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Questions tagged [reputation-leagues]

Friendly comparison chart showing the reputation gains and losses between users on a site. This tag is for bugs and feature requests about this information.

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No users earned reputation this quarter for quarter 2015-10-01

Looking for previous quarter reputation, I get to this page and it generates the message: No users earned reputation this quarter ...
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Criteria for displaying top % this week vs. month vs. quarter vs. year vs all time

When viewing a user's profile, it shows where the user ranks in the leagues. For example, my profile currently shows "top 0.07% this year". I was under the impression that the criteria to display "...
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Can I toggle the filter in my reputation ranking?

There is a section of the Activity tab on my profile page that shows how I rank among other Stack Overflow users by a filter (month, year or quarter). These filters change from time to time. Currently,...
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Showing top and current ranking in Stack Overflow - Profile tab

Will it be a good idea to show our all time Highest and Current ranking from User Reputation League like the below in our profile tab. Highest ranking #40458 (11 Oct 2015) Current ranking #44704 ...
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Reputation recalculation and overall ranking change

Before the recalculation update I was pretty close to being in the top 1% overall (my actual rating was top 2% overall). I was expecting to slide further away from 1% since I have asked one question ...
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Ranking Discrepancy

This is more of a "Huh, that's odd." observation than a question. Currently it is January 12, 2019, and in my little head, I'd expect the month, quarter, and year to date rankings to be equal... but ...
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Bug with all-time reputation league statistics?

It's nothing major, but I noticed the following in the all-time reputation leagues: If you can't see the image, it shows that there have been 281,051 users that have a 1-50, 50-99, and 99-249 ...
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Find the highest rank by reputation that a user ever had

Stack Overflow shows the current rank by reputation (e.g. for me). A few years ago, my rank was much better because I contributed more at that time. How can I find the best rank that I ever had? An ...
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