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For questions relating to the reputation history (or "tab") in user profiles.

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Nonsensical reputation gain for individual answers in the reputation history UI

For some answers, the displayed reputation gain in the UI is nonsensical and doesn't match what I see under /reputation: These numbers don't even add up, and are way off. The actual /reputation ...
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Lost reputation from deleted bountied answers doesn't automatically get counted

I recently cast the last delete-vote required to delete a user's GPT-generated answer. The answer had a bounty of 500 reputation. The user's reputation counters still show their rep as if they were ...
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Empty title for downvote/removal entries of articles in Activity>Reputation view

Looking at the Activity>Reputation view of my own profile, I see nothing where the title of the post should be: The posts in question were articles posted by a plagiarist employed by Microsoft. ...
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Odd large font size in reputation tab on profile

When viewing my recent reputation changes on Stack Overflow via my profile, I see some entries with a much larger font size. This seems like a formatting mistake; the size reverts to normal again when ...
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Can the user profile's reputation tab distinguish between upvotes on questions vs answers?

TL;DR Is it possible to clarify if a reputation change on the user reputation tab was for a question or an answer? Long Story I just tricked myself into believing an answer by me is being serial ...
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Canceling points on answers to deleted users' questions acts as disincentive to answering to new and low-reputation users

I lost 35 reputation points received on an answer to a question posted by a deleted user. For an established SO user this is not much, but I am relatively new and reputation points do provide ...
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Bug in the "reputation" view of my profile

There is a bug in the "reputation" view of my profile : in "today"'s posts, a ghost entry is displayed (note: reloading the page with Ctrl+R at the moment of the screenshot did ...
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Rep scores are displayed wrong, higher as they should

When sorting by time, some rep scores appear to be too high (not for my personal taste but for logic), the sum is correct though. Is this a bug?
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Why does my reputation show +80 instead of +20?

When I visit the Reputation tab on my profile, I see +80 reputation in several places where the correct number should apparently be +20. Here is a screenshot to illustrate this phenomenon in context. ...
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Reputation tab bug: Single event duplicated arbitrary amount of times

I open up my reputation tab today, and this is what I see:
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Why does the reputation graph indicate 100 more reputation?

In my this account of Stack Overflow, my reputation has decreased by 100. It shows nothing on the reputation changes page. See the image given: . In reputation change, it shows 440 reputation, but on ...
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Updated Reputation tab displays dates incorrectly

It must be a recent update, but I've just noticed that on the Reputation tab the dates are displayed incorrectly. For example, instead of 12 secs ago it says 12 secs agoprettyDec 7 It seems to be ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Why does this user's account have rep points seemingly out of nowhere?

I was checking the "All actions" tab on the profile of a staff member with regards to another bug report when I noticed that they have no posts or approved edits but they have 31 reputation ...
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Lost reputation after clearing browser history [duplicate]

I had to clear my browser history in order to fix a problem with another web site. Now I have lost all reputation on SE and SO, not allowed to comment. Could someone explain what happened and how it ...
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Can the counter on the Reputation tab be modified to reflect the net change in reputation since it was last visited?

A large part of my activities on Stack Overflow includes downvoting and flagging answers for deletion (which is partly why I have nearly 103k helpful flags). My Reputation tab says that I've lost 1272 ...
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When did I last visit the reputation tab?

Oh this is nice. I gained quite a lot of points since I last visited my reputation tab. I wonder when was it that I last visited it?🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 Let me hover over it... Hmm, not much helpful. So, what ...
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Question that appears not to be from me in list of deleted questions

I am trying to tidy up my account, while looking my history of questions I noticed one I do not recall asking, it has been a long time since I can remember dealing with python. It was asked as showing ...
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Reputation change tracking goes wonky when a user is suspended

My profile page currently looks like this: Note the -22,222 reputation. I'm certain this is due to me being suspended for a week about two weeks ago, but I'm not sure why it's a negative number.
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Why wasn't I given reputation points for answer being accepted?

I answered the question Calculating a mean from a data frame with blanks with R which was accepted, but I did not get 15 reputation points for it. Although, I got 30 points for three upvotes there. I ...
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Bug in Reputation History: Accepted edited posts don't have any +2 reputation points [duplicate]

Yesterday (30 Jul 2020) I have edited four posts, and then I would have +8 reputation points, but when I open the reputation history, I can't see any +2 of four edited posts. I think that is a bug, ...
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Why is "reputation_change" missing on some dates for some users?

I am trying to understand the reputation log returned by Stack Exchange API /users/{ids}/reputation. Most reputation logs have reputation_change, which is the value of reputation change on that date, ...
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How can someone have a 7,000+ reputation drop?

I was looking at this page: Users > Reputation > Year > page 340,861 This page may have changed by now after new users join I noticed that there's some pretty hefty drops. 2 users actually ...
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two different reputations in graph and history [duplicate]

I see two different reputations in reputation graph and history: The difference is exactly 100 and is probably due to a +100 from "trust on other sites in the network"
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Why do I keep losing 2 rep, even though I don't get downvoted? [duplicate]

Nowadays, I notice that I lose 2 rep when I check SO in the morning. I look through my feed, and it doesn't say I got downvoted. It doesn't show up in my feed, but I remember I had 1,116 yesterday, ...
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Dozens of users removed resulted in -366 reputation

I don't usually make a fuss about a small reputation shock due to "User removed". Over the last couple of days, though, two aspects of the reputation shock are a bit worrying: It appears from the ...
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Add option to download reputation data

At the moment, the only way to get to your raw reputation data as a function of time is to go to (as mentioned in Why did I gain/lose reputation? Can I audit my ...
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Is there a way to know my "total" reputation before "Rewarding the Question Askers" change was applied?

I read this SO Meta post and this blog post today. I do not monitor my reputation so closely. I do not remember what was my reputation yesterday before "Rewarding the Question Askers" change was ...
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How will the retroactive question reputation changes manifest on my SO account? [duplicate]

I flipped through the answers and comments on the thread about retroactively rewarding questions with more reputation and I did not see my specific question answered. When the retroactive reputation ...
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New vote rep sticks after deleting post is showing me these records: -- 2019-08-25 rep +10 = 50345 3 29749903 (-2) -- 2019-08-26 rep -2 = 50343 The random downvote was received on this old ...
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Reputation change dataset

Is there a way to obtain all daily changes in reputation of a user (or your own account) in the form of a time series? The result could be something like: Date Reputation 01-01-2019 1 02-01-...
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unaccept vs accepted - points not calculated [duplicate]

This is a duplicate of the following question: Issue with accepted Answer - points not added due to unaccept? I had created this one to indicate my issue with a screenshot. My point did not get added ...
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Achievement & message notifications aren't updating in real time

Like I reported previously my notification aren't updating correctly. I didn't get notified for all the votes I got. The inbox message is also doing the same. I received a message late and probably ...
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1 answer

Uncontrolled reputation loss [duplicate]

From yesterday I have lost reputation points (I don't know exactly, because I'm not recording it, but I got > 200 two days in a row and right now it's < 200). There is also nothing in the ...
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Are downvote costs visible when I check the activity of someone else? [duplicate]

Can downvote-costs be seen in the activity tab of the profile? If so it would be easy to validate revenge-downvotes, if you have a specific user in mind. I changed the wording of the question, ...
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Not getting notification of reputation or achievements [duplicate]

I think there an issue with the notifications of achievements? Today I have received 3 upvotes Check the screenshot But not received notifications of achievements Has anyone faced this issue? I'...
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Duplicating reputation gain entries for the same event in my profile

I saw my reputation tab in my profile after someone upvote my answer. The answer had 3 votes before, so I saw something like this. Then I click the arrow button in the +30 line. It shows 4 +10 lines. ...
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Activity -> Reputation summary shows days with zero reputation change

I noticed that in my personal Activity -> reputation tab I have the list of reputation changes by day. As I understand it correctly - the system should show only those days, where I have at least 1 ...
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Reputation notification discrepancy? [duplicate]

Where is the +16 coming from? I assume the badge corresponds with the blue highlighted events, but that only adds up to 15. If it went any further back it would be over 20. I don't see any way to ...
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Achievement notifications are no longer updating in real time

Is there an issue with the notifications of achievements? I noticed that it has not been updating for 2 hours now. Here is a screenshot: As you can see, the data is not synchronized with the ...
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Reputation point changes because of remove upvote but can't find record

Let's say someone upvote my question, and I receive bonus reputation points. Then, that person removed his/her upvote and my reputation gets reduced. My question is in my profile page, I can't find ...
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How are yearly/monthly/weekly reputation points saved and recalculated after changes?

To determine point scores for certain intervals (yearly/monthly/weekly), they have to be saved for those intervals, to my knowledge. Pseudo example: userid | month | totalpoints 213 | 2018-05 | ...
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Why does the bounty on my answer not show up in the "bounty" tab?

One of my answers was awarded a 50 reputation bounty. The bounty tab in my profile though doesn't show any earned bounties. I think this might a be bug and that there should not be a bounty on my ...
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Bug in Stack Overflow new reputation menu

I got two times 10 reputation points. So it should be showing 20. But it shows 1010 as shown in:
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Reputation Calculations

Yesterday when checking my reputation in the toolbar, I noticed a -10 as a result of a user being removed. I then checked the reputation tab in my profile which showed a different total, and included ...
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1 answer

Sudden reputation loss [duplicate]

I have lost over ~240 reputation all of a sudden. While, referring to the Help Center > Moderation & Reputation section it clearly states that if the system detects unusual voting behavior over a ...
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"Accept" reputation events should be grouped with other events on the same post

I have three reputation events on one post: Up vote (+5) Down vote (-2) Accepted answer (+2) But the header text shows three events instead of grouping all three events. Also the count is showing +...
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Why did I gain +1 reputation because of "removed"? What was removed? [duplicate]

I got +1 today because "removed". I haven't seen this kind of change before; why did I get +1?
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How is reputation count history evaluated?

Due to this question I went through rmaddy's reputation history and I've found something strange: As far as I know, accepted answers don't count for the daily reputation limit. As we have three ...
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Why is the 'show removed posts' checkbox disabled by default? Why is it there?

Update It is now more or less clear that strange behaviour is by design, so I removed bug label, added discussion, because: Why is the "show removed posts" checkbox disabled by default? Why ...
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If no reputation change then why not hiding the date

In reputation change section, if there is no reputation change in a particular date, the date will not be shown and it is status-bydesign But today I was checking on a user's profile and saw this ...
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