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Questions tagged [review-abuse]

Review abuse is the behaviour of not reviewing properly in the review queues.

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A user keeps editing in the wrong tag — bootstrap and twitter-bootstrap

This user keeps adding in the bootstrap tag, along with the twitter-bootstrap tag in instances where it isn't about bootstrap loading. I've personally rejected 10 of these so far. Mods, can you ...
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31 votes
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Potential for Duplicate Reviews/Gaming in the Help and Improvement Queue

I've noticed that if I find another user's H&I review (say from their profile), the item is still reviewable for me, and I have the option to edit the post further. Finding a post that has ...
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Review privilege abuse

I have been trying to find the "correct" amount of editing to do when I see a posted question or answer with obvious issues. Fore front in my mind is that I want to make it clearer for the next ...
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Commenting on an audit gave it away

I got this question as an audit today: How to identify the color of image in c#? It read: I want to identify the total color present in image in c# and i want to change the individual color in the ...
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