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For questions relating to the reputation history (or "tab") in user profiles.

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Why did I gain/lose reputation? Can I audit my reputation history?

I know that I gain and lose reputation when people vote on my posts. For example, when one of my answers receives an upvote, I earn 10 points and receive a green notification in the top bar. However, ...
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"Serial upvoting reversed" makes reputation suspect for employers

Recently, I mentioned my Stack Overflow reputation points to a potential employer, although I didn't send them the link to my profile yet. Apparently, two days ago, someone (I have no idea who or ...
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Would anyone else enjoy a way to see reputation earned by activity?

I was looking at the reputation tag, and I liked the way it shows each of the activities that caused reputation changes: I think it would be interesting to see a breakdown of all rep ever gained, ...
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-10 For User was Removed

I had 308 reputation. However, upon logging in today I noticed only 298. I go to my user page, and click the reputation tag. I see -10 for "User was Removed". What is this? What does it mean?...
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49 votes
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Reputation lost and there's no explanation [closed]

This is very annoying and frustrating. Yesterday I had close to 2K reputation and today I have 1.6K. Almost 400 points vanished. No warning, no comments, no downvotes. Nothing apparently changed. I ...
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Achievement notifications are no longer updating in real time

Is there an issue with the notifications of achievements? I noticed that it has not been updating for 2 hours now. Here is a screenshot: As you can see, the data is not synchronized with the ...
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42 votes
3 answers

Rep loss due to deletion of a year old post I edited

I thought old rep (> 60 days) was supposed to be exempt from being deducted when old posts are deleted. Is this incorrect? Where can I find documentation for this? Details: On 3rd September I ...
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"undownvoted" rather than "removed" in reputation history?

I down-voted the two non-answers to this none-question when I came across them yesterday: The posts have now been removed, but I notice in my reputation ...
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Reputation graph shows the great year of '9

My reputation graph: Looks like the leading zero function isn't working: Dur.
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33 votes
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A new (?) off-by-one error on the reputation graph

Disclaimer up front - this question is related to off-by-one bug in reputation graph legend, but not exactly the same. At a guess, it may even be to do with the fix that Oded describes in that ...
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Why am I getting rep for doc changes I had nothing to do with? [closed]

Today I received +2 rep for a doc change 4 different times, on topics I have contributed nothing to. You can see this in my reputation history. Each one of these is from an edit (that I did not ...
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Duplicating reputation gain entries for the same event in my profile

I saw my reputation tab in my profile after someone upvote my answer. The answer had 3 votes before, so I saw something like this. Then I click the arrow button in the +30 line. It shows 4 +10 lines. ...
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1 answer

Dozens of users removed resulted in -366 reputation

I don't usually make a fuss about a small reputation shock due to "User removed". Over the last couple of days, though, two aspects of the reputation shock are a bit worrying: It appears from the ...
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Can the user profile's reputation tab distinguish between upvotes on questions vs answers?

TL;DR Is it possible to clarify if a reputation change on the user reputation tab was for a question or an answer? Long Story I just tricked myself into believing an answer by me is being serial ...
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3 answers

Off-by-one bug in reputation graph legend

On the user's profile page there is the "reputation" tab which shows a chart with all reputation changes. Selecting a smaller area on this chart shows the selection in more detail in a second chart ...
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What causes a reputation change when "There were no net reputation changes on this day?"

Looking at a certain user's rep history, I noticed some days had +10 and -10 with no explanation of the reputation change on the detail dropdown. What can cause this? Is this the result of moderator ...
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Lost reputation from deleted bountied answers doesn't automatically get counted

I recently cast the last delete-vote required to delete a user's GPT-generated answer. The answer had a bounty of 500 reputation. The user's reputation counters still show their rep as if they were ...
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Reputation graph popup overflows its container

The popup on the reputation graph overflows its container: The content of the popup is in two places: an element inside the <svg> of the graph: g.highcharts-tooltip (but the text inside has ...
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Reputation change tracking goes wonky when a user is suspended

My profile page currently looks like this: Note the -22,222 reputation. I'm certain this is due to me being suspended for a week about two weeks ago, but I'm not sure why it's a negative number.
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Why wasn't I given reputation points for answer being accepted?

I answered the question Calculating a mean from a data frame with blanks with R which was accepted, but I did not get 15 reputation points for it. Although, I got 30 points for three upvotes there. I ...
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In what scenario is reputation change not traceable through reputation tab?

Yesterday when I signed off, my header bar was showing reputation something like Today, it is showing like Yes, I have the "show removed posts" box checked; still, nothing shows up in the reputation ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Is there notification when you lose reputation?

Example: Yesterday my reputation was 702, today is 630. I found that one of the questions I got +40 points is closed or deleted. But, I've trouble figuring out how the rest of 32 points got revoked. ...
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Reputation tab bug: Single event duplicated arbitrary amount of times

I open up my reputation tab today, and this is what I see:
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12 votes
2 answers

Why does this user's account have rep points seemingly out of nowhere?

I was checking the "All actions" tab on the profile of a staff member with regards to another bug report when I noticed that they have no posts or approved edits but they have 31 reputation ...
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Sudden change in Stack Overflow reputation

Recently I've notice a sudden change in my reputation at Stack Overflow. Here is print screen of the graph: It seems I've lost a lot of points in one day, but it doesn't shows any reason & also ...
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1 answer

How to find total reputation gained/lost from a post

How can I see all of the actions that have affected my reputation from a single post, along with the total reputation change?
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0 answers

Reputation Graph Range Selector Bug on touch capable computers

Possibly related: Reputation Graph Range Selector Bug I found that when using Chrome, the reputation history range selector did not work at all. I could start the selection but never finish it. I ...
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Under which circumstances can I have " no net reputation changes on this day"

I've seen this line in my reputation tab where I had 0 rep change. In the details it's only written: There were no net reputation changes on this day I wonder in which cases this happens? What is ...
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Colors of reputation points graph and tag advances not matching

I observed today that the color of the line showing reputation as a function of time in the user's activity page suddenly differs from the color of the tag advancement in the field below that. The ...
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10 votes
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Bug in the "reputation" view of my profile

There is a bug in the "reputation" view of my profile : in "today"'s posts, a ghost entry is displayed (note: reloading the page with Ctrl+R at the moment of the screenshot did ...
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Show the number of upvotes again after hitting the rep cap

With the old profile, we could see all upvotes individually on the reputation tab by clicking on the expand arrow. This allowed us to see upvotes even if they didn’t give you any more reputation ...
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Nonsensical reputation gain for individual answers in the reputation history UI

For some answers, the displayed reputation gain in the UI is nonsensical and doesn't match what I see under /reputation: These numbers don't even add up, and are way off. The actual /reputation ...
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Why does the bounty on my answer not show up in the "bounty" tab?

One of my answers was awarded a 50 reputation bounty. The bounty tab in my profile though doesn't show any earned bounties. I think this might a be bug and that there should not be a bounty on my ...
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How can someone have a 7,000+ reputation drop?

I was looking at this page: Users > Reputation > Year > page 340,861 This page may have changed by now after new users join I noticed that there's some pretty hefty drops. 2 users actually ...
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Why did I gain +1 reputation because of "removed"? What was removed? [duplicate]

I got +1 today because "removed". I haven't seen this kind of change before; why did I get +1?
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Why is my reputation not visible after the association bonus?

When I logged in today to Stack Overflow, I saw a +404 reputation points gain on "Recent Achievements" button. When I clicked on it, I found +100 reputation is gained (as association bonus) ...
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Odd large font size in reputation tab on profile

When viewing my recent reputation changes on Stack Overflow via my profile, I see some entries with a much larger font size. This seems like a formatting mistake; the size reverts to normal again when ...
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Why does my reputation show +80 instead of +20?

When I visit the Reputation tab on my profile, I see +80 reputation in several places where the correct number should apparently be +20. Here is a screenshot to illustrate this phenomenon in context. ...
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Updated Reputation tab displays dates incorrectly

It must be a recent update, but I've just noticed that on the Reputation tab the dates are displayed incorrectly. For example, instead of 12 secs ago it says 12 secs agoprettyDec 7 It seems to be ...
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Can we remove the highlight of the "reputation gain"?

In my profile page, I can click on the number of gained reputation. This will create a highlight for this number and it's tooltip. For me this highlight seems not to serve any purpose, and the ...
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Reputation Graph Range Selector Bug

I noticed this bug (or at least what I think is a bug) when viewing a user's reputation graph. I tried it on my own reputation graph and was able to reproduce the issue as well. At the bottom of the ...
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1 answer

New vote rep sticks after deleting post is showing me these records: -- 2019-08-25 rep +10 = 50345 3 29749903 (-2) -- 2019-08-26 rep -2 = 50343 The random downvote was received on this old ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Strange behavior in reputation system? [duplicate]

I'm witnessing some strange behavior in regards to my reputation. One hour ago, my reputation was at 18,950 points. Then I answered this (fairly trivial) question and the following happened: It got ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Achievement & message notifications aren't updating in real time

Like I reported previously my notification aren't updating correctly. I didn't get notified for all the votes I got. The inbox message is also doing the same. I received a message late and probably ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Issue with accepted Answer - points not added due to unaccept?

I answered this question here: Passing variables between files in WordPress or PHP The answer was upvoted and accepted but I only received 10 points. When i looked into the reputation, just before ...
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Reputation Tab under profile stopped working

Recently reputation tab under profile section is not working and shows an error page. Here is the screenshot for that.
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0 answers

Empty title for downvote/removal entries of articles in Activity>Reputation view

Looking at the Activity>Reputation view of my own profile, I see nothing where the title of the post should be: The posts in question were articles posted by a plagiarist employed by Microsoft. ...
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Reputation change dataset

Is there a way to obtain all daily changes in reputation of a user (or your own account) in the form of a time series? The result could be something like: Date Reputation 01-01-2019 1 02-01-...
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Misleading top tag update (+number) in case of an accept

One of my (Java tagged) answers was recently accepted (no upvotes, no downvotes). There is misleading information on my profile. It says: top tag +15 Java. Tag scores calculations are based on up- ...
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Is the reputation graph real time?

I noticed that the graph view on the reputation tab does not update immediately. The time and the post view do show the recent changes in reputation. But i noticed the bar for reputation earned on ...
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