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This tag is for requests to replace one tag with another existing tag. It also applies to requests that one tag should be merged into another, or simply abandoned.

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Rename [google-consumer-surveys] to [google-surveys]

Google Consumer Surveys recently rebranded to Google Surveys. Could we change the google-consumer-surveys tag to google-surveys?
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Merge the 3 Amazon CloudFormation tags [duplicate]

There are three tags for cloudformation: cloudformation aws-cloudformation amazon-cloudformation I think all three should be merged into aws-cloudformation, and perhaps made into synonyms.
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Merge [wrap-content] with [android-wrap-content]

I noticed that a android-wrap-content existed, but there is already one wrap-content tag. These tags are the same, since all wrap-content questions are related to android and should be merged. This ...
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Combine [api-manager] to [wso2-am], possibly rename to [wso2am]

There are two tags for WSO2 Api Manager: api-manager and wso2-am. The latter is more in conformity to wso2esb, wso2cep etc, but still a bit different. Suggestion: retag api-manager to wso2-am, rename ...
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The [velocity] tag gets misused by [meteor-velocity] users - rename?

Although [velocity] and [meteor-velocity] are two different tags with correct descriptions I have seen several[1] questions misusing the [velocity] tag when actually referring to [meteor-velocity], ...
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Rename: [mfmessagecomposeview] to [mfmessagecomposeviewcontroller], and link with [messageui]

The tag mfmessagecomposeview is about the iOS SDK class MFMessageComposeViewController, which is part of the Message UI Framework (the associated tag is messageui). Therefore, I think the misspelled ...
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The tag [gmock] is frequently misused for [googlemock] / [c++] related questions?

When searching for c++ and gmock I currently get 107 hits. gmock's tag wiki info states (emphasis mine): Gmock (Groovy mocking framework) for the Groovy programming language "is all about simple ...
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Please rename tag [grape] to [ruby-grape] and make [grape-api] a synonym for [ruby-grape]

The consensus from Raisin awareness: need to squash [grape], which jams together unrelated flavors: Groovy and Ruby appears to be that the existing grape tag be split into groovy-grape and ruby-grape. ...
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Create tag [nelmiocorsbundle] and merge the tags [nelmio] and [nelmio-cors] into it

NelmioCorsBundle is a bundle for the framework Symfony that adds CORS headers support. Currently (as of today 2018-11-08) there are two tags: nelmio with 21 questions nelmio-cors with 4 questions ...
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Merging [openui5] and [sapui5]

The difference of sapui5 and openui5 is described in this developer guide. On Stack Overflow, I never know which tag to use, since: 'sapui5' covers both the Dec 2013 Open Sourced version of the ...
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Merge tags [jigsaw] and [java-module]

Both of these refer to the Java Platform Module System -- technically the JPMS is a "component" of Project Jigsaw, but in practice the JPMS was Jigsaw's main deliverable, and questions tagged jigsaw ...
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Merge [cabal] and [cabal-install] tags

I am not sure if the original intent was to use one flag for the cabal library and the other for the actual executable/tool but in practice there doesn't seem to be any distinction on how the tags are ...
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Is there any need for both [finite-state-machine] and [state-machine]?

Both finite-state-machine and state-machine have their own synonyms, but aren't they also synonyms of each other? It's not like state-machine allows for infinite state-machines (it even explicitly ...
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Merge tags [std] and [stl]

The C++ standard library is often (though technically slightly incorrectly) referred to as "STL". Consequently, stl is the conventional tag for C++ questions that touch the C++ standard library ...
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Tag merge request: [chaining] & [method-chaining] [duplicate]

chaining is described: Chaining is an object-oriented programming technique where methods return the object on which they were called so that another method may be called on the same object, thus ...
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tags uint32 and uint32-t are synonymous

While editing the tag wiki, I noticed that there is a tag uint32 and a uint32-t, and there is even a question that asks about the difference in C++ between the two types. Is the difference (one being ...
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Merge/Synonym [toast] and [android-toast]

I was reviewing some posts tonight when I noticed that the tags toast and android-toast. I initially thought that toast notifications only referred to the android variant but while looking at some of ...
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What's the difference between [sql-like] and [like-operator]

I am not a bona fide SQLizard, so this may be a naive question, but what's the difference between sql-like and like-operator? Should they be one-and-the-same? sql-like excerpt: The LIKE operator ...
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Rename [edx] to [open-edx]

As stated on Welcome to edX's open source initiative – Open edX – where developers around the globe are working to create a next-generation online learning platform to bring ...
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Merge [adobe-indesign] and [indesign] [duplicate]

they're synonyms. I'm guessing the indesign tag should be removed as adobe-indesign is more precise.
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Tags referring to web services that check code

There is a tag called rubular. Rubular is a website for testing Ruby regexes. As far as I see, the questions tagged with rubular tag only mention regex, and there is nothing particular about rubular. ...
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Merge / synonymize [principles] and [design-principles] with [patterns]

Should we merge or synonymize principles, design-principles, and patterns? principles only has 61 questions and lacks a tag wiki: Use for questions related to programming principles; Principles ...
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Rename [fab] to [android-fab] [duplicate]

I would like to suggest to change the tag fab to android-fab since it is only being used for question regarding android development and it is not likely that it will be used for something different ...
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mongodb-3 and mongodb-2 should have different tags

Please anyone with reputation (1500) higher then mine create different tags for mongodb-2 and mongodb-3, cos differences are huge. Much not supported in 2, now is supported. And some is obsolete. And ...
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Merge [package] and [packages] [duplicate]

Merge package and packages There doesn't really seem to be a need for these two to be separate tags, for the same reason that it would be silly to have [database] and [databases] be separate tags.
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Should [cascade] be used for CSS? Or better retag to [css-cascade]?

I saw that some questions use the tags css and cascade. However, the description says cascade should only be used for something about relational databases. In fact, among the more than 900 questions ...
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Merge [ebay-api] into [ebay]

paypal-api goes to paypal so why not have ebay-api go to ebay? No need to have the duplicate tags.
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Rename [gfortran] to [gnu-fortran], and make [gfortran] a synonym

Recently I came across this question: Merge Intel Fortran compiler tags: [ifort], [intel-visual-fortran] and [intel-fortran] Here, they renamed ifort into intel-fortran. Essentially, the tag was ...
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Merge tag deprecated into deprecation-warning

Content tags deprecated and deprecation-warning are essentially the same thing. So these could be merged; I'd prefer deprecation-warning, but this is more work.
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2 answers

Undo recent tag renaming action - [tableau] became [tableau-api] on Stack Overflow

It looks like someone tried to create a new Stack Overflow tag tableau-api (which is a good idea) but instead renamed the existing tag tableau to become tableau-api instead (which is a bad idea) In ...
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Merge [firefox-addon-webextensions] into [firefox-addon]

firefox-addon already includes extensions and themes, etc. Nowadays most people only write WebExtensions for Firefox and not legacy extensions. So I think it's worthwhile to merge the tag firefox-...
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Retag [precompiler] and burninate

The questions on precompiler appear to be intended to be tagged preprocessor instead. The precompiler tag has no tag wiki/summary and is only tagged on 39 questions. I say retag them to preprocessor ...
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1 answer

Can [] be merged into []?

Seems to me these tags are serving the same purpose and many people are just double tagging questions with it.
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Merge [uistoryboard] into [xcode-storyboard]

These two tags refer to exactly the same thing. In fact, they refer to exactly the same thing. In all cases you could just use xcode-storyboard (or more logically, just apple-storyboard). It seems ...
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Is [postfix-mta] on topic? Should it be narrowed down?

Related to Let's clean up [postfix-mta] . After looking through a few dozen questions in the course of the cleanup effort, I've had yet to see a single on-topic one, including new questions. As ...
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-6 votes
3 answers

Merge and synonymize undefined-behavior into language-lawyer

Apart from a handful of FAQs (like this C++ one) that provide an explanation of the term "Undefined Behavior" and its practical effects, all other uses of undefined-behavior are actually asking for a ...
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Merge tags: [ipad-pro] and [ipadpro] [duplicate]

The tag ipadpro should be renamed in ipad-pro and used as synonym.
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Should we reassign the spartan tag?

I noticed that some users use the spartan tag for a Microsoft product (new browser engine ? - I'm not up to date on this). Currently, the tag is assigned to a low cost FPGA device family from Xilinx. ...
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3 answers

Rename the [stackoverflow] tag for disambiguation

Can we rename stackoverflow to stack-overflow-exception? It would clarify the intent of the tag and prevent confusion. The tag summary also indicates that such confusion is common: A stack ...
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Merge [serial-voting] with [tactical-downvoting]

Should we merge serial-voting with tactical-downvoting? Serial voting has the following excerpt: Serial voting is the act of serially (repeatedly) up or downvoting another user's posts over a (...
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3 answers

Merge [] and [] tags into []

There appears to be no value to having separate,, and tags. The various visual-studio, .net-3.5, .net-4.0 and other tags would be better used where there is a need to ...
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