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For questions about the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator, which shows you the average developer salary for a certain role, experience level and location, based on information gathered during the annual Developer Survey.

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Don't show the Salary popup if it's not supported in your country

At the moment, SO pops up a link to the salary calculator, even if they don't currently support your country. I suggest this annoying popup that basically contains false advertisement should be ...
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Russian currency name is not in style with the site

Russian users are currently presented with this kind of page in salary calculator "руб" part here is in cyrillic, although all the site is in latin characters is textual and not symbolic, thus ...
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Calculator only covers a small range of jobs

I just took a look at the salary calculator, and it seems that none of the job descriptions match anything I have ever done despite working in software development and management for 40 years (now ...
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Is there any way to use the salary calculator for previous years? I was wondering if there is any way to get the developer survey results for a previous year but still be able to submit the same inputs to calculate the result ...
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Please stratify salaries by industry in the Salary Calculator

Here in the UK (but I strongly suspect the same is true elsewhere), there’s vast variation in salaries across industries. The numbers produced at the moment are therefore not very helpful as a ...
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It seems that maximum experience in salary calculator is 30 years, not 20+

Placeholder text for experience field says that 20 is maximum and interpreted as 20 and more (i.e. 20+). I did some experiments and noticed that actual limit is 30 years. 20 years: 30 ...
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Add refine link for salary calculator

After the completion of salary calculation I can only make a new calculation and should enter all the required fields again. It would be good if there be “refine” link where all fields are filled with ...
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Give information about the underlying data of the new salary calculator

Can we get some information about the data which is used by the new salary calculator to make its guess? For example the number of data points used to calculate the salary, or the age (of submission) ...
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Dark mode on Salary Calculator not rendering well

When you have dark mode enabled, the side menu of the page salary calculator still renders in white. As far as I searched, the CSS file all.min.css override its own rule and the rule on primary.css ...
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Weird combobox for technology option on salary calculator on Chrome for Android

Technology option combobox for salary calculator opened on mobile version on Android Chrome contains weird checkbox on the top level:
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Query regarding salary calculator advertisement title

I saw the advertisement below in the Database Administrators Stack Exchange site about the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator. In the title, the character i is looks like l or Capital I. In plain text ...
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“Show more” link in salary calculator should be “show less” when the list already expanded

The “show more” link in salary calculator for mobile web should be titled “show less” when the list of items already expanded. Initial state is correct: Expanded state is incorrect because ...
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salary calculator not working

Salary calculator doesn't work? I tried in multiple browsers, when you click 'calculate salary' it just refreshes the page but does not show the salary nor an error message.
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Chrome on Android cannot post salary calculator form

I see only red check boxes when clicking submit button.
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How does the salary calculator combine inputs?

In my testing it appears the calculator has a lookup table for each input (Role, Location, Education, Years of experience, Technologies). Then it appear the lookup provides a percentage increase or ...
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rank highest to lowest technologies in salary calculator

Given that my salary can be lowered by adding languages like PHP, CSS, etc. Reference: here and it can be somewhat misleading. It would be nice if the salary calculator ranked my highest paying ...
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