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Reputation is a measurement of a user's contributions to the site, and the extent to which the community "trusts" that user with extra privileges.

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Allow voting on edits

Often, third party edits improve a post; sometimes they make it worse. Currently, one can only vote on the modified post itself (where the impact is felt by the poster) or re-edit the question to ...
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Why did my reputation increase for 'removed'?

I got a mysterious +1 reputation boost today for: 5 hours ago removed Eclipse recent files I guess this means the page 'Eclipse recent files' has been removed (it is not presented as a link above). ...
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RSS feed to include total reputation points

I know I can use this feed[site]/users/[userid]/reputation to get changes in reputation as well as the reason for change, but it returns change only. Is there ...
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Would help a "canonical question resource" avoid crappy questions get answered?

Lately I've been reading about low quality questions and how the high reputations users get tired of watching all the time the same bad questions (Are high-reputation users answering fewer questions?),...
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What makes a good question, and ability to ask them again and again? [duplicate]

Beyond questions that are closed as not constructive or unclear, what makes a good question and a person able to ask them over and over? I have two examples. This question is has a score of 137. It ...
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Is there no limit to edits you can make in a day? (rep farming)

I was going through my daily suggested edits when the same user kept popping up. Around 14 times in a row. Most of the edits they made where removing "Thank you" and removing the tag "run". Now as ...
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Is there really a problem with hoarding rep points?

It has come to my attention that StackOverflow isn't quite as good as it was a few years ago. You can debate how much it has declined, I tend to think it has declined only slightly, but it does need ...
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Can I use rep on one site to set a bounty on another?

I have some questions on another SE site which I'd really like answered so I'm considering setting a bounty. However, I'm obviously not particularly knowledgeable in that other topic so my reputation ...
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Filter questions by asker's reputation? [duplicate]

Can we filter questions by the asker's reputation? A lot of SO newbies are asking very trivial questions, or asking us to do their work for them. I'd like to weed those out to get to the more ...
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How does the voting and reputation system work?

I am new to this site and am trying to work out how to vote for other people's comments and answers. There doesn't seem to be a button for this. Can someone please explain or provide a link to the ...
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33 answers

Are high-reputation users answering fewer questions?

This recent answer posits that due to a hypothetical decline in "interesting" questions, a large number of high-reputation users have been decreasing their activity on the site, especially in the ...
167 votes
13 answers

Does Stack Overflow need to reward edits with +2 points?

If we removed the +2 reputation gain for approved edits would it bring down the levels of nonsense in the edit review queue or would it lead to a problematic reduction in edits (and thus site quality)?...
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4 answers

jQuery questions ruining SO

They are. Not only is SO overrun with beginner jQuery questions, there seem to be these "rep vultures" that just hang around waiting to answer these dumb, lazy questions with slightly less dumb but ...
-38 votes
2 answers

Punish answerers of bad questions

This answer got me thinking… To stop the bad behavior, we have to stop encouraging the bad behavior. We need to stop answering bad questions, and we need to downvote the answers to bad questions. ...
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3 answers

Shouldn't another accepted edit award 2 rep if you lost 2 rep due to a removed user?

I just lost 2 reputation because the user was removed. I believed that it was gained from a successful suggested edit a while back. I suggested an edit successfully again but it didn't return me the 2 ...
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7 answers

Ability to ignore questions from low rep users

I hereby retreat from this feature request. This post handles the same idea, but it is much better. IMPORTANT: This does NOT mean that all new users should be ignored by everyone or something in this ...
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Why there is no -2 reputation for an tag wiki edit when the tag is removed?

When we (users below 2k reputation) edit a post, we get +2 reputation when the edit is accepted. Later on, if the post gets deleted, then we lose the 2 reputation for that edit. When we edit a tag ...
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Lost some reputation over night

Last night I had 2,873 reputation and this morning I had 2,868 reputation, I lost 5 reputation. I checked my reputation tab, but it doesn't show any rep lost. I checked the
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Why no feature of promoting question?

When we ask a question only time it remains more active is during the initial phase. After some time the view for the question keeps on decreasing. Sometimes it is possible that a good quality ...
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How do you ask a question in comments when you don't have enough reputation to do so? [duplicate]

Here has been my recent experience: I was attempting to improve the community of stack exchange as its the first resource I usually hit when searching for a programming problem. Usually the questions ...
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Reputation points earned by wiki tag edits are removed after a while. Why?

This is the third or fourth time it happens: Reputation points earned by wiki tag edits are removed after a while. Why? Does it make sense to see my rep grow and then drain?
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1 answer

Why is reputation loss reverted after a downvoted answer/question is deleted

Why is reputation loss reverted after a downvoted answer/question is deleted? Why after posting a wrong answer which gets downvotes and then deleting it does negative reputation disappear?
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1 answer

-10 For User was Removed

I had 308 reputation. However, upon logging in today I noticed only 298. I go to my user page, and click the reputation tag. I see -10 for "User was Removed". What is this? What does it mean?...
145 votes
6 answers

Why do we need 50 reputation to make comments?

I know it states you need to have 50 reputation points to make a comment on an answer but you can post an answer to a question with far fewer reputation points. I was curious what the mindset was ...
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0 answers

Reputation Suddenly decreasing day by day [duplicate]

I used to have around 1050 reputation,when i logged in now its showing 1030 but no activity in reputation details. Attached the screenshot of my profile. Any insight into this issue will be greatly ...
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1 answer

Serial upvoting reversed

When today I logged in to my account and my reputation is down, I check what is the reason then it shows like this: Serial upvoting reversed What does that mean?
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Question migrated from MSE to MSO but reputation lost [duplicate]

After the split. A Question migrated from MSE to MSO and reputation got lost from my MSE account but it has not been added to my MSO account. There is no reputation tab in the profile. What will ...
7 votes
1 answer

Unupvote almost 2 months after upvoting?

On Feb. 20 I placed an answer to this question. A few days ago I noticed a -10 entry in my reputation list which was an unupvote on my answer to this question. I know that an user can retract an up/...
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Bounty Expiration

What is the meaning of Bounty expiration. After the expiration, offered reputation will be refund? If no, then who will get the offered reputation?
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2 answers

Why does downvoting an answer cost reputation while questions not?

When I downvote an answer, I lose 1 reputation point. But downvoting a question is free. Is there any particular reason for that?
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1 answer

Reputation points showing as minus two in my summary instead of plus two as in the question

Small point but I earned two reputations points for this answer but it shows as -2 in my summary. Am I missing something?
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1 answer

Why have I stopped earning reputation for upvotes? [duplicate]

I answered a question and got +30 for the first 3 upvotes. Then I got another upvote, but no more reputation. Why did I stop getting rep for upvotes?
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1 answer

Reputation change in leagues page explanation

I'm not sure what reputation change (yearly) is. Mine seems huge, especially in comparison with my overall reputation. What is the meaning of this number?
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1 answer

Android App showing wrong rep points in Android?

I don't know if that is a bug, but when I open an answer/question from Adroid app It is showing That I have 2K rep points, so It's wrong, becouse I need 500 rep point yet, to go over 2K, I've 1.500 RP....
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Daily Reputation Cap

Was there a recent change to the daily reputation cap, setting one at 230, or is that a sudden bug? Either way the Help Center is out of date, still reporting a cap of 200 (was there any before the ...
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17 votes
1 answer

SO reputation is different from MSO reputation

On Stack Overflow I have 585 reputation and on Meta Stack Overflow only 535. It's been like this for half an hour already. As far as I know reputation, should be the same on both sites, unless I'm ...
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How are the reputation points formatted?

What is the implementation of reputation points formatting used on Stack Overflow? Like, 10000 reputation points is displayed as 10k. And 1000 is displayed as 1,000. And sometimes, it is ...
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1 answer

Find out why a post was downvoted? [duplicate]

I just earned about 15 rep points. And then one of my answers was voted down and I lost two points. I think it be nice to know the reason why it was downvoted. Is there a way to find out, or is this ...
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Does the bounty system not auto-award anymore?

According to the What is a bounty? page, If you do not award your bounty within 7 days (plus the grace period), the highest voted answer created after the bounty started with a minimum score of 2 ...
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1 answer

Why did my SO reputation transfer to MSO?

Why did my reputation from Stack Overflow transfer to Stack Meta Overflow? Was this supposed to happen? Are the reps linked together now, (If I loose reputation here will it affect me on SO)? Why ...
12 votes
2 answers

Where is the reputation tab on MSO

Where is a reputation tab? EDIT Guys I think i have confused with the names, Please any one post a new answer for difference between SO and SE and MSO and MSE.
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68 votes
1 answer

Will reputation on MSO be reflected on SO?

As we can see, in MSO the reputation score and badges are migrated from Stack Overflow statistics of user. Is this true in both directions? I mean the reputation I will earn on SO will be reflected ...
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1 answer

MSO-MSE-split confusion

The badges are mysteriously disappearing and reappearing on Meta. It seems to only be a meta issue though. The badges were gone from everywhere where they should have been displaying. Recently though ...
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72 votes
1 answer

Can we earn reputation by reviewing posts?

Recently I reached 2000 reputation on Now I am able to review posts which are edited by the other users. So I keep reviewing posts. I want to know: Can we earn reputation by ...
39 votes
1 answer

Does the OP get reputation back if a down-voted answer they posted is deleted for moderation?

If a user posts an answer that is, say, rude/offensive, and the answer is both down-voted by other users and ultimately deleted by a moderator (not by the OP) due to flags, does the user who posted ...
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6 answers

Why does it seem so hard to accumulate upvotes on Stack Overflow?

I swear I don't mean this to complain or anything. I am just wondering if it's some kind of community standard. Typically if I see a question I find helpful or interesting, I'll upvote it. However in ...
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