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Reputation is a measurement of a user's contributions to the site, and the extent to which the community "trusts" that user with extra privileges.

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Don't be that account: buying and selling reputation and bounties

In recent months we have found several accounts that offered bounties and / or upvotes for hire. You pay them some money, they promise to upvote your content or apply bounties to your questions or for ...
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Reputation losses hide future gains in the top-bar

I have been notified of a +5 reputation change. At first I thought a question of mine had been upvoted. But when I expanded the list, I saw this: Initially I didn't understand it, and thought it was ...
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Let us opt-out of UI experiments

There appears to be a UI experiment running, currently. Vote counts are being "censored" if a post scores below -1. This experiment interferes with my normal use of Stack Overflow, and I want to opt ...
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What is the distribution of voting fraud over user rep and account age?

Since voting fraud is a big focus of the discussion of the 1-rep voting experiment, I'm curious to get some more informed estimates of how much more voting fraud would occur if users could vote at 1-...
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Top tag reputation height is too small

On the REPUTATION block, the reputation indicator height of "Top tag" is too small, compared to the tag itself: The reason is that the .-rep-increase class is on the wrong element, when I moved it to ...
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Why are the "stats" only available for 10k users?

This is not the same as Why aren't moderation tools given to people with a history of good moderation? I'm only talking about certain parts of the Stats Page from the moderator tools. As ...
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What does the "rep change" explanation in the reputation tab mean?

Recently, I was looking over my friend's reputation bar, and I saw a weird thing in it. It said: +2 18:23 rep change Rep Change I found this kinda weird, since that could easily be put ...
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Chat keeps telling me I need 20 reputation points to talk there

I asked a question a few days ago and another user and I got into discussion in the comments. We then transferred this communication to the chat, but it seems that it no longer exists. I assume that ...
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Train new users about quality posts using "suggested" close votes (like suggested edits)

There has been a lot of talk lately about how to improve question quality. Motivation People receive a benefit (reputation) for doing something we don't want them to do: Asking and answering ...
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What's wonky with this recent-reputation-change counter?

I seldom look in the recent-reputation-changes page (achievements), and the counter just tends to build up. It was 4929 earlier today, and it seems to have abruptly dropped to 368: At the top is Edge,...
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Possible bug with reputation display on Profile Page

I recently noticed a bug on the reputation displayed on my profile page. It showed -14 and after three-four refreshes, changed back to the original (33 at that point) This image shows -14 reputation:-...
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User reputation is expanded in revision history page

Why is the editor/author's reputation in "expanded form"? Why doesn't it just say '1.1m'?
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How can a low-rep user review a declined flag once the answer has been deleted?

I recently got a declined "very low quality" flag, and Stack Overflow would like me to look at it before flagging other questions. The link is shaded in red. I assume that the answer I flagged has ...
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Reputation lost

I lost about 500 reputation in the last 3 days. I am not sure why, I got no downvotes and none of my posts were deleted. Also my reputation log does not show any removed posts. I would guess that ...
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Bring back the reputation user panel in activity summaries for meta profiles

Internally, reputation is still tracked on meta sites just as it is on any other site, complete with point values for votes and daily reputation caps. If it were shown, I'd have the number 131k next ...
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The legendary badge is calculated incorrectly when being viewed as your "Next badge"

I'm pretty close to receiving the legendary badge, and I noticed that the "Next badge" popup seems to calculate today's rep incorrectly. As you can see, it states that I have 140/200 rep for the day, ...
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Why was my reputation reset?

My reputation was reset a while ago. I had nearly 50 reputation, but it got reset back to zero. My achievements were reset as well; everything related to reputation was reset back to 0 zero. Stack ...
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Users by reputation - month view broken again

The user listings defaults to showing users by reputation for the past 'period', where 'period' can be set to the current week, month, quarter or year. Since August 1st, however, the view for this ...
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Display required reputation to attempt a badge?

Should badges associated with tasks that are only available beyond certain reputation-based privilege milestones indicate this next to the badge icon? Something like this: EDIT: To clarify, this ...
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Reputation change tracking goes wonky when a user is suspended

My profile page currently looks like this: Note the -22,222 reputation. I'm certain this is due to me being suspended for a week about two weeks ago, but I'm not sure why it's a negative number.
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Why wasn't I given reputation points for answer being accepted?

I answered the question Calculating a mean from a data frame with blanks with R which was accepted, but I did not get 15 reputation points for it. Although, I got 30 points for three upvotes there. I ...
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Negative reputation changes not shown on summary tab of profile

The reputation graph is showing the correct value and the reputation tab also lists the negative change. However the list under the graph on the summary tab only seems to show positive changes. Is it ...
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Disable reputation changes between employees of the same collective

Upvoting and downvoting your colleagues' posts should be OK according to the rules, as long as you're upvoting the post and not the person. As mentioned in this answer, the standard message for ...
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Reputation notifications not showing after my answer was deleted

Recently, a question that I had answered was closed and deleted (along with my answer) for being a duplicate, and I lost all the reputation (105 points) I'd gained from my answer. That's no problem, ...
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Why is reputation change on the activity page shown twice?

After the recent profile page changes, the activity tab now contains information about how much reputation we gained since the last visit to reputation tab twice: Near entire reputation and near the ...
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Lost some reputation over night

Last night I had 2,873 reputation and this morning I had 2,868 reputation, I lost 5 reputation. I checked my reputation tab, but it doesn't show any rep lost. I checked the
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Explain why "voting corrected" may only include one vote in the Help Center article

Today I asked question Serial Voting Bug? which was correctly closed as a duplicate of -10 Serial voting was reversed. I consider myself a guy who reads documentation before asking a question. ...
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Stack Overflow Blog top bar flair does not use thousands separators

The flair in the top bar of the new blog site is missing a thousands separator: My reputation is showing as 21988 while on the Q&A sites, it's shown as 21,988:
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Why was 61,408 reputation required to run in the 2011 election?

I was just going through old election pages, and noticed something weird in the sidebar of the 2011 moderator election: This number only seems to show up in the 2011 election; in later elections, the ...
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Why are the upvotes of deleted user is subtracted from reputation in a single day?

I was just going through Jon Skeet's profile and I noticed a bug (to me, a solid one) in the StackOverflow reputation system. Then, going through Gordon Linoff's reputations, I realized something even ...
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Unexplained reputation gain. Was there just a reputation recalculation?

I just refreshed my page and — boom — I gained around 400 reputation points! According to my rep history, I only earned 17 points yesterday, and did not earn anything yet today. After I earned the ...
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Invisible reputation loss

I have reached 20000 reputation on november 21, however it seems almost all records of that fact have been erased. The only proof is my achievements tab which shows the privilege. This screenshot ...
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Nonsensical reputation gain for individual answers in the reputation history UI

For some answers, the displayed reputation gain in the UI is nonsensical and doesn't match what I see under /reputation: These numbers don't even add up, and are way off. The actual /reputation ...
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How can someone have a 7,000+ reputation drop?

I was looking at this page: Users > Reputation > Year > page 340,861 This page may have changed by now after new users join I noticed that there's some pretty hefty drops. 2 users actually ...
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Reputation Bonus Removed

Before I begin, I have a similar issue with this question Why did I not receive the reputation bonus? from Jon Lorusso. I also got the +100 reputation bonus on every platform, but the 100 reputation ...
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Profile Graph Reputation Mismatch

On my profile graph at SO, the top number of reputation points seem to be wrong. I noticed this issue a few days ago but I waited to create this question because I know there are rep recalculation ...
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Is something happening with the tag counts recently?

Lately I've noticed that the score on my [html5-canvas] tag has been falling without explanation. A while back (maybe 2 months?) it was 957 then dropped to 922 and is now 902. This might be ...
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Inconsistency between the reputation in the achievement drop down and profile's reputation tab

I was just browsing my profile when I noticed that in the achievement's drop down its showing +28 reputation for today(and missing an entry) but in the reputation's tab of my profile its showing +30 ...
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Reputation graph not showing properly

I don't know whether it's bug or anything. I just hover across the reputation graph of Mr.Habib and I tried to list out the reputation graph from his initial period. Bar's of each day's reputation do ...
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Why is the Half Bounty awarded on Post Answer but not showing in Reputation Score?

This just seems like strange behavior on SO. Can someone explain? If an answer gets awarded the half bounty (automatically) when the OP neglects to award the bounty after the grace period ends, ...
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Has there been any analysis of the effect of the change to "reward askers"?

Last year, there was a change to the reputation-award algorithm to ensure questions were rewarded with more points. Has there been any retrospective analysis conducted on this change, to see if it ...
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Reputation decrease without history

I found the my Reputation decrease some days without any history, I reported that my reputation history isn't exact, but today I dropped 8 points without any history on the reason If I'm doing ...
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Legendary badge awarded early

When I check my reputation with, it shows that days represented 305 rep cap was reached via rep from upvotes *only* on 126 days earned at least 200 reputation on ...
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Why did I get +2 reputation after hitting the rep cap?

I noticed just now that I got +2 from an upvote on an answer of mine. I'm curious as to why I got reputation points in the first place - I already hit the reputation points cap at 200. Here's an image ...
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Max rep in a day

I get the badge Mortarboard badge today ¡yipie! :), but actually I have +197 rep because a couple of downvotes, one sent here (flagged and expecting answer to be deleted) and another received here (...
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Reputation box for a specific question went missing when reputation became zero!

Consider the following scenario: On SO, my reputation box shows that I earned no reputation for a specific question. But there is no such box actually! It is missing! (as specified in the image above)...
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Reputation tab really lagging today

I've today just got 45 rep so far. But when I got them the total reputation just changes on the top right corner... But there is no green tab with +10 or +15. And after around 20 minutes, I saw the +...
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Why is there a discrepancy in the reputation reported on this profile page?

I was looking at another user's profile page and noticed a discrepancy in the reported reputation. The graph on the Activity tab shows a reputation of 189, but the number reported in the top left ...
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Why do consequent edits on the same post bring rewards all the same?

I always opposed the idea of giving reputation points for edits. A post should be edited for clarity, not reputation. For most persons the better looking text or a code is already a reward. But it ...
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Reputation change dataset

Is there a way to obtain all daily changes in reputation of a user (or your own account) in the form of a time series? The result could be something like: Date Reputation 01-01-2019 1 02-01-...
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