Questions tagged [retracted-close-votes]

Apply to questions concerning the withdrawal, or desire to withdraw or change, votes for closure before such votes take full effect.

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6 votes
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Close vote -> Retracted -> exact duplicate vote impossible?

A question was tagged javascript only, but the problem can't be reproduced and I voted to close it. Then I noticed it's a CakePHP-Question that already has been asked here and has an answer. So I ...
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Invalid close votes

I monitor the bing-maps tag on Stack Overflow. I've noticed from time to time that some people vote to close valid questions. For example, this question is fairly clear and is very specific, however ...
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90 votes
1 answer

Allow change to a close vote after question is edited

The issue of changing close votes has come up before quite a few times. I understand the rationale for not generally permitting changing votes. However, there is a specific, very common case with a ...
8 votes
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Delete auto-comment when retracting a duplicate close-vote

I noticed that when retracting a close-vote for a duplicate, the auto-comment stays. Which then requires that extra step of having to delete it manually. This works counter to how the comment ...
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