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Questions tagged [r-collective]

Use this tag for questions related to the R Language Collective on Stack Overflow. (For questions about Collectives on Stack Overflow in general, use the main [collectives] tag.)

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R question is a 'known good' audit despite not showing an attempted solution - Why doesn't it need 'Debugging details' in 'Triage' Queue?

Recently the question Take paired differences of pairs of rows asked about obtaining pairwise squared differences from numbers in a data set in R. What got my attention about this question was that ...
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3 answers

Inviting New Recognized Members to the R Language Collective

Update Based on the feedback we received on this post, we have modified the criteria we will use to invite RMs to the R Language Collective going forward. We have removed the rep requirement, the ...
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17 votes
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Launching the CI/CD and R Collectives and community editing features for articles

Earlier this month, we announced that the next collectives would be focused on areas of practice. Today, two new collectives are now available to join: CI/CD Collective and R Language Collective The ...
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