those not aware, SMACSS is a style guide for how to name elements in CSS. I follow the sass tag exclusively, so most of the questions I see are along the lines of "how can I make Sass generate ...
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Should nginx questions be on Stack Overflow?

In my opinion nginx configuration must be all moved to Server Fault. There was also an idea to make nginx-config tag and move the questions to Server Fault or somehow signal posters that the question ...
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How specific is too specific when it comes to questions?

I've read that questions that are so specific that they are not likely to be ever useful for anyone other than the person that's asking the question are considered off-topic, or at least "not useful". ...
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Why are questions about design patterns opinion based?

This question didn't feel opinion based and the answer was EXACTLY what I was searching for. Was there something I should have done differently? Design Patterns for CosmosDB and/or Graph Databases
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Are Visual Studio Licensing questions on-topic or not?

I keep seeing this pop up over and over and I have to shake my head at VS being a constant culprit. Now, we've discussed Licensing before and determined it was off-topic: Questions about licensing ...
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Should questions that contain insecure code be answered?

I frequent the encryption tag on Stack Overflow and, as an individual, am very passionate about security best practices. I often stumble upon questions that implement incredibly insecure code, for ...
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Where do [svn] server configuration/administration questions belong?

I haunt the svn tag and so many of the questions are along the lines of one of the following: How do I configure my SVN server to do (some custom behavior)? How do I get (some tool) to interoperate ...
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Is Google PageSpeed Insights linking to SO for support incorrectly?

Google's PageSpeed Insights asks users to use Stack Overflow for support. Should it be suggesting using instead?
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How do I settle where my question belongs?

I'm working on a custom implementation of a Bootstrap carousel in WordPress. The problem is, I posted the question once to Stack Overflow and had it deleted after about a week because I thought ...
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Is it OK to ask a question about RDF/XML that is not a programming question?

I'm trying to see if a Linux tool exists that validates RDF/XML and can deal with what appears to not be a normal situation. Or, perhaps I'm not understanding how to properly use the tools I've ...
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What to do about old, off topic questions that still have value?

This question I ask is regarding a particular Q&A here: Python: check whether a word is spelled correctly. This is an old question, which by today's standards would be off topic (source request) ...
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Are all questions about "software tools commonly used by programmers" on-topic?

I came upon this question: How does SVN store identical text files in different sub-directories Sure enough, SVN is definitely a tool commonly used by programmers. A question asking "How to do a ...
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Where to ask questions about code organisation: LESS (CSS)

I am having trouble refactoring from CSS to LESS. In the past I put up with swathes of CSS spaghetti since CSS is pretty awful in terms of features for organisation. (Hence why LESS was invented). ...
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Should the off-topic #5 be updated with a better definition of an off-site resource?

I'm looking at the #5 rule under Some questions are still off-topic, even if they fit into one of the categories listed above: Questions asking us to recommend or find a tool, library or favorite off-...
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Is [innovation] a good tag for SO?

status-completed Since the tag has less than 50 questions and commenters aggreed that the tag should be burninated, I proceeded to remove it. Only the locked posts still have innovation. This is a &...
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Would it be appropriate to ask SO about how computers sort arrays of chinese characters (UTF-8)

I ask because I didn't have an actual problem regarding chinese character enumeration. I just happened to have this thought come to my mind and I'm eager to know it. My question would be about sorting ...
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Why is this HTML/JavaScript question off topic?

I was going through first posts and came across this question about why a collection in JavaScript was being logged as both empty and non empty at the same time when using different ways of logging it....
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Is it bad form to post conceptual questions about data structures?

I'm struggling to understand why this question was heavily downvoted: What does it mean if a data structure's members are stored by hash value rather than by index?
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Where do software strategy questions go?

I often don't know where to ask a question on Currently, I have a repository that I want to divide into two and have GitHub pages ( static only ) host my Front-End and have Heroku ...
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Where to ask question regarding any framework/packages to reuse (within Stack Overflow or out)?

I am a web/mobile .NET developer and sometimes (due to extremely fast development of technologies) I might miss the appearance of some new frameworks/packages I could reuse. However, I am not quite ...
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Are preemptive questions on topic?

I have a Python problem which I am sure has been already addressed (how to manage an exception list where some items are specific and others are a wildcard - this leads to entries like,* ...
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What makes this question off-topic?

Why is this question off-topic? Using two parameters to delete using a Django DeleteView It clearly asks a question about a specific programming problem. The question may have other issues, but it ...
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Are questions about IDE crashes on-topic?

Today I stumbled across this question (no obligatory screenshot (gasp!) as the question is quite long) about Visual Studio 2015 crashing 'at random'. My initial thought was that it is off-topic as the ...
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