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Questions involving review bans/suspensions for folks who fail multiple review audits in a short time, or are manually banned by a ♦ moderator because of misuse of the reviewing system.

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About wrongly approved edits and long review ban

I approved an edit wrongly. But when I click to review I get this warning: You approved edits on clearly unhelpful changes. Come back on Dec 26 at 23:51 to continue reviewing. In review the ...
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Can we have more clear instructions for review queues?

I just got access to the review queues and I'm a bit confused. The queues are just presented to me, without enough explanation of where the questions came from or where they'll go. In some cases it ...
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Blocked from reviews, because my review was approved? [duplicate]

Why is this edit "incorrect" if everybody, including myself, approved it? Is this a bug? The only theory I can come up with, is somebody disapproved of this edit but then had their review suspended. ...
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Do all incorrect reviews trigger a suspension?

I just received this message: You reviewed incorrectly. Please pay more attention to each review in future Come back in 5 days to ...
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Review Suspension - Contradictory Recommendation

This question came up during a review. As many of you can see, all three people voted that the question should be edited to include more information - as it could have been a quality question, with ...
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Is there now a two-month review ban period?

Until now, from my experience, the review ban sequence was something like this: Warning 1 day 1 week 1 month Reset: go to step 1 However, after being banned for one month, I failed a review audit: ...
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Edit review ban for approving code formatting ... why? [duplicate]

I know, my EDIT history wasn't exactly great; so I tried to improve on that ... but still, I ran into this review Back then, I edited the suggestion (I think I removed that "Thank you" line that the ...
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Banned from reviewing for approving an approved edit?

I just saw that I am banned for some days because of approving this edit. I don't complain about banning when I am really "off", but what wonders me: When I check those links, all the reviewers ...
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An error when approving a post at Stack Overflow Documentation [closed]

Why does the following error happen when I try to approve a post?
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Dispute custom review ban

I just reviewed this question by flagging it as blatantly off-topic. However when I tried to do more reviews I saw this message: "
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Should robo reviewers be banned in docs based on time spend on review? [closed]

Somebody just pointed out this to me where 3 robo reviewers didn't even have time to properly read the edit. Only one of those reviewer even has gained rep (a whole 3) in the php tag. I don't know ...
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Review ban although no audit fail [duplicate]

In the last week I've done a lot of reviews. I have passed many audits and haven't failed single one. I just wanted to come back to reviewing and it occurred I got banned for a week. I guess it's a ...
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Why did I get banned from reviewing after failing one audit? [duplicate]

I know here are questions about this, but I only found ones from people who have failed recently or been banned before. I just got banned for the first time from reviewing because I failed an audit. ...
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Why am I banned for a failed test, when there was no test?

This looks like a bug. The post is "on hold" for some reason. I can't see why. I said it "Looks OK", just like several others did. However, I was banned for a week on this puppy. What the heck is up ...
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Why could reviewing questions with unobvious belonging be a reason for banning from review?

In the end of July I saw this question: I raised a flag, but it was disputed. Then I raised a flag for moderator ...
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If I got two-day review suspension sometime back, the next ban of 7 days is applying after a single mistake? [duplicate]

I was previously got banned for two days from reviewing for passing a link only answer as "no action needed". After that, I had many days of carefully reviewing and only today I did a single mistake ...
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Getting banned from reviewing for each audit fail [duplicate]

I'm not writing here to cry out my tears but to get explained. I couldn't find the answer to the following question: Are you getting banned from reviewing for each audit fail? I got banned from ...
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Wrong review complaint

I got this complaint: You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently, see: Come ...
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Strange behavior in review status [duplicate]

I got an error of too many incorrect reviews, and as example I got this review: which was approved by all 3 reviewers (including me). The ...
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Is there a permanent review ban? [duplicate]

If I fail a sufficent number of audits, would I get permanently banned from review queues?
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To many incorrect reviews after no reviewing?

So, I went to do some reviewing today and I saw the 'review banned' banner. The past time that I have got it made sense, I had failed several audits and got kicked out. But this time was different. I ...
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'Incorrect review' shown when the same edit has been approved by others? [duplicate]

I reviewed an edit on Stack Overflow. I approved the edit. And in the log it seems that the same edit has been approved by others as well. But, it is showing that is has been reviewed incorrectly. ...
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You approved a clear non-answer

I've done review on Stack Overflow recently and as far as I know have passed all the tests recently without failing any of them (recently). Yesterday I've completed all the maximum number of reviews ...
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First post review audit failed [duplicate]

I failed review audit when reviewing the following post: I commented something similar to - "Did you try? What was the result?", since the ...
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Why is this a bad edit review worthy of a review suspension? [duplicate]

I was checking the review queue before heading home for the day and got this: You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently, see: https://...
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What should I do if I was banned from reviewing suggested edits erroneusly?

I was banned for reviewing an edit that I think was an improvement (just as other two reviewers did). Well, now what should I do? Complain to moderators or ask for explanations or just wait silently ...
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"You have made too many incorrect reviews", but the review was Approved overall [duplicate]

I believe I do a pretty good job of reviewing posts, so I was surprised this morning to find that I've been banned due to an 'incorrect review'. However, the linked post in the ban message was ...
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Why is this a terrible suggested edit?

I've approved this suggested edit yesterday. While it is not a big improvement, at least it did make the types and class names stand out. And today, I get this message when I try to review : This was ...
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What did I do wrong with the review ban example task? [duplicate]

I was banned from reviewing, and as an example there was a task I reviewed as Requires Editing. I still think it was the correct choice. What did I do wrong with that task?
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Why did I get suspended from reviewing for 7 days instead of 2 without any explanation?

A lot of people look to be confused about review reviewing, and I think I'm one of them. I just got banned for 7 days after what appears to be a correct series of reviews to me, look at my history if ...
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Suggested Edits: What Do You Mean This Was Spam?

I can't honestly tell if this was an "audit" or not, but if it is, it really shouldn't be. I got onto the Suggested Edits review queue today and saw... You have made too many incorrect reviews. For ...
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Add Percentage-Based Factor to Audit Ban Criteria

I'm proposing that the criteria for audit-induced review bans be moved from an absolute value over a given timespan to also take into account a percentage factor of passed/failed. As I understand it, ...
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Bring some consistency to the flagging and deletion of link-only answers

When doing our daily reviews, under "Low Quality Posts", we are asked to judge the quality of answers. If we think it should be deleted we get the following option among others: Should be deleted ...
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Bad question used as test in review queue gives me review ban This question is too broad or opinion based and should definitely not be used as a test for a "Looks OK" question in my opinion. Now I get a ban from ...
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'You have made too many incorrect reviews'- How can I improve?

I got my first review ban. Review You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently, see:
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Is there any hard evidence that audits improve review quality?

Has anyone produced any hard data showing that the current audit system is actually improving review quality? I'd love to see data about number of audit failures that were actually merited vs ...
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I was blocked from reviewing: How are questions marked as spam on Stack Overflow?

I marked a question in review as requires editing and got a response saying it was spam. I put in some time to view the question before answering and to me it looked like it requires editing. Is ...
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Reviewed not an answer, answer gets deleted, I got suspended

You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently, see: Ok. This is strange behaviour. I ...
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Link to last incorrect review is not clickable

If you make too many incorrect reviews, you will get a review suspension. As a result of this, when you visit the review page you will get a nice message, showing you your last incorrect review. ...
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Pending Review counter still showing after review ban [duplicate]

I got banned from reviewing, after one wrong review, for a month. But the icon for pending review is still showing in a orange colour, which is taking out my attention sometimes. Why is it there if ...
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2 answers

Banned for "Looks OK" on duplicate answer

Two reviewers and I determined that an answer to this question Looks OK. I was banned (I assume the other reviewers were too) from reviewing for 2 days because the answer was not ok. The nature of the ...
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Let's stop tag wiki plagiarism

Due to the amount of support this has received, I've posted a follow up: Stopping tag wiki plagiarism, Part II: Taking Action. tl;dr: We have a problem with plagiarism. Let's make it clear to editors ...
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Why did Community not roll back an edit that it suspended me for approving?

I recently approved an edit incorrectly and my review privileges were suspended with the notice: Please take more care in reviewing; you recently approved an edit that's really an attempt to ...
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Robo Reviewing of the first degree

Why am I getting "Robo Reviewing of the first degree" message upon clicking review queue? Previously I never saw any message like this. Can any one tell me why this happening with my account? Is ...
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Failed review audit on a question with very little information

I was just review-banned after failing this audit: I voted to close it as being Too Broad, but also considered closing due to being Off-...
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Reviews audits: what criteria behind suspend [duplicate]

I have a question about criteria followed to suspend ability to review of a user. In this weeks I reviewed hundreds of post, "first question", "edit reviews" etc. Sometime I made some error but it ...
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Questionable "Low Quality Post" review audit #2 [duplicate]

I hit this post as an audit in the LQP review queue today, and checked "Looks OK". By so doing, I failed the audit, and am now on a 2 day review hiatus. I'd like that reversed, as the review is ...
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Can we be banned from meta reviews? If yes, will I be banned from reviews on the main site?

I like reviewing very much but I often fail audits because they are so hard! So now I tend to review the "easy" ones like Triage. Because it is pretty obvious which options to choose. Recently I got ...
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Yet another bad audit? [duplicate]

In a review queue I came across this answer to How can I allow flex-items to grow while keeping the same size? which was deleted by a moderator. The accepted answer included This is something that ...
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Am I doing Low Quality Post reviews incorrectly? [duplicate]

I've recently been using the review consensus script to see whether my Stack Overflow reviews agree with those of other reviewers, and I noticed that I'm generally matching consensus except for in the ...
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