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When viewing a question, the "Related Questions" block is shown on the right side of the page and provides a system-generated list of questions similar to the current one. (Copied from

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We are graduating the "Related questions using Machine Learning" experiment

Update - the experiment has graduated! Thank you all for your valuable feedback. Moving forward, we plan to continue to refine this model and iterate on this feature. Please continue to post your ...
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Please improve "Related Questions" [duplicate]

As others have noted, the "Related Questions" are so seldom actually related. In the past it was easier to just ignore, but now that section is featured prominently below questions without ...
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What would you like (/have liked) to see SE Inc. try in their experiments for machine learning-powered links in the "Related" post UI section?

I feel like a step was skipped before the experiment that is ongoing at the time of this writing got launched (Do you observe increased relevance of Related Questions with our Machine Learning ...
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For the purposes of the "Related" section of the Q&A UI, what definition of "related" aligns closely to what users of Stack Overflow find value in?

At the time of this writing, SE Inc. is experimenting with Machine-Learning-powered links in the "Related" section of the Q&A UI. There's a question that I see as a prerequisite to ...
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Do you observe increased relevance of Related Questions with our Machine Learning experiment?

Please check out this post for more context on the Content Discovery initiative where we go into detail about the background, overview, and objective of this project as well as information on past ...
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Related question list is REALLY irrelevant

I suddenly started seeing a section called "related questions". Now, I'm ok with this as a concept, but the implementation here is picking horrible results. For example, Why should I ...
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A/B testing related questions within the answers list (experiment has graduated)

Update Mar 21: TL;DR: Today, we graduated the experiment for Stack Overflow question pages with zero answers, specifically the variant where three related questions are shown by default, with a link ...
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A/B testing: moving Related Questions higher on question pages (A/B testing has concluded)

Update Nov 22: V2 experiment has concluded. We will share results and next steps soon. Update Nov 17: V2 of the experiment is now active. The experiment will conclude tomorrow. We will update Meta ...
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Add anchor to "Related" section, please

Sometimes a questioner is likely to benefit from looking at the Q&As in the "Related" section on the page with their question. Unfortunately, that section is not usually visible as it is ...
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Include the primary tag in the title of "Related" questions

In the sidebar of Stack Overflow there is a list of "Related" questions. You'll notice that some of these include the programming language in the title and some of them don't. The ones that ...
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How can I show related questions?

Sometimes, when I view a question, the page shows "Related" questions to the right. I can often find related questions there, and sometimes cast a duplicate vote according to that. However, ...
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No sidebar Related or Linked links on most questions

This partial screenshot is typical. Suddenly the Related and Linked sections are missing from the right sidebar on most, but not all questions. The label "Related" shows and sometimes the &...
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How can I stop seeing the question "How do I calculate someone's age in C#?" [duplicate]

The question How do I calculate someone's age in C#? is shown in the right-hand panel under "Related". Is it possible to stop seeing this? After seeing it for hundreds of times, it really is ...
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Review / remove the related question section

I noticed that the questions in the "related questions" list are less and less related to the actual question. Reading this question (WPF and C# ComboBox Next Focus) gave me this related list: The ...
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Related questions are going off the screen

Consider this image: When you ask a question and put in all of the content(title, body, etc.), a whole bunch of Related Questions show up. If you scroll to the top(on a Mac, at least) and scroll ...
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Are 'related questions' automated or user contributed? [duplicate]

Generally speaking I've found the 'related questions' offered by the site when asking a question are either not related or only vaguely close to what is being asked. I'm wondering if the chosen "...
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Related questions section mostly irrelevant

The related questions section doesn't seem to have a good algorithm to pick recently asked or updated questions. I mostly see questions from 2 or 3 years ago with no recent activity. Most of the time ...
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Related questions list is missing text

The related questions list on this question seems to be broken. At least one other user can reproduce the issue. Looking at the HTML code it seems that the text is just not there: <div class="...
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How does Stack Overflow decide the related questions? [duplicate]

I am working with Stack Overflow data for some research purposes. I was wondering if anybody knows how the website decides the related questions? There is one podcast from 2008 but I think they might ...
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Related questions are over weighted depending on votes [duplicate]

I have noticed a behavior in the related questions widget. The formula of computing the relation between two questions are heavily depends on votes of the related question. Questions with high amounts ...
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Don't show closed, downvoted questions in the "Questions that may already have your answer" list

I just answered this rather confusing question here on meta: Why did SO ban me from asking questions for asking a "poor" question when i copied exactly the same question that was asked at least ...
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Similar questions, in a different technology even though I tagged?

While I was asking this question, about Android and layouts, and after I tagged accordingly, under "Questions that may already have your answer" appeared suggestions that are meant for iOS: [link for ...
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Related questions score alignment too high [duplicate]

This is probably more of a personal taste but in the related questions panel the post score and the post title are centre aligned to the first line only. To me it would look better if the score was ...
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Related question java vs javascript

This is a java question: Implantation Association class in java However all the related questions listed in the page are javascript questions. Is it ever possible to make the related question listing ...
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Padding isn't rendering properly for 3 digit numbers on sidebar questions [duplicate]

The questions that show up on right side; the padding is fine except for those questions who have a vote count between 100 to 999 i.e. number with 3 digits. Here's a glimpse of that: You can see ...
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Obtaining related questions for the data dump

I am doing some analysis of Stack Overflow posts using the Stack Exchange dump. I'd like to do analyze the downstream effects of posts on the community, and I was wondering if there is a source that ...
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Related questions sidebar titles inappropriately indexed by search engines [duplicate]

Searches in external general-purpose web search engine (i.e. google) find stack overflow question pages that only partially apply, because there happens to be matches not in the text of the question ...
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Giving related questions while posting an answer

It might be a nice idea if we were able to load related questions while answering a question. When we ask a question, a list of related questions, based on the title, gets loaded to avoid repetition ...
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My question has nothing to do with the speed of processing sorted/unsorted arrays

Does the algorithm that finds "Related" questions need a tweak, to reduce the score given to highly upvoted questions? This question has really nothing to do with why processing a sorted array is ...
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Remove a post from the "Related questions" if it is already linked and can be seen in the "Linked questions"

I've visited this post and saw this in the sidebar in the right: The same question appears in the "Linked questions" and "Related questions". This shouldn't happen because I don't see any reason why ...
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Related/Linked question vote counts for same question differ -- caching?

This is probably caching. (It's always caching.) But just in case something is genuinely awry, I present this bizarre screenshot, taken a bare few minutes ago: There you have it.
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Related questions not showing up when opening a question on main [duplicate]

Whenever I open a question on Stack Overflow, there is no "Related questions" section in the sidebar.
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Include the "Has Accepted Answer" shading in the Related sidebar

When I am reading/writing/answering a question, the "Related" sidebar next to the question includes links to questions that, through some arcane magic, have been identified as similar to the question ...
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Related posts are missing on Meta questions posted after 2014-09-10

On Meta, Related posts are not displayed on questions which were posted after 2014-09-10 00:53Z. On SO questions, related posts start showing up in an hour or so (there is a delay) but on MSO its been ...
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Where have all the related questions links gone?

Is it just me, or have the 'related questions' links gone AWOL today? They were around earlier in the day (US/Pacific time), but aren't showing up on SO now (late evening). As PeterJ observed in a ...
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Why can I not find good results of my issue until I post a new question?

On several occasions I have something I need to know. I search for it on Google and Stack Overflow separately, but I cannot find a good answer. So I go ahead and post it here on Stack Overflow. I ...
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Unrelated "related questions" keep appearing because of high vote count

The second question in this screenshot, to this question, very commonly appears in the "related questions" sidebar of any Java question, even though it's not related. Could the "related questions" ...
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Ridiculously popular questions break sidebar on SO

In the related sidebar list, this question is so popular the vote counter is too wide: Can we run these vote counts through the magnitude machine?
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Can we make the "linked" sidebar more inclusive?

The linked sidebar lists Questions linked in the question, answers or comments. At the moment, it seems to only list them if it's a simple link directly to the question itself, not to a specific ...
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How do the Linked and Related question lists actually work?

How do the "Linked" and "Related" questions lists actually work on Stack Overflow? How is a post linked or related? Is there any machine learning algorithm used? Or just lexical ...
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Is it OK to use comments to highlight a related unanswered question?

CLARIFICATION: I have posted a question that hasn't been answered yet. My question is a variation of another question, that has already been answered. I wonder if it is OK if I use comments to inform ...
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Change "Related" algorithm

Example: this C++ question has this (in)famous but completely unrelated Java question listed under Related questions on the right side of the screen (at least for me, I don't know if it's partly user-...
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Related questions change too often - can't find a related question I saw a pageview before

The "related" questions in a question (placed bottom right) are changing too often, almost per-refresh. What happens to me many times is that I hit back and next on browser to check something with the ...
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