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Questions tagged [reactions]

For questions about reactions, canned responses in the form of icons ('celebrate', 'help', 'thanks' and '100') to posts on [stack-overflow-for-teams] or the public site.

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98 votes
2 answers

Add reasoning on what the job reactions mean

What do the following job reactions mean? The first three are obvious. What does it mean if I give a job a unicorn? What about crying hysterically. And doesn't :( mean thumbs down? This is very ...
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44 votes
1 answer

Remove obsolete page describing "reactions" from Help Center

The Stack Overflow Help Center still contains a page about "reactions": These were being tested from June 17, 2020 through July 17, 2020 (one month). ...
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35 votes
1 answer

What is the '100' reaction supposed to mean? [closed]

Since a few days ago, our Team has a 'Reactions' feature. They seem to be similar to GitHub reactions, which are canned responses to a post. You can add them by clicking on a smiley. Currently there ...
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30 votes
1 answer

Was there a community requirement to have reaction feature so "instead of clicking on like, you can just say 'thanks'"?

There is an interview to SO's CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar in a Spanish newspaper: “No puedes hacer que la gente vaya a la oficina solo por tenerles ahí; debes confiar en que harán su trabajo” You ...
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2 answers

When should I react (say thanks) to an answer and when should I upvote it? [closed]

Well, I'm posting this as a question instead of an answer to Feature test: Thank you reaction or Data validation & background for the Thank You Reaction feature test because it's going to be asked ...
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20 votes
0 answers

New "Votes and Reactions" Tab, Precursor to something bigger?

Following the introduction of "thanks", we also received a new tab in "Profile > Activity > Votes and Reactions" changing the preexisting "Votes" Tab and changing ...
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18 votes
0 answers

Make it clear that saying thanks is a public action that everyone can see [closed]

As a long time member of SO, I considered the new "say thanks" feature as another kind of voting, which naturally should be private, like the existing upvote/downvote actions. I also ...
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9 votes
1 answer

How can I revert my "reaction" to a Teams post? [closed]

Stack Overflow for Teams added an option to select an emoji for a post, which is fine. I am neither against it nor support it. I tried to test this feature, and "reacted" to a post with a particular ...
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7 votes
0 answers

"1 others reacted with thanks" is grammatically incorrect [closed]

So I have just tried the thank feature only to see this somehow feels weird to me. As a non-native English speaker, I am not sure if it is correct or not at this part with s. Shouldn't "others&...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can I search for questions that I previously "thanked"? And is my "thank" therefore public?

When I click the currently-being-tested thank-you button, who can see that I am the one who said "thank you"? Similarly, can the thank-you button be used for bookmarking pages so that I can ...
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3 votes
1 answer

I can react on my own post in Teams [closed]

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I just noticed Teams has reactions, and of course, I immediately had to test. I would have expected for this not to be possible, though I suppose there are ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Profile page says "votes" where it should refer to "reactions"? [closed]

In the recently-updated profile page under the "Reaction" section it says I have case no "VOTES". This doesn't seem correct / doesn't make sense. Shouldn't it says "you haven'...
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37 answers

Data validation & background for the Thank You Reaction feature test

Thank you all for voicing your feedback and your concerns regarding the test of the Reactions feature. We would like first to give some additional background surrounding the intentions around this ...
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102 answers

Feature test: Thank you reaction

We just announced a new feature test for the "thank you" reaction on The Overflow blog. We discovered that “thanks” appears in 1 of 6 comments left under answers. Although it's less common ...
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