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For questions about the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator, which shows you the average developer salary for a certain role, experience level and location, based on information gathered during the annual Developer Survey.

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Announcing the New Salary Calculator [closed]

A little over a year ago, we launched How We Pay, an interactive tool that shows how much you'd earn if you worked at Stack Overflow. We believe that developers should have as much information as ...
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The location selector doesn't let me choose my country

When I fill in my country, the dropdown doesn't let me choose it: When I don't choose anything from the dropdown, an error appears: We don't support this location. Select a location from the ...
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Salary calculator gives less salary when I put in more languages!

When I include only Swift & objective-c: When I include Swift, objective-c, HTML, CSS:
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Salary Calculator Email

I got an email from SO this morning asking me to check out the Salary Calculator. Now being a regular user, I'd already seen the Salary Calculator announcement via the New Feature Announcement, which ...
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"You have exceeded your daily request quota for this API" when searching for a location

See this video: It looks like there's a problem with the Google Maps API daily request quota. Nothing appears when typing ...
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Why isn't Vue an available tag in the salary calculator?

We have the other two major frameworks available, Would it be possible to also have Vue on it as well as it's a very popular framework with an growing amount of jobs for it being available. ...
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Calculate Your Salary - Feeling Alone

It is a very good feature and I really appreciate the Stack Overflow team, this is how I felt the moment I saw the "Calculate Your Salary" feature. Unfortunately it was not for me because I live in ...
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Typo in Salary Calculator Slack preview

When you paste the Salary Calculator into Slack, the preview text has incorrect grammar. Specifically, it says: Use the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator to see how much you should you be earning. ...
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Dark mode on Salary Calculator not rendering well

When you have dark mode enabled, the side menu of the page salary calculator still renders in white. As far as I searched, the CSS file all.min.css override its own rule and the rule on primary.css ...
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Salary Calculator location issue [duplicate]

I can't set my location with the intellisense or dropdown, is not showed: I see that the maps api quota has exceeded: Writing eg. Canada is working well.
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