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RTL stands for Right to Left text (prominently Arabic and Hebrew).

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13 votes
0 answers

RTL characters in code snippets

Here is a code snippet, snapshotted from a character-based terminal that doesn't apply the Unicode bidi algorithm: Here's the same code snippet in Stack Overflow: {{a|1}} {{א|1}} Note how the ...
63 votes
1 answer

Minor (funny) chat star bug for Hebrew text

No, it is not the number of stars, but minutes have passed since posted. Here is the actual text, meaning "Good morning": בוקר טוב Tested on Chrome and IE.
21 votes
0 answers

Communications with RTL text in "Jobs" aren't rendered correctly

I just received a communication from the Jobs module and since I live in Israel it was written in Hebrew and had three problems with it. The whole thing is aligned to the left rather than to the ...
28 votes
0 answers

Android app: right-to-left language username bug

I noticed this right-to-left text poblem in the StackOverflow app for Android: a comment in which I used "@username" to refer to a user whose name is in a right-to-left language, was shown completely ...