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Questions tagged [reputation-history]

For questions relating to the reputation history (or "tab") in user profiles.

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Reputation graph shows the great year of '9

My reputation graph: Looks like the leading zero function isn't working: Dur.
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Duplicating reputation gain entries for the same event in my profile

I saw my reputation tab in my profile after someone upvote my answer. The answer had 3 votes before, so I saw something like this. Then I click the arrow button in the +30 line. It shows 4 +10 lines. ...
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Reputation change tracking goes wonky when a user is suspended

My profile page currently looks like this: Note the -22,222 reputation. I'm certain this is due to me being suspended for a week about two weeks ago, but I'm not sure why it's a negative number.
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Why wasn't I given reputation points for answer being accepted?

I answered the question Calculating a mean from a data frame with blanks with R which was accepted, but I did not get 15 reputation points for it. Although, I got 30 points for three upvotes there. I ...
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Reputation tab bug: Single event duplicated arbitrary amount of times

I open up my reputation tab today, and this is what I see:
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Reputation Graph Range Selector Bug on touch capable computers

Possibly related: Reputation Graph Range Selector Bug I found that when using Chrome, the reputation history range selector did not work at all. I could start the selection but never finish it. I ...
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Show the number of upvotes again after hitting the rep cap

With the old profile, we could see all upvotes individually on the reputation tab by clicking on the expand arrow. This allowed us to see upvotes even if they didn’t give you any more reputation ...
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How can someone have a 7,000+ reputation drop?

I was looking at this page: Users > Reputation > Year > page 340,861 This page may have changed by now after new users join I noticed that there's some pretty hefty drops. 2 users actually ...
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Odd large font size in reputation tab on profile

When viewing my recent reputation changes on Stack Overflow via my profile, I see some entries with a much larger font size. This seems like a formatting mistake; the size reverts to normal again when ...
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Why does my reputation show +80 instead of +20?

When I visit the Reputation tab on my profile, I see +80 reputation in several places where the correct number should apparently be +20. Here is a screenshot to illustrate this phenomenon in context. ...
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Updated Reputation tab displays dates incorrectly

It must be a recent update, but I've just noticed that on the Reputation tab the dates are displayed incorrectly. For example, instead of 12 secs ago it says 12 secs agoprettyDec 7 It seems to be ...
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Can we remove the highlight of the "reputation gain"?

In my profile page, I can click on the number of gained reputation. This will create a highlight for this number and it's tooltip. For me this highlight seems not to serve any purpose, and the ...
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Empty title for downvote/removal entries of articles in Activity>Reputation view

Looking at the Activity>Reputation view of my own profile, I see nothing where the title of the post should be: The posts in question were articles posted by a plagiarist employed by Microsoft. ...
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Reputation change dataset

Is there a way to obtain all daily changes in reputation of a user (or your own account) in the form of a time series? The result could be something like: Date Reputation 01-01-2019 1 02-01-...
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Misleading top tag update (+number) in case of an accept

One of my (Java tagged) answers was recently accepted (no upvotes, no downvotes). There is misleading information on my profile. It says: top tag +15 Java. Tag scores calculations are based on up- ...
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Reputation Graph Range Selector Bug

I noticed this bug (or at least what I think is a bug) when viewing a user's reputation graph. I tried it on my own reputation graph and was able to reproduce the issue as well. At the bottom of the ...
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Is the reputation graph real time?

I noticed that the graph view on the reputation tab does not update immediately. The time and the post view do show the recent changes in reputation. But i noticed the bar for reputation earned on ...
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Unable to select range in reputation graph on stackoverflow profile page

I'm unable to select a range on the graph of the reputation profile tab. It does work for me on meta stackexchange or programmers for example. Seems that only stackoverflow is affected. I'm on Opera ...
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Rep scores are displayed wrong, higher as they should

When sorting by time, some rep scores appear to be too high (not for my personal taste but for logic), the sum is correct though. Is this a bug?
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Reputation point changes because of remove upvote but can't find record

Let's say someone upvote my question, and I receive bonus reputation points. Then, that person removed his/her upvote and my reputation gets reduced. My question is in my profile page, I can't find ...
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Reputation not recording in ACHIEVEMENTS dropdown, only in the reputation tab

One of the downvotes is not being recorded from under the "ACHIEVEMENTS" dropdown, only in the "reputation" tab and have noticed this within the past hour. This isn't a caching issue on my computer, ...
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Reputation gained since last visit to reputation tab is wrong

Per this screenshot I have 15,003 reputation, and have gained 4k since some point in time. Hovering over it says this has been since 'your last visit to the reputation tab'. That's wrong, because I ...
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Can the counter on the Reputation tab be modified to reflect the net change in reputation since it was last visited?

A large part of my activities on Stack Overflow includes downvoting and flagging answers for deletion (which is partly why I have nearly 103k helpful flags). My Reputation tab says that I've lost 1272 ...
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Why is "reputation_change" missing on some dates for some users?

I am trying to understand the reputation log returned by Stack Exchange API /users/{ids}/reputation. Most reputation logs have reputation_change, which is the value of reputation change on that date, ...
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How is reputation count history evaluated?

Due to this question I went through rmaddy's reputation history and I've found something strange: As far as I know, accepted answers don't count for the daily reputation limit. As we have three ...
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Discrepancy between total and detail in my reputation log

I was having a look at my reputation history, and I have seen that I have a -15 on April 21st this year. In order to know what happened that day I expanded the section and noticed a message saying: ...
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When opening reputation graph on chrome with a touchscreen, it only responds to touchevents, not clicks

I noticed today for the first time, after for a long time I had clicking on the graph in the reputation tab not working at all (on chrome on my laptop running linux, while it works and worked ...
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Reputation order on reputation history page

On the 9th at 21:09 a question that I answered was removed and my rep went down 25 points. Earlier in the day (14:56) I gained 25 rep from an answer I posted. Since I got the upvote/accepted answer at ...
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