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For questions relating to the reputation history (or "tab") in user profiles.

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What does mean reputation in personal data? [closed]

When a screen with personal data is opened then there is a row with titles "summary ....reputation..." And the score shown for this reputation differs from the reputation that is shown with your ...
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Unknown 'achievement'

Recently, on Stack Overflow, I received a notification stating +8 points on a question that I answered. But when I checked that question there was no activity on my answer - no upvotes, no comments ...
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Would anyone else enjoy a way to see reputation earned by activity?

I was looking at the reputation tag, and I liked the way it shows each of the activities that caused reputation changes: I think it would be interesting to see a breakdown of all rep ever gained, ...
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(Slightly) Different reputation level on Meta and the main site [duplicate]

I recently noticed that I have one more reputation on Meta than the main Stack Overflow site: Stack Overflow: Meta: Is there a reason for this reputation difference? I originally thought the ...
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"User Was Removed" negative reputation color coding

On Color Psychology: Before I begin, I'd like to make sure you are aware of the "User Was Removed" reputation change, please click here to learn about it. Now, When I get negative rep because a ...
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Why did I gain/lose reputation? Can I audit my reputation history?

I know that I gain and lose reputation when people vote on my posts. For example, when one of my answers receives an upvote, I earn 10 points and receive a green notification in the top bar. However, ...
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-10 For User was Removed

I had 308 reputation. However, upon logging in today I noticed only 298. I go to my user page, and click the reputation tag. I see -10 for "User was Removed". What is this? What does it mean?...
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