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This tag is for requests to replace one tag with another existing tag. It also applies to requests that one tag should be merged into another, or simply abandoned.

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I made a typo in a new tag name, how can I correct that? [duplicate]

I would like to introduce .net-attributes, but I incorrectly typed .net-attibutes (without the r). How do I resolve that?
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Bootstrap tags revisited

There's a world of ambiguity and mis-tagging between bootstrap bootstrapping and twitter-bootstrap twitter-bootstrap-2 twitter-bootstrap-3 twitter-bootstrap-4. Can we sort it? The Issues bootstrap ...
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What to do about [macros]?

This question was last asked about 2 years ago and it is still an issue. The wiki's both seem to have been updated, but the vast majority of people abusing this tag are new users (whom I can safely ...
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Can we get rid of [git-something] tags?

There are lots of tags, one for each Git command. I think they should be removed. The questions are good enough if tagged git. I think they are too narrow as one can see by the low question count on ...
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Clean up the [sony] tag: Is it useful at all, or should we re-tag and clean up?

The sony tag, despite being used on 743 posts, isn't a great one. Besides informing us that there is something related to a brand in the question, it doesn't tell us a whole lot. An earlier issue has ...
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Unify [triangle] [rectangle] [shape] [circle] and the like under [geometry]

The triangle tag doesn't seem too useful. It has only 4 followers and is about a very broad concept, much like the sum tag that was discussed yesterday. Also, per the comments, these tags should ...
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Merge [angular2] and [angularjs-2.0] and [angularjs-2]

Since the angular framework has a good sized following and version 2 is very different than 1.x series might be a good time to merge angular2, angularjs-2 and angularjs-2.0. These tags have limited ...
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Make the [apache] tag more specific

The apache tag is very specifically referring to The Apache HTTP Server, commonly referred to as Apache, is an open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX, its variants and ...
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56 votes
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Replace the misleading [unity] tag with a more distinct tag

There are several commonly known products referred to as "unity". These include: Unity3d gaming engine unity3d unityscript Unity Application Block (.net IoC container) unity Ubuntu Unity Desktop ...
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Asking an [angular-ng-*] question is as easy as picking from four different tag formats

I just noticed that the angularjs tags for specific options and modules are a mess. While everyone was able to determine that AngularJS should be tagged with angularjs, apparently nobody has decided ...
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We have stopped doing [research]

This tag has been burninated. Please do not recreate it. If you need advice on which tag to use, see the answer below. If you see this tag reappearing, it may need to be blacklisted. Here is the ...
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Retag HTTP verbs

Can we retag get and post to http-get and http-post (and the same for the others)? The tag wikis don't help at all. I think these words are well overloaded. get (~6,000) -> http-get (~600) post (~...
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Rename [carbon] to [macos-carbon] and synonym

Related to Disambiguate the [carbon] tag There is a continuing problem with people using this tag to refer to any project with "carbon" in its name. I cleaned it up a while back (the most common ...
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Dump the [core]

core questions currently fall into two categories: Questions about core dumps that could have been equally tagged with coredump Questions about "core" services or the unspecific "core"s of products, ...
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Merge tags [datatables] and [jquery-datatables] or vote for synonym?

The are two tags for the jQuery DataTables Plugin: datatables has ~3000 questions, jquery-datatables has ~ 1150 questions. Both have the same description: DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery ...
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49 votes
7 answers

Do we really need a tag for every error code?

There are at least 113 208 tags on Stack Overflow which are compiler or database error code. Except [mysql-error-1064]for 26 of the 208, all of them are used less than 20 times. I believe those 112 ...
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Retag R questions misstaged with [tag:dataframes] [duplicate]

The dataframes tag wiki says: For data.frame in R, use data.frame. There are currently 794 posts that are tagged with r and dataframes. I propose to retag them with data.frame.
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Burninate/clean up [project] and [projects]

While there are a few cases where project (2,637 questions) could be applied, it is mostly used to just say "I'm working on a project", which most things are. It should be burninated under clause 3: "...
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3 answers

Let's rename [babel], because people constantly use it instead of [babeljs]

babeljs grew very popular in the JS community. Every day at least a dozen new babeljs-related questions are being asked on SO. Every day, at least a couple of those questions are incorrectly tagged ...
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Rename c++1z tag to c++17

The tag made sense pre-official-release of C++17, especially given that historically the standards haven't always come out in the expected year, but given that C++17 is now officially released, ...
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Rename [processing] to [processing-language] or similar

Would it be useful/accepted to rename the processing tag to something that signifies that it is a standalone computer language? Why: Apparently processing is a language. Since there is no special ...
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We need [less] no more

Right now the less is (mis)used for three different things: The all popular CSS preprocessor LESS. The opposite of more and command line tool less A gem called less-rails. This should not be ...
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Cleaning up phone related tags

I'm surprised that I couldn't find a post about it yet, since those tags are in seemingly bad state (at least after some quick look through the tags). I wanna note that I didn't look through all of ...
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41 votes
2 answers

When and by whom was [ibm-watson] replaced by [ibm-watson-cognitive]?

I am a developer evangelist for IBM Watson Developer Cloud. There does not appear to be any information here on meta about when or why the tag ibm-watson was retagged to ibm-watson-cognitive. This is ...
23 votes
6 answers

Rename [sql-server] tag to [ms-sql-server]

Every day I can see many questions about MySQL tagged sql-server. I fix it several times per day, but we can not explain to all users the difference between SQL Server and MySQL. Maybe we should ...
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2 answers

Rename [radio] to [radio-transmission], manually retag most [radio] questions

As discussed in this meta question, I'm asking for Moderator support: Please rename radio to radio-transmission in order to eliminate future confusion of radio with radio-transmission. Community ...
17 votes
4 answers

What can be done to prevent [gas] tag ambiguity?

Currently, gas tag refers to gnu-assembler. However, it can also be inferred as relating to google-apps-script, a scripting solution to automate Google products such as Google sheets. New users ...
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Some redundant tags may need to be merged: [translation], [translate], [translating], and [translator]

I have found 4 separate tags that appear to address exactly the same topic: translator, translating, translate, and translation. Is it possible to merge all of these tags? Eventually, I hope that ...
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What are we [hacking]?

If a tag ever needed a cleanup, it's hacking. The tag wiki defines its purpose in a way that makes it (barely) on-topic for Stack Overflow: Activities related to making hardware and software do ...
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4 answers

VSTS vs VS Team Services

So... Apparently Microsoft is taking a cue from the Colonel and rebranding Visual Studio Team Services (initials: VSTS) to the much shorter "VSTS", and has asked us to rename the vs-team-services tag ...
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ASP.NET 5 / EF7 tags incorrectly synonymized

The tag synonyms created as per What will become of [] and [entity-framework-7] tags? are incorrect. Instead of creating synonyms, a tag rename needs to be done. The and
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Merge tags [android-sharedpreferences] and [sharedpreferences]

Both tags refer to the same thing, the question is which one should be used. sharedpreferences is a lot more popular than android-sharedpreferences. However the android tag states that the android ...
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9 answers

VSTS has been renamed to Azure DevOps - let's talk about some tags

Progress update, 2018-09-11 To avoid losing information while this discussion is in progress, most tag mergers described below have been postponed; however, the vsts tags have been renamed as follows: ...
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53 votes
2 answers

Rename [visual-studio-online] tag to [vs-team-services] based on product rename

Microsoft has (again) decided to rename their online version of TFS. The old name, Visual Studio Online has a corresponding tag on Stack Overflow (visual-studio-online). Last time I tried to propagate ...
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130 votes
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Disambiguation/rename of [swift] tag

Apple just announced their new programming language, Swift (documentation). The swift tag is currently used for the OpenStack Swift object store, but this only has 56 questions. It should probably be ...
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46 votes
3 answers

Clean [fabric] (98% Python, 2% Android)

In two of my latest reviewed edits, the fabric tag was removed from the post, as the context was Android. The current Stack Overflow fabric tag refers to a Python library, but there is also a build ...
25 votes
4 answers

Synonym Perl6 and Raku

TLDR: Raku is an alias name for the language Perl 6, so it should be an alias on SO. Note that Perl 5 and Perl 6 are separate languages in the same way as C++ and C#, and that when people talk about ...
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Confusion between [appscript] and [google-apps-script]

Issue: The appscript tag is meant to be used for Apple Scripts, but due to confustion on the part of users, most questions under this tag are in fact Google Apps Script questions. More Information: As ...
43 votes
3 answers

Request to merge and/or blacklist [canvas] tag

I as well as others would like to see the two HTML5 canvas tags being merged. The two tags in questions are: canvas and html5-canvas I would suggest merging the former with the latter so we only end ...
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42 votes
3 answers

Should [swift2] be [swift] too?

Much along the lines of this discussion on MSO and this one on MSE, can we merge swift2 into swift? At the time of writing, there are over 650 questions tagged swift2, with over 100 in the last week. ...
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36 votes
7 answers

Clean up the [*language*] tags

Building on this request, I just noticed that plenty of the language tags are pretty useless. languages (x279) - use nlp when referring to natural languages instead, or is there a need to have a tag ...
15 votes
0 answers

Merge the advertising tags

I suggest the following advertising related tags be made synonyms: ads, advertisement -> advertising Ads and advertisement have nearly identical tag wikis which appear to be copied from Wikipedia. ...
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The [FAB] tag is floating everywhere? [duplicate]

Edit: I (and I think more people) would really like to do something about this tag problem, but without people posting their suggestions and people voting on them I/we can't really decide what to ...
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No point in using [points]

I noticed the tag points is used for two unrelated concepts, namely the numerical counter used in games or comparisons, or the geometric one also used for gps locations. coordinates and point are ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Proposed updates to WSO2 tags

We’re talking with the folks at WSO2 and they’re interested in making some adjustments to the tags related to their technologies. They have proposed that some tags be remapped to others, effectively ...
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Let's chain some tag cleanups

The chain tag is a bit messed-up. There are a bunch of meanings (as from the history of the tag wiki and excerpt) related to the term: the CHAIN programming language (if we really have such questions,...
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8 votes
2 answers

Clarify or remove the [core] tag for new users [duplicate]

I regularly see questions from new and relatively new (<100 rep) users which misuse core to denote that they are only talking about the "core" of the language, eg. that it is "just java/the core of ...
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4 answers

Synonymise: function-call, function-calls, method-call, call

For questions related to calling functions/methods, we have four possible tags: function-call, function-calls, method-call, call It seems that at least the first three tags should be synonyms (since ...
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2 answers

Tag cleanup request: replace [mean] with [mean-stack] when the post is not about the arithmetic mean

Here is the basic premise of my tag cleanup request: I have been reading posts tagged mean to see if they should actually be tagged mean-stack or many just have mean removed from them. mean is the ...
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Merge [unity3d-5] and [unity5] tags (or synonymize or delete)

The unity3d-5 and unity5 tags are being used for the same purpose. Can these be merged or made into synonyms? Alternatively, these may not be needed at all. I'm not convinced tagging a question as ...
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