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Friendly comparison chart showing the reputation gains and losses between users on a site. This tag is for bugs and feature requests about this information.

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How top user percentage for a period is calculated

When I view any profile I see that the user is top 5% this quarter or top 0.3% this year. Clicking on that link takes me to the page where I can see the week / month / quarter / year / overall rank. ...
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1 answer

How is the "change" column on the reputation leagues calculated?

I went to the Stack Exchange reputation leagues and stumbled on the "change" column. I don't understand how it is calculated. Is it the number of changes that the user has made this year ...
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Why does giving a Bounty reduce your ranking on SO?

I recently placed my first bounty on Stack Overflow. I understand that by placing a bounty on a question, I am giving away some of my rep in an attempt to get a better answer / draw more attention to ...
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See my weekly % rank when I only see my overall?

Today I see my overall rank and yesterday I saw my week % rank. Is there a way to see my week rank today and if so, where?
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Is Total Reputation and Year Reputation calculation engine calculation misleading? [duplicate]

I am relatively a new user on Stack Overflow. I have noticed that Year Reputation and Total Reputation (for other as well viz. quarter, month, week) calculation engine on leagues is having some ...
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