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RTL stands for Right to Left text (prominently Arabic and Hebrew).

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Android app: right-to-left language username bug

I noticed this right-to-left text poblem in the StackOverflow app for Android: a comment in which I used "@username" to refer to a user whose name is in a right-to-left language, was shown completely ...
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Communications with RTL text in "Jobs" aren't rendered correctly

I just received a communication from the Jobs module and since I live in Israel it was written in Hebrew and had three problems with it. The whole thing is aligned to the left rather than to the ...
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RTL characters in code snippets

Here is a code snippet, snapshotted from a character-based terminal that doesn't apply the Unicode bidi algorithm: Here's the same code snippet in Stack Overflow: {{a|1}} {{א|1}} Note how the ...
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