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Questions involving review bans/suspensions for folks who fail multiple review audits in a short time, or are manually banned by a ♦ moderator because of misuse of the reviewing system.

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Failed audit on a (not really) link-only answer

I just failed this LQ review audit, and now I'm blocked for a week. The answer can't be seen anymore (it's since been deleted, I assume), but it was an answer with a link to a library. I did not flag ...
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Re-test after review ban to lift ban

I've just been dinged for having too many incorrect reviews. While the punitive action seems strange, I do get the point of it. As an alternative, would it be possible to offer a re-test: e.g., 5 ...
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Flagging statistics, aka "Am I a bad person?"

I recently received my second review ban for failing a triage audit by not flagging something as spam. The audit was fine, I simply failed it because I had recently had a flag declined and was gun ...
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Blocked from reviewing due to incorrect Audit : dispute resolution

I failed an audit on "Reviewing First posts" today while reviewing this question. I did not disagree with the answer, so I was not downvoting the answer. I felt that the answer was too short and hence ...
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Review ban for one single (opinable) incorrect review? [duplicate]

I just failed one review audit. I don't agree because post itself IMO din't need to be deleted (and edit was more appropriate): it had a link to user's website (self advertising, I guess). Anyway just ...
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How does preventing me from reviewing for 7 days help me become a better reviewer?

I just received a 7 day ban for selecting "No Action Required" on an answer that seemed fine to me. The answer was specific to the question and gave a resource to help. But regardless of the value ...
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Almost-code-only answers in VLQ review [duplicate]

There are a lot of answers that come through the VLQ review queue that are either code-only or "almost-code-only". Here's one that came up as an audit (which I failed):
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Have more descriptive actions in review histories

Alright, so yeah. I did something dumb. I got myself banned from reviewing on SO somehow. I'm not here to complain... I Have been banned, and I embrace it! Alright. I screwed up somewhere. More than ...
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What did I do wrong when reviewing?

I went to review some posts and saw this: You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently, see:
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Triage ban for voting to close crap

I have over 3K helpful flags, according to my profile. Today, I'm banned from Triage due to 'too many declined flags.' Here is the topmost example of a question which I marked for closure in Triage ...
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Review ban due strange conditions

At first I knew before clicking on edit that this question was deleted and I wanted to check how the review page will react on it. A ban was not exactly what I was expecting. Here check yourself this ...
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1 answer

Can you please show the community some audit stats?

For example: What percentage of users that have < 1,000 reviews have been banned 0 times from reviewing, been banned 1 time from reviewing, been banned 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, 5 or more times....
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Separate ban for each review queue [duplicate]

All three review queues are logically separate from each other in each aspect: Triage First questions Late answers. The reason behind same is that each kind of review needs different skill sets. ...
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"You made too many incorrect reviews" - I just made one!

I sometimes make mistakes when reviewing. It doesn't happen too often, but sometimes I just don't pay enough attention and I fail. I'm not perfect. But after just one failed audit, I get banned for ...
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Contesting a review audit

Today I received a month-long review ban that I think is clearly a mistake. I don't particularly mind a month off of review :), but would like to make sure that the ban process (be it automated or ...
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Failed an audit and blocked from reviewing

I was going through the Low Quality review and came across this audit. The answer, while it could be more detailed, did try to answer the question with a code snippet. Additionally, the answerer ...
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27 votes
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Failed and banned for user who answered the question correctly?

Related: How should I get started reviewing Late Answers and First Posts? It seems I've failed the audit of user who answered the question correctly. The answer was: I also get an exclamation mark ...
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Single audit failure causes review ban?

See this review This is the first review of any type I have failed in months, and was actually the result of a misplaced click. Is it really necessary to ban someone with generally excellent ...
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Is it possible for a moderator to be auto-banned from reviewing in the queues?

I haven't seen or heard of a mod that deserves to be banned from reviewing. This is just a what-if type of question. I was just wondering if it's possible for a mod to be doing reviews in the queues, ...
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2 answers

What happened to review bans?

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed that audits are showing up more frequently, but that the consequences are not as severe. This may just be me (there are those who swear that this doesn't happen ...
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SO Review punishments a little harsh? [duplicate]

I recently 'incorrectly' approved an edit on SO. Because of this incorrect review I've been banned from reviewing for 5 days. Granted, I got this review wrong, however the link in the hijacked edit ...
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Should review ban on SO also ban you from reviewing on Meta Stack Overflow?

I was recently review banned on SO (admittedly, I did deserve it), but for the length of my review ban on SO I was still allowed to do reviews here. It got me thinking: Shouldn't someone who has a ...
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Pending Edits notification shown while banned from reviewing

There is a brown reminder badge near the review menu entry, which shows the number of pending edit reviews. This is a good way to draw attention to the review queues. However, this number is also ...
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Got review banned for one failed audit; I acted on the post but not in the way that it would expect

The audit in question: I probably should have skipped it instead of selecting no action needed, but I preformed an action on the question itself (...
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2 answers

Questionable Review Audit

I came across this answer in a review audit, and I failed the audit as the system claims this is a quality post. In my opinion, I don't think this should even be considered as an answer as it merely ...
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2 answers

Are you told when you are banned from reviewing?

Every so often you'll get tested in the review queue, and if you fail you're told so. If you fail enough, do you get "banned"? If you are banned, what happens? Are you told or just given a hellban ...
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2 answers

Disabling the review queue/prompts when review privilege is revoked?

When a person is banned from review, is it better to disable the review menu, or the prompt for review queue of pending tasks? Currently, the system menu continues to prompt a person of the new ...
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106 votes
2 answers

Better review audits, better review ban tools

Review audits are a hard problem. It's difficult to programmatically generate hard audits with a high enough degree of confidence to act on them. This results in a lose-lose situation at the moment - ...
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Appeal review ban

I have been banned for review for 7 days (really harsh) for actually making a correct review of this question. Please can somebody explain, why? I see other user with higher reputation has given the ...
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Reviewing - double click [duplicate]

I think there's a problem with reviewing some (or all) queues. Sometimes if I click for example "recommend deletion" on one question before reading content of the second one action for the second one ...
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66 votes
2 answers

How many incorrect reviews will cause banning? Would it affect something after the banning duration? [duplicate]

I was told I have too many incorrect reviews and have been banned for two days: You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently, see: http://...
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15 votes
1 answer

First Posts Review

I have been barred for a month from reviewing any posts because I [apparently] didn't do any action to the following post: I wrote a comment to ...
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Left a comment and clicked I am done failed an audit? [duplicate]

Um... totally strange or maybe a possible bug? I have got this answer in the First Post Review. All I did was left a comment and clicked I'm done but that has failed me... I'm struggling a bit to ...
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Failed review audit - see your own record - is the ban justifiable? [duplicate]

I just failed this review audit. Usually I flag link-only answers as "not an answer" which would've been correct. I didn't do this here, since the link is to the official manual, not some tutorial of ...
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57 votes
2 answers

You have made too many incorrect reviews. After only failing one?

So I was reviewing post and came across a questionable answer (that turned about to be a test). Here is the question. And an answer was this: This is another possibility for English: http://...
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144 votes
3 answers

Approved suggested edit from a known troll?

Just got a message on my review queue: You approved an inappropriate code formatting edit from a known troll: . Please do not accept random ...
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46 votes
5 answers

Should one stop reviewing when they sometimes disagree with review audits?

After roughly two weeks of smooth reviewing I failed another audit and got me a review ban. It was one of those posts that I find quite borderline: An answer with a small list of short things relevant ...
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I haven't failed an audit in ages - but I just did and now I'm banned

So I haven't failed a review audit in ages. That being said, I mis-clicked Approve and it had a cow and banned me for two days. You have failed too many audits Why am I now unable to complete my ...
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22 votes
1 answer

Request information on: "You have made too many incorrect reviews"

Recently I got a review ban for 3 days with error message: You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently. This edit is incorrect or an ...
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What happens when a user is caught doing robo-reviews? [duplicate]

I think I read somewhere that users who don't review well are banned for 1 week from reviewing tasks. Seems like a pretty lame punishment, so I'm wondering the following: After the week ban, are they ...
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5 answers

"You approved edits on something that clearly wasn't an answer"

I went in to review just now to get the warning: You approved edits on something that clearly wasn't an answer Come back in 2 days to continue reviewing. The warning had a link to this edit that I ...
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1 answer

Should a review ban only apply to the queue the audit was failed in?

Should users that that have less "sharpened" skills in one review queue be banned from all queues? I can probably say with confidence that not everyone has evenly equal reviewing skills, therefore a ...
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2 answers

Notify users that vote against the majority of other users in the review queues

I believe it would prove to be beneficial to notify1 users that vote against the majority of other users in a review queue, for two main reasons, Users that want to learn how to be more helpful to ...
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1 answer

I opened the review queue today and am suspended from it

I seem to have a 2 day suspension, but I don't have a recollection of failing any audits. Here's the example of a "failed" audit, but this seems like a legitimate post, not to mention other people ...
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26 votes
2 answers

Review ban due to a question with several upvotes and reopen votes

Three of us seem to have been banned due to this question appearing in the low-quality review queue: The question seems to have achieved 5 ...
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90 votes
2 answers

Review suspension progressive system

Some time ago I was suspended for two days for having performed too many incorrect reviews. Two days passed but unfortunately I made a review mistake again and failed an audit (failed only one, it's ...
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37 votes
2 answers

A review ban I don't understand

I got this message: You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently, see: Now I ...
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1 answer

How suspension days are calculated on Stack Overflow

Before 3-4 weeks for some wrong review I was banned for 2 days and here in some posts I can see that user can be banned up to 7 days also. Can someone please tell me how banned days are calculated? ...
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Review ban because of approving burninate tag edits

Recently I got a review ban for 7 days (sorry guys, because I created some sort of issues to this community, I'm very sorry about that). But I have one question about my ban. My review page shows ...
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