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Use for questions about Stack Overflow as subject or potential subject for a systematic investigation.

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The user research behind Discussions

As you might have noticed, we launched an experiment on Stack Overflow called Discussions (currently only available within the NLP Collective). This post is the origin story behind this feature, ...
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New User Experience: Deep Dive into our Research on the Staging Ground – How do you feel about review badges & opt-in settings for the Staging Ground?

Last week, we posted here on Meta about the new feature that we are launching, called the Staging Ground – a place where newly registered, low-rep users would receive help from higher-rep Stack ...
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Share your thoughts on some empirical findings from studying Stack Overflow question comments

We are software engineering researchers. We recently conducted a study on Stack Overflow question comments (Using the Dec. 2021 datadump with more than 40 million comments for questions). Below are ...
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The user research behind Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

As you may have seen, we launched a new initiative today: CollectivesTM on Stack Overflow. For over a year now, I’ve led our Product Research efforts on this project. In this post I want to share some ...
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Downvotes research: why do we need that?

In this blog post The Loop: Our Community Roadmap for Q3 2020, the issue of downvoting has been mentioned. It reads: Downvotes research (July) Receiving downvotes on Stack Overflow can be a ...
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Where can I find statistics about deleted questions related to Stack Overflow?

I have found similar questions in this meta site so I hope it is the appropriate place to ask it. For my research, I need statistics on deletions between July 1, 2013 and March 4 2019 related to Stack ...
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How can we get the user traffic of the Stack Overflow website?

I am researching on students from different locations/countries on Stack Overflow. How does SO help them? So I need user traffic data on the Stack Overflow website. Something similar to this blog from ...
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How to collect question text before and after an edit - for recommending a suggestion when a user posts a question

We would like to model the complete process of a user posting a new question and editing their question. We found the data in, PostHistory.xml, which only contains the comments about the ...
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UX research time! March 2019 and the user profile and settings

🙋🏻‍♀️Hello! My name is Donna and I’m a UX (User Experience) designer here at Stack Overflow. Recently, Jon Ericson suggested that we share UX research updates so that the folks here can get more ...
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What resources should I consult before asking on Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

Motivation: Sometimes what I see in stackoverflow answers are quotes from official docs or what can be easily figured out using things like man or help. That was the motivation behind this problem. ...
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How does Stack Overflow decide the related questions? [duplicate]

I am working with Stack Overflow data for some research purposes. I was wondering if anybody knows how the website decides the related questions? There is one podcast from 2008 but I think they might ...
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Bugs / Design issues on the Stack Overflow Research / Learn More page

On the learn more page linked from the research page, there are a few bugs. In the contact field, some have - before and after (e.g. - Job Title -) and others don't. This doesn't seem to signify ...
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Studying "co-authorship" in Stack Overflow [closed]

I am considering investigating the "co-authorship" network on Stack Overflow. This would involve things like generating a network based on who gives answers to the same questions, or possibly who ...
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How do I earn reputation if Stack Overflow is so good that I can always find my answer without posting a question? [duplicate]

Stackoverflow has been instrumental in my career development; I've been using it for a long time and always found answers to my questions. If every question I've ever had is already answered (...
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