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For questions about the Reopen votes review queue. These can be about specific reviews/audits or about how to use the queue in general. Questions about audits should also be tagged with either review-audits or disputed-review-audits.

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Community Bot is actively participating in question reopening

There is an interesting Reopen votes review showing that Community Bot actively participated in reopening a question. Not only that, the question was reopened only by two votes where it usually takes ...
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How long do questions live in the "Reopen votes" review queue?

My post "What can standalone Express do?" was "automatically deleted 6 months ago by CommunityBot". This happened after it was downvoted and closed. Since I do not understand or ...
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Choosing to Leave Closed due to a question being a duplicate doesn't give you the option to share the dupe target URL

I just did this task in the Reopen Queue: I've seen this before where someone is having trouble because they aren't doing anything to distinguish two ...
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