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Questions tagged [review-abuse]

Review abuse is the behaviour of not reviewing properly in the review queues.

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41 votes
2 answers

Are we supposed to flag bad reviews?

Today I saw a suggested edit which seemed to me to be clearly bad (which I don't want to link, to avoid any sort of public shaming). The only change was removing a period in the title, and the edit ...
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40 votes
1 answer

How is it possible that this edit was approved?

I'm talking about this edit. It clearly changes the code in the answer to something that no longer solves the problem. The previous code was what OP wanted, the edit changed it to something that no ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Are there (guiding!) statistics about review "approval" rates?

Yesterday I learned the hard way (ouch, that hurt) that I really have to work on my discipline when doing further "edit reviews". Which is fine; life is about learning and improving. Leading to this ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Automated retrospective detection for robo-reviewers

Based on this question and the comments thereon as well as this question, it is clear that review audits fail to detect robo-reviewers properly. Should there not be some kind of automated detection ...
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23 votes
0 answers

Foreshadowing of suggested edit audits [duplicate]

When the system gives you an audit in Suggested Edits, one of those vandalism-type edits, it’s really obvious that you’re going to get one of those, because it takes several seconds for it to come up, ...
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-22 votes
2 answers

Poor conduct of high reputation user and abuses that follow

Please see the following question, which I feel was moderated only because I called out the user "creack" for his initial response and comments (which he or someone has deleted): Do I want a container ...
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