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Questions involving review bans/suspensions for folks who fail multiple review audits in a short time, or are manually banned by a ♦ moderator because of misuse of the reviewing system.

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Review-banned users might be having issues with viewing suggested edits from a question page

I'm currently review banned (this is not by any means a complaint about my ban, it's necessary background info), and I've noticed a while ago that when I try to view pending suggested edits from a /...
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Were these review audits justified?

I failed 3 First Questions audits recently. The first one was this one. At the time of the review the question looked like this. I chose to 'Share Feedback' to ask for more details because the ...
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I am appealing a temporary suspension from SO Review for "failing" two audits in which I attempted to edit posts marked as spam instead of deleting

I've completed ~1000 tasks, and this is the first time I've ever been suspended from the review queues. The suspension message reads: The following tasks were handled incorrectly: /review/low-...
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Should reviewers who don’t reject a rude review comment be review suspended?

The answer to Should a reviewer be expected to reject good edits when the language of the summary is rude? seems to be: yes, you should. And that is based on highly voted answers on Rude edit ...
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Banned a second time from reviewing for the same reviews as 3 months ago

I just see I'm banned from reviewing for this and this. Both are from February. We could think the ban is just late, but it's not as I already posted a question about an explanation about the reason ...
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What should I have done instead in these reviews?

I got suspended from reviewing with the following message: You’ve been suspended from reviewing. You will be able to review again in 2 days. The following tasks were handled incorrectly: /review/...
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Ban for review queue was extended without me doing anything. What is the rule for this case?

In December I failed a Suggested Edits audit again. Since I did it before, I was banned until mid-January from reviewing. Now I wanted to check the exact end-of-ban-date in January and saw that the ...
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What exactly does "reviewed" mean in the suspension messages?

Once again, I have been locked out of reviews. I'm failing to understand the strict parameters for reviews here, but I've gone back to see what exactly is the issue. One of the questions I went back ...
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What is the distinction between sharing feedback and flagging here?

I got smacked with another one of these: I was going to leave a comment about needing to be more clear on the question (basically just give more details) and I got told this was the incorrect action. ...
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Why am I suspended from the review queues?

I came to META to ask about my suspension and already the 2nd question here is about the exact same topic and obviously the same moderator who after the review got approved rejected it and rolled it ...
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What was wrong with this suggested edit, which added an explanation for the code in an answer?

This isn't just me. The same mod in question here has been doing this on many edits (another meta question was asked just after this one, with the suspension there being 2 months, instead of 2 days.) ...
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Suspended from reviewing based on a question that has multiple questions

I got suspended from reviewing because of this review: I marked it as "Needs author edit" because it has multiple problems/questions in it. ...
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Bizarre nexus of occurrences: loss of reputation + review privileges

I am wondering what is going on. Suddenly I find myself banned from reviewing and 6 of my old questions now give me -2 scores. Review ban: Q1: 3 years, 9 months ago,
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Temporarily suspended from reviewing and the automated message?

This is the suspension message I received. This isn't a big deal, but I wonder if it's necessary to make accusations in the automated suspension notification? It seems to me that simply telling the ...
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Got an un-deserved review ban for a poor (?) review [duplicate]

I just got a review ban because of this review. Only the first three options were available, and I clicked "Share feedback", intending to add a comment to the OP. But the popup dialog never ...
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First Answers Review Suspension because of plagiarized answers

IMHO, it is quite difficult to do First Answers reviews on a daily basis without getting suspended after a few days. For sure, not all of my reviews were correct and some of the failures and ...
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Automatic suspension from review queue after I failed an ambiguous audit [duplicate]

I have been suspended from the First Question review queue after I failed this audit. This question contains an attached image with a long error message. I wanted to share feedback for the user to ...
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Reviewing suggested Edit: what is wrong in my case?

Recently I was suspended for three review decisions and specifically for this one I have accepted the change because I consider that ...
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What’s would have been the correct choice for this "Suggested Edit"? [duplicate]

Here is a link to the single review that I recently approved that has led to me being suspended from the Review Queues: Review 31768292. In summary the aforementioned "Suggested Edit" ...
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Why was I suspended from suggested edits review on a closed question?

I was randomly suspended earlier this morning for incorrectly handling this closed question edit. The following tasks were handled incorrectly:
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Suspended from reviewing due to audit showing wrong tag

I've recently started doing reviews. In the first audit, I honestly do not remember where I did wrong, but I failed as the system correctly recognized. The second audit had a wrong tag (Flutter), and ...
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Help understanding a triage review queue suspension

Today I saw in my inbox that I've been suspended from the review queue for two days in the recent past, due to "incorrectly handling" this triage. Screenshot of the post: Timeline: I'm not ...
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Why was I suspended from review for clicking on share feedback? [duplicate]

Today, I was reviewing the “First Questions”. I came across a question that according to me required a few more details. Here is that question. Here is the link to review. I reviewed that question by ...
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Why am I still suspended for reviewing?

On the 15th of December of 2021 I apparently made the wrong decision in a triage question (it was spam instead of a community edit). I can live with that. I was suspended for 10 days till December the ...
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What to do when wishing operator help (e.g. review suspended) [closed]

I did not get a message, but I realized that I was blocked ("suspended") from reviewing for almost a year, based on three decisions. As I feel at least two of my decisions are debatable at ...
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My review audits failed when the posts did not contain reasoning [duplicate]

I've been suspended now for the second time because I thought that a given audit post needed further information. Previous audit review Current audit review In both cases the post does not contain ...
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What should have been the correct choice for this "Suggested Edit"?

I"ve just been suspended from the Review Queues and as suggested in the What can I do in the meantime? documentation I’ve revisited the tasks that led to my suspension. There's one review ...
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Why have I been temporarily suspended from reviewing for accepting and improving this suggested edit?

When I wanted to take part in the review queue just now, I saw this message: You’ve been suspended from reviewing. You will be able to review again in 4 days. The following tasks were handled ...
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Why did I get a one-year ban on all review categories for making mistakes in one category? [duplicate]

I have made 4 mistakes on "Suggested Edits" review category which I still don't know why they were wrong; however I take the full responsibility of them. Because of these mistakes, I have ...
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Is my Review privileges suspension justified

I got my Review privileges suspended just now because of 4 rejected Suggested edits reviews by a moderator. These are rejected review references:
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4 answers

How much effort looking for plagiarism is expected of a reviewer of a tag wiki edit?

I was recently banned from reviewing for two weeks because I approved a tag wiki edit that should have been rejected for plagiarism. The notice of the ban seems to be a generic "should have been ...
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Suspended from reviewing due to questionable audits

Edit: Reading the comments it's clear that some folks see this as a high-rep user whining. I don't really care about getting the suspension lifted. It's just for two days. But maybe that second post ...
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Banned from review queues for a non-question (in my eyes) [duplicate]

I have been banned on this question: (the audit preview might be misleading since the question has been edited, see the 3rd revision of the ...
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Can someone explain why my review decisions (which led to a suspension) were wrong?

Today I visited Stack Overflow and learned my review privileges have been suspended until Nov 13th. I just started reviewing close votes and low quality answers last week as I earned the privilege. ...
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Review Suspension: Poor Audits, Poor Reviews, or Both? [duplicate]

I’m hoping a moderator will consider reviewing a suspension I received due to two failed audits in the First Answers queue—and, if possible, offer feedback on these audits. The first audit provided a ...
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Should first questions closed due to typo come under audit?

I got suspended again this time for failing the first-question audit. The two questions that I was suspended for were closed due to the reason "not reproducible or caused by typos". The ...
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Why does reviewing in the late answer queue require knowledge in specific topics?

Recently I was suspended for failing the following Late Answers audits. link1 link2 While the second answer was reviewed incorrectly, the first answer did look like an attempt to answer the vague ...
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Shouldn't SO "be nice" to reviewers as well? [duplicate]

I understand that SO is very busy being nice to new users. What about not so new? Ones that achieved access to Review Queue privileges? While I do think that 2 failed audits in 30 days is too harsh ...
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Suspended from reviewing [duplicate]

I've just started doing some reviews. One of the answers was not a proper one, more like an edit to the question. It already had a comment pointing this out, so I just upvoted the comment (it ...
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Review privileges suspension on short answers

I have being reviewing late answers these days. Two of them were short answers but correct, I reviewed them as OK but they were flagged by other people as low quality so I have been suspended for ...
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Should I find the creator of every library that is shared by SO users in the review?

I have just been suspended from review because these Low quality posts audits: 12 September: #29787451 (screenshot) 3 October: #29979584 (screenshot) In my opinion, both answers are "Looks OK&...
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3 answers

Suspended from reviewing based on questions that are just error messages

I have been suspended from reviewing for failing these review audits: On September 8: On September 22:
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1 answer

Review Suspension - Suspension in error?

I reviewed Low-Quality posts on 11/08 and now I've been suspended until August next year because my judgement appeared to be "incorrect". These are the posts:
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Reversing the review ban if the flag that caused it was accepted

It's happened before: I flagged an audit as needs details or clarity and got banned because of it. The question was then closed as needs details or clarity. If a flag is accepted, and that's against ...
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Failed First Posts review audits are not cleared after suspension period has ended

So I failed two review audits and got suspended for two days … I'm not complaining, but I want to understand why the system works the way it works.
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Show more datapoints that make up the trend that counts toward a review ban

So I caught my first-ever review ban: As near as I can tell, the review task wasn't a review audit that I failed. In fact, I don't recall failing any review audits recently, but that's not really the ...
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Answer Audits Appearing Even Though I set the Filter to be Questions Only

I was recently suspended from review because the system says I failed three audits. When I was reviewing, I set the filter to be "Questions Only" (as shown below) but answer audits keep ...
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These review audits are unfair, one of them was closed for the reason I flagged (and failed) [duplicate]

I have been suspended from reviewing because of these two failed review audits: Apparently link-only answers are so bad that all of them should be completely removed from the site, but there are some ...
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Why did I fail this review audit of a vague attempt at an answer?

I was suspended from reviewing queues after the 5th incorrect handled review. But I am trying to understand the reasons why the concerned post was considered bad and needed to be reviewed. I chose &...
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Not clear why 'needs author edit' was not correct for a question in triage with no code

I encountered the following triage audit: What I did I looked into the text and searched for a question. It was there. Passed. How was the question ...
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