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Close reason "seeking recommendations" text is still wrong

The "seeking recommendations" close reason text is: Seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more There are no questions seeking recommendations for books and ...
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Update popular closed library recommendation answers (Java bean mapping)

The Java ecosystem has plenty of projects for mapping beans. They are difficult to compare. Google searches for "java bean mappers" reliably return this question on the first result page, which has a ...
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Is this data structure recommendation/implementation request question on topic?

I've come across this question: Map alternative for primitive values It's clear and specific, asking for a Java Map implementation that will work with primitive types so as to avoid the overhead of ...
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A bogus known-bad LQP audit on a rec question

This particular answer gives some degree of reasoning for why the linked resource should be used. It's therefore (as I see it) not NAA. The proper handling in any case, per Shog, is not to bother ...
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"Questions you might be able to answer" kind of recommendation

Based on various parameters like: What kind of questions a user has answered previously What kind of questions does a user follow regularly and engages in with comments, edits, documentation, etc. ...
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Is it OK to ask questions about the capacities of a module?

I am looking for solutions to solve a problem with data and I am considering to learn numpy and pandas (Python modules to handle data). This is quite an investment and I would like to make sure that ...
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Was it justified to close my question?

Over the last nine years I raised almost 50 questions, but for the first time a question was closed, because it says it is "seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries": ...
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