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Questions involving review bans/suspensions for folks who fail multiple review audits in a short time, or are manually banned by a ♦ moderator because of misuse of the reviewing system.

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Don't understand Review Ban

I was surprised when I found nothing in the review queues and discovered I have a review ban: Your reviews on, https://stackoverflow....
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One year review ban for deleting a rude edit from an off-topic post?

As in the title I just realized to got this: Your review on wasn't helpful. We do not need edits to spam. Come back on Sep 21 '19 ...
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Review suspension for an incorrectly rejected edit?

I have to ask for a strange review suspension once again: this time, it is indicated that I reviewed incorrectly. I don't see what in there ...
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Is it unethical to manually review when you're review-banned?

I got review-banned a few weeks ago, but I continued to edit, vote on, comment on, and flag posts during the ban. AFAICT a review-ban indicates that you can't tell the difference between high-quality ...
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Review ban query on First Post [duplicate]

I'm not a Java programmer, but is an answer such as this, taken from the First Posts queue, guaranteed to be inadequate (link)? You should annotate your repository with @Repository annotation I ...
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Edits to borderline spam answers can possibly interfere with audits

Okay, so I just reviewed an answer in the LQP queue. This answer had been marked as spam and deleted. I presume the reason for this is because of the fact that they'd added their contact info into ...
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Wrong spam classification + stop/look/listen + temporary ban from reviews

Please note that I am not complaining, but rather, that I am reporting (if anyone cares) an incident that I consider to be a malfunction rather than a sound decision from the system. While reviewing ...
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Why does a review ban occur when I click "edit", instead of "save"? [duplicate]

You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently. Come back in 2 days to continue reviewing. I got the above ban today when I clicked the "...
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Are answers that say that the question is unsolvable not answers?

I recently reviewed in late-answers and came across this audit. I did not flag it and thus failed the audit (and got suspended for 2 days). Reason: "Not an answer". I don't see why though. To be fair, ...
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No reviews for me but the answer is near deletion

This is the second time this has happened over the last week. I reviewed this answer where the submitter admitted his posting is not an answer, and I voted to delete it for that reason. It now has ...
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Do I get a notification for a review ban?

I got my first (automatic) 2-day review ban today for failing an audit with an actually bad review, since I said a spam answer was looking OK. I agree the ban was deserved and the review did not ...
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Does the ban from review History gets erased when you review for a long time without mistakes? [duplicate]

I review everyday in stackoverflow. I honestly do make one or two mistakes every month in reviewing. I did observe that each time I make a mistake the time suspension gets longer. Does stackoverflow ...
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Questionable review audit of a dupe

I came across this question in the Triage section of the Reviews. The time stamp on the question was asked Feb 18 at 17:26, so I thought, surely, this question must have been asked before. With the ...
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First-Post review audit failure and Review Ban [duplicate]

Recently I've reviewed the First Post review queue. However, I failed to pass an audit I reviewed it as No Action Needed. But the audit suggests ...
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Request for additional confirmation if reviewer picks Requires Editing at question with many votes down and close

Suggest to perform a-b-testing of a feature such that when Triage reviewer picks Requires Editing on a question with multiple votes down and close (say 3-4) system would show them additional popup ...
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Review banned for trying to edit out spammy link

I've been review banned over this answer. The user appears to have posted a valid answer, but also included a spammy "like and subscribe" signature. It seemed to me that editing out the signature ...
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What is the formal process for lifting a review ban?

Questions like this and this should not be used as audits. What is the current process for requesting a lift from a ban from a bad audit?
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Review bans should not accumulate time If lifted

The review system has proven to be faulty several times. The audit system seems to assume that questions with a lot of upvotes are valid for audits. For instance, this question is way too broad; I ...
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I can't see why my review wasn't helpful [duplicate]

I got hungry on steward medal recently so I try to review a lot of posts from "suggested edit" review queue. I got blocked yesterday and I am wondering why. Your review on https://...
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Review Suspension - Feedback

I recently reviewed a post and my review was deemed incorrect. The result was I was suspended from reviewing. Here's the post in question - ...
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Review Ban based on low quality answers [duplicate]

It happened twice to me, I get banned while reviewing test answers, the thing is I am really paying attention but for some reason the community has different opinion. Here is an example: https://...
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Is this question about an error in an IDE really good enough to be a review audit?

I was given an audit in Triage review today. I thought it over and decided it was debugging help. The question showed an error occurring while running an application; there was no code. I don't ...
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Review banned after failing one audit? [duplicate]

So I've just failed this audit and was immediately (presumably automatically) review suspended. Now the question is whether that post has really been an issue. The answer even has a comment by the ...
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Is there a way to know if I am in review ban and when it will end? [duplicate]

In top bar, Review Queues icon is orange initially. But when I click it, it does not load queue list. This might be due to I am banned for review. But I do not remember the message prompted by Stack ...
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Should we flag reviewers who reject removal of plagiarism/copyvio?

Our community believes we should prevent plagiarism/copyvio by flagging laxist reviewers for review-ban: Stopping tag wiki plagiarism, Part II: Taking Action Now, in the cases of the many past ...
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Review ban on first post, which doesnt appear in reviewed item list [duplicate]

I got a review ban on this post: Now I obviously agree that this is something that doesn't belong on SO. However, it appears that I haven't ...
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Introduce a review ban timer instead of vague default message [duplicate]

I recently landed myself in review jail for reasons and I noticed that this ban lasted longer than the last time that I was banned. After some investigation I found out that each ban is longer than ...
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Why was I suspended for this review? [duplicate]

I noticed that I have been suspended for a few hours, but I don't understand why. Your review on wasn't helpful; please review the ...
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Do I have to flag answer or question in review? [duplicate]

Today I receive a review ban saying Many of your recent reviews have been unhelpful. For example: this should've been edited and flagged as "not an answer". This should've been edited and flagged ...
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Why do review bans kick in on your first action, rather than when you submit the review?

(Please note - I am not arguing about the outcome of the suspension post linked below; it is only relevant in that it served to shine a light on a process where I observed a potential problem). The ...
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Overly Severe Review Suspension

I recently failed an audit in the First Post review queue due to a misclick; I wanted to upvote the answer, but instead I misclicked on the down vote button. The last audit that I failed, if my ...
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Is this really a harmful edit?

I have received a review ban for one year (after some review bans due to carelessness) and would like to ask this to be discussed and reviewed. As far I can see I was banned because approving this ...'s user avatar
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How many failed audits does it take to ban a user from review? [duplicate]

I have passed almost 7 audits while reviewing Close Votes, Suggested Edits, Low Quality Posts and Triage, but I also failed 2 audits today, My question is, how are bans calculated with respect to ...
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Make it more obvious that you're review banned

This recent post revealed how non-obvious it is to a user that they're review banned; It seems that in order to determine whether you're review banned or not you either have to; Manually navigate to ...
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Am I in a review ban? Or are the reviews down?

Unlike a lot of users I actually like reviewing and do it quite often. I would consider myself to be a good reviewer as I have never failed a review audit. My comments left for the posters have nearly ...
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2 answers

Banned from reviewing for justified decisions - should I refrain from reviewing?

I recently got banned from reviewing suggested edits. You reviewed, and https://...
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Why did I fail this audit? [duplicate]

I recently started working on the review queues on Stack Overflow. I think I am slowly getting the hang of it - however, it seems that I am banned from reviewing right now. I would like to understand ...
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Review-ban duration not showing anymore? [closed]

I've been banned from reviewing for several days now. In the last few days, clicking the review button (highlighted for some reason), doesn't show the previous page, which mentioned "Come back in XX ...
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Failed audit: Do not use answers to closed questions as tests? [duplicate]

Today I failed a review in "low quality posts" for an answer to a closed question by voting "Looks OK" (expected: "Recommend deletion"). This is the question:
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Why is the review in Stack Overflow so strict? [duplicate]

Why is the review on Stack Overflow so strict? I only made one incorrect review and already got banned. (Image took from last time). Now I have to wait for 8 days...
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Review-banned users should be able to see what posts they reviewed incorrectly

Background story Recently I got my first review ban which lasts for 7 days (I presume since I noticed it today when there are 3 days left) for reviewing a tag edit incorrectly. I agree with that I ...
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6 day ban for review of wiki tag? [duplicate]

I understand the review bans are progressive. Is a six day ban expected with two failed audits in several weeks and no bans in the last year or so: Related, how did this ban arrive? As far as I know, ...
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Hyperlink the question/answer link in review-ban message

I reviewed an answer on Low Quality Posts queue wrongly. So, reviewing another post showed a pop up warning about it with question link as shown in below image (shown with freehand circle): it will ...
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Reviewing triage queue, failed audit for unknown (to me) reason [duplicate]

I am fairly new to reviewing posts, and I stumbled upon this question to review: The user posted the following text:
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Review status revoked

Just checked my SO today and find that I'm suspended from reviewing suggested edits for a couple of weeks. Three reviews were flagged: https:...
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What does this review comment mean?

I seem to have gotten a manual review ban: This tag wiki was plagiarized: Please take a look at the suggested edit before approving. Come ...
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Failed audit question [duplicate]

I failed an audit, for reasons that I now understand. However, I got hit with "YOU FAILED THE AUDIT", and am blocked from reviewing for two days, even though I've passed all of the recent tests I can ...
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I'm banned from review. What should I have done instead?

I am banned from review. No problem, but I want to learn from my mistake so that I won't do the wrong thing again in the future. Ban message: Your review on
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Reason for review ban?

I imagine a review ban is supposed to be a learning experience. But when a user is presented with 7 options and a "freeform" answer, and I choose one answer (along with several other colleagues), and ...
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Review option has been paused

Today morning when I check this link for reviewing questions, I am getting a message as preceding. You reviewed incorrectly. Please read Is there a ...
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