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Badges shown as 'Rarest' in user profiles.

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What is a "rare" badge?

I noticed the following on the profile page of a relatively new user: What is the definition of "rare" here? In case it helps, the above notification only seems to be displayed for a user ...
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A higher badge than the gold badge: How about introducing platinum or diamond badges?

Reasons why: Many gold badges are reached pretty fast therefore badges like this may increase motivation for further participation in the site Higher badges may be awarded for really exceptional and ...
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If a tag badge is awarded in a "higher" level, it stops being rare in the "lowest" levels

Maybe the title is a bit weird, so let me explain it: In my profile it used to appear the Silver badge for the grep (9 people with it so far) as the rarest. However, since I got its Gold badge it is ...
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What are the system criteria for selecting the rarest badges in your profile?

I just see this profile: and in the Rarest Bronze Badges you can see: Benefactor Promoter Peer Pressure And when I saw my profile: https://...