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Apply to questions concerning the withdrawal, or desire to withdraw or change, votes for closure before such votes take full effect.

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Close vote modal thinks I retracted my vote, but the question was closed and then reopened [duplicate]

The close modal that is shown for questions you have successfully closed but which have since been reopened is showing the wrong header: The text says: You cannot vote to close again after ...
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I did *not* retract my vote

I flagged / voted to close a question as duplicate. It did get closed for that. Someone else reopened the question. I tried to flag / close it as duplicate again but I can't and I'm told: You cannot ...
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Proposal: Allow high-rep users (or gold badge holders) to VTC again with a different reason

I just had the following situation: I read a question with missing information. I vote-to-close for missing information and add a comment asking for that information. OP adds that information. I ...
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Recasting close vote for a different duplicate [duplicate]

I recently voted to close a question as a duplicate, and I then retracted the close vote in hopes of recasting the close vote with a better duplicate. The problem is I can't recast the vote because I ...
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What should I do when I want to change close reason from "need debugging info" to "can not reproduce"? [duplicate]

Someone posted a question without enough information to reproduce the issue, so I voted to close the question as 'Needs debugging details', then pointed out in a comment that I need more details to ...
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Why can't you vote to close again after you voted to retract another close vote? [duplicate]

Sometimes I closed a question as off-topic or something..., But then I realized that it's a total duplicate, so I retract my previous vote, and then try to vote for duplicate (so basically change ...
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Casting a different close vote after retracting one [duplicate]

This is a generic question (however I can provide a specific example if needed). There are often cases when question should be closed for lacking MCVE. However, reasonable OP will take this into ...
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Why can't I vote to close with a different reason after retracting my vote? [duplicate]

I had voted to close a question, but has selected the wrong reason. So I have retracted my vote, and wanted to vote again with the right reason. But it's not possible to vote for a close again. Is ...
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Delete auto-comment when retracting a duplicate close-vote

I noticed that when retracting a close-vote for a duplicate, the auto-comment stays. Which then requires that extra step of having to delete it manually. This works counter to how the comment ...
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Invalid close votes

I monitor the bing-maps tag on Stack Overflow. I've noticed from time to time that some people vote to close valid questions. For example, this question is fairly clear and is very specific, however ...
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Retracted Close Vote Doesn't Allow You to Flag As Duplicate [duplicate]

Recently I chose to vote to close a question but then found out it was actually a duplicate. I realise when you have voted to close for one reason you cannot pick another once your vote is retracted ...
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Allow change to a close vote after question is edited

The issue of changing close votes has come up before quite a few times. I understand the rationale for not generally permitting changing votes. However, there is a specific, very common case with a ...
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Vote retraction statements [duplicate]

I recently encountered an answer that I thought was off-topic. A small discussion with the author (poster?) showed me that it was, in fact, a good answer. The problem arose when I tried to upvote ...
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Close vote -> Retracted -> exact duplicate vote impossible?

A question was tagged javascript only, but the problem can't be reproduced and I voted to close it. Then I noticed it's a CakePHP-Question that already has been asked here and has an answer. So I ...
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I chose the wrong 'close reason' for a question

In a scenario (that quite a few time happened to me), after submitting a close vote on a specific reason to a question, I then realize that the close reason I have voted is not correct(or some other ...
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