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Questions involving review bans/suspensions for folks who fail multiple review audits in a short time, or are manually banned by a ♦ moderator because of misuse of the reviewing system.

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Not clear why 'needs author edit' was not correct for a question in triage with no code

I encountered the following triage audit: What I did I looked into the text and searched for a question. It was there. Passed. How was the question ...
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What are the current review suspension periods, and how do they escalate? [duplicate]

This earlier Q&A says that the intervals for review suspensions are 2 days → 7 days → 30 days, but those intervals seem to be outdated and do not reflect the current practice. What are the CURRENT ...
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Can I choose Needs Community Edit in Triage and then edit the post?

I have been suspended from review because of my action on this triage review. The suspension message says: You’ve been suspended from reviewing. You will be able to review again in 6 days. The ...
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First post audit failed [duplicate]

I just failed an audit in first posts. This one seems very misleading and counter-intuitive. During the audit, you can only see the question, but not any answers, the username of the poster, or any ...
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If you are review banned, you can't accept an edit on your own post

I am banned from review and I answered a question. Then the one who asked the question added a suggestion on the answer and asked me to update the answer or accept that. When I hit edit I couldn't ...
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Review the message for suspended from triage - change "Unsalvageable" to "flag"

I have been suspended from triage and part of the suspended message looks like this: Please change it to Choose the "flag" action for questions that should be closed... I performed the ...
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Review privileges suspended in Triage for one question which is already closed [duplicate]

I see my review privileges have been suspended for the triage verification of this question. I chose 'Needs community edit' as I believed the question can be made answerable after a few tweaks. But I ...
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How does one recover from a "permanent" review suspension?

In this recent answer, Samuel Liew ♦ mentions that a particular user has "a permanent review suspension" on Stack Overflow via continued re-suspension as the date for restoration approaches. ...
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Am I banned from review queues forever?

My review ban was supposed to be up a month or two ago but now says I'm banned until next September. The review suspension message is as follows: Due to your poor review history as well as no signs ...
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I don't understand how to get more information about a review queue suspension and actually learn from it

I got suspended for saying Looks Ok on this post I just read it over again and agree with my take and one other person agreed. Two people just stated ...
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Do the instructions for the edit review queue need to be improved?

I received a four-day suspension for accepting a suggested edit that capitalized all instances of the pronoun "I", which were previously lowercase. The suspension notice reads: You approved ...
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It looks like I have been suspended for one review, could someone explain how this happened? [duplicate]

It looks like I have been suspended for one review, could someone explain how this happened? A link to the review that caused your suspension: An ...
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3 answers

Why passed review tests (audits) do not count against failed reviews?

I have passed multiple review tests because I actually pay attention, try to be objective, help new users and so on. Sure I am new to reviews and have to learn to make less mistakes. However there is ...
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What should I do with legitimate questions that can't be answered?

I'll just start off with what prompted me to post this. I got a review suspension for this triage review, which I marked as "Looks OK". I know there are quite a lot of meta posts on "...
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Got review ban for reviewing as 'Looks OK' for a question which I still think is OK

This is the triage/27142715 result: “The consensus is: this post Looks OK.” Afterward, it got closed due to a lack of focus. I understood the question fully (I don't think it lacks focus) and if the ...
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Suggestion: Tweak "Requires Editing" workflow for new reviewers to ensure they're doing it correctly [duplicate]

I'm new to reviewing and fairly quickly received my first-ever review suspension for incorrectly selecting "Requires Editing" during triage. It was only 3 days, so not a big deal. However, ...
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Why was I wrong choosing "Looks OK" for this triage review for a question about PHP and XSS?

I am quite confused about The original question was terse but clear. The poster even gave two potential solutions and their downsides, and asked if ...
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Suspension from review processes

I am posting this as my explanation as to why was my review done wrong by me that lead to me having ban that has been set to expire on November 21. Review in question is this one: https://...
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Review suspension for using "requires editing" after edit has been made [duplicate]

I got a review suspension because I voted for "Requires Editing" on triage/26950302. Conclusion: Thanks for the answer. I now understand it is really "forbidden" and not just ...
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Why can we not change our review choices?

I recently was working the Triage review queue and accidentally clicked on "Requires Editing" instead of "Unsalvagable". Now, I realised I had misclicked right away, but I was ...
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review-suspension appeal - misunderstanding the requires editing option

I have been suspended from reviewing for more than a month now. I do not object the suspension at all and I am really sorry for all the damage that was done to the community because of my unacceptable ...
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Can we get a better way to fix our reviewing mistakes?

Yesterday I missclicked on to Requires Editting, so I immediately went to the question and flagged it as I should have done. Today I got a 3 day ...
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Why did I receive a nine-months suspension because I reviewed something to 'Requires editing' instead of 'Unsalvageable'?

You’ve been suspended from reviewing. You will be able to review again on Dec 4 at 1:41. Your review on triage/25664945 wasn't helpful. The "Requires Editing" option should only be used when ...
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How does review suspension work on Meta? [duplicate]

I made a noob review mistake a few days ago, so I'm suspended from review until Aug 16. However, I can see Suggested Edits review queue in Meta (although the review queue is already cleared as always)....
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Review queues are not working for me (only me?) [duplicate]

I've been having trouble with review queues, and not long ago I was banned from them because of the Triage "Requires editing" issue, a few days after the ban lift I got my flags suspended ...
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I clicked the wrong triage action but then went back and voted to close it - is it possible to end a suspension early?

Yesterday I accidentally clicked Requires Editing while reviewing the triage queue. I didn't mean to do that. It was obvious to me that it should be ...
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What kind of suspensions are there on Stack Overflow?

I could not find any information on what kind of account suspensions you can face. What kind of suspensions are there? What is the worst suspension a user can face other than banning them indefinitely?...
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Lift of suspended from reviewing

after noting that I've been suspended from reviews: You’ve been suspended from reviewing. You will be able to review again on Sep 2 at 14:03. Your review on triage/26550106 wasn't helpful. The "...
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When should technical details be considered while reviewing? [duplicate]

Recently I have been suspended from reviewing because of this review: While I understand now that the answer is actually wrong due to technical ...
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Banned for a month from reviewing because of one mistake [duplicate]

I was in the flow of reviewing posts and have just had this today: Your review on triage/26473900 wasn't helpful. The "Requires Editing" option should only be used when other community ...
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Should I flag robo-reviewers?

After this question (Adding a threshold for closing/reopening duplicate question to limit "robo-reviewers") where nothing will be done, I am wondering if I can at least flag "robo-...
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Why I was suspended for review queues?

Yesterday, I see that Review Queue is empty for me. So I have already suspended 1 time and I know that when queue is empty it is perhaps because I was suspended. If found the review ban message on ...
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So for a few weeks now I'm still "a user who can't review." How do I get back to being one who can? [duplicate]

So someone told me what I did wrong. And I did do that wrong thing. Is there such a thing as forgiveness in the SO universe? How do I get back to being able to review and make my small contribution to ...
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The message box told me to come back in two days, but still nothing [closed]

At the time I got suspended from reviewing queues, due to 'No action needed' on a post that links to an answer, the message box told me to come back in two days. But how come after two days, nothing ...
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Confusion about non-English posts [duplicate]

I have a confusion about the non-English questions on Stack Overflow and really do not know how to handle them in review queues. I know the intention is to flag them, but it is still confusing. ...
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Confused by duration of review ban for approving plagiarised edit

I have been banned from participating in review for approving a plagiarised suggested edit to a tag wiki. Let's get this out of the way: that was a bad review. The content reads like an excerpt from ...
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Why did I fail this low quality post review audit?

Consider this review audit: The answer is not very good, but it's an answer. Yes, it's similar to other answers, but there are multiple ...
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Review banned period doubled for one single failure on a Low-Quality review which seems not a spam

I've known that inside the Low-Quality queue, one could be banned due to a single audit failure if the review is "spam" related. Refer: Review ban for one single (opinable) incorrect review? ...
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Review banned visual glitch [duplicate]

I'm currently review banned, yet when I open the SO page every day or so, there's always a red dot which should mean that there are queues that I should review, but I obviously can't since I'm banned. ...
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Getting banned from triage review for a long time that does not make any sense [duplicate]

The duration of suspension from triage review seems absolutely disproportionate. This type of harsh reaction and long suspension from doing something one only does out of generosity, and because he ...
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Can duration of first review ban be 2 months? [duplicate]

I had been reviewing in queues that I have access to. First I completed my 40 "First Posts" review. Never knew that would be a surprise test. But I passed them all. Then I also passed the "Late ...
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Why wasn't my review on triage/25860923 helpful? [duplicate]

To all who already have, or are considering downvoting this question: please note this is not a generic question about how triage is broken, or why bans are seemingly inexplicably long. Rather this ...
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What criteria are used to allow someone to respond to items in the review queues? [duplicate]

What criteria are used to control review queue availability? I was happily reviewing queues until about a week ago. Now I get a little red blob on the queues icon but when I click on it I get told ...
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Request to lift a review suspension for a new reviewer

I made an incorrect tag of "Requires Editing" which led to a ban. I understand the need for this, as I had been using it incorrectly. I understand now that option should only be used if the user has ...
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Hit the wrong button got a review ban [duplicate]

Can anyone let me know why one wrong click on this post lead to a review ban? Why is the ban not clear when you go back into the review queue? I eventually found this banner: Your review on ...
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Recently got banned from triage, need clarity to improve my evaluation judgement [duplicate]

Your review on triage/25728707 wasn't helpful. The "Requires Editing" option should only be used when other community users (like you) are able to edit/format an already answerable question into a ...
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It seems I reached the ban limit [duplicate]

I got suspended from the review queue again. This has happened a few times in the past now and the ban duration keeps stacking up. My current ban will be lifted on June 4th (60ish days from now). I ...
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Review Ban Appeal for triage/25678209

For the past couple of days I noticed that I had no review queues available to me. I just recently realized that this means I have been review banned. (I have seen the same message before and believe ...
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Is an early review-ban lift possible?

I got banned from reviewing for this Triage review: I decided for "Requires editing" which was a mistake as I can see now. My decision to choose "...
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What determines duration of review suspension? [duplicate]

In the triage queue, I have marked a question as "Requires Editing", while three other reviewers marked it as "Unsalvageable". Apparently because this question is about running a piece of proprietary ...
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