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The questions tag should be used when you ask a question on meta that is referencing question(s) on the main site. For example, if you have a question about why questions on Stack Overflow are of such low quality, you should include the questions tag.

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Bad review audit, how can it be removed from the "audit queue"? [duplicate]

This question Why is C++20 std::source_location the better alternative for the predefined C++11 macros __FILE__ and __LINE__? was selected as a review audit for the reopen queue. Although it's not a ...
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Search query not working [duplicate]

This may be a dumb question, but if I search something like: is:q [java] created:2021-07-04 I get plenty of results. But the same query does not work for today, that is: is:q [java] created:2021-07-...
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Pressing <Enter> after editing the title hangs the post editor

When changing the question title and then pressing enter immediately after, the submit button is greyed out and the editor either hangs or responds with long delay. This does not happen when pressing ...
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Are questions seeking answers in either of two or more languages on-topic?

Usually, when I see a question like Bash or Python script to check numbers, I cast a close vote choosing needs more focus as the reason. This time around, I thought the question was salvageable, and ...
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Can we edit a question to include additional information from discussion chat?

I was in a discussion with the original poster of this question and there was additional information added during the chat. After the chat ended, I edited the question but I didn't include the full ...
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Can I ask computer-networking questions? [closed]

I'm enrolled in a CCNA-networking course. I want to support and help from the community. Where can I get help and ask questions? Is Stack Overflow a good platform for me?
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The highest voted questions do not have research effort; this is a bad role model for new users [duplicate]

Many top-voted questions with hundreds of votes do not have any research effort: How to manually send HTTP POST requests from Firefox or Chrome browser? How do I undo the most recent local commits in ...
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How can I undelete my question that I deleted?

I deleted my question, but I really shouldn't have. Is it permanent? Can I undelete it somehow? I thought I had missed something really fundamental, making my question very silly and embarrassing. But,...
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Is it inappropriate to give advice about avoiding bot detection? [duplicate]

I have recently come across several posts that seek help to avoid bot detection when running scripts on some website. I am avoiding posting examples here so as not to draw attention/meta effect to ...
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Remove "please help" from the end of bodies [closed]

A few beginner questions are like this: title: can anyone help me body: i have a few problems with this code: <code here> please help. thank you, name here As pointed out by this Meta post, ...
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Long tag names cause user card to wrap to the next line and become incorrectly aligned

I have just noticed a bug in the questions page while scrolling the list of questions in the huawei-mobile-services tag: the user card is not correctly aligned to the right: It is aligned to left, ...
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New tag-based “Random Question” link like the “Random article” link on Wikipedia

Quite recently, I read that one good way to learn something new is to hit the “Random article” link in Wikipedia. I thought that for people who want to learn something new in IT, a great addition ...
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Stack Overflow for show'n'tell [duplicate]

Is it appropriate to post as a question something along the lines of, "I wrote this really cool thing. Can you work out what it does?" (and post the code). My reason to think yes is, it ...
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CodePlex URL migration/maintenance [duplicate]

Before Microsoft acquired GitHub, they hosted code on a website named CodePlex and it was a popular platform for .NET projects. As you can see when you visit the CodePlex page, Microsoft put the ...
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How to react when significant changes in some technology require new answers or comments to locked questions? [duplicate]

Recently the new release of Python 3.10 introduced a new syntax called match/case which is in fact a classical switch/case syntax (ref: This is ...
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Is it ok to edit instead of asking a new question? [duplicate]

While reviewing the Reopen Votes queue, I encountered a duplicate question. Something about it seemed off - the revision was quite extensive, and from looking at the duplicate and the revised question ...
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Should questions about obfuscated code be off-topic?

Per another Meta it came to our attention that there was a user posting potentially malicious code. There's no real rule about that, but, for unrelated reasons of moderation, the account that posted ...
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Making a long question shorter / easier to read

I've asked a question Debugging visualizer which targets DateTime doesn't transfer the value and added a bounty. I feel that by its nature, the question is already rather complex. As comments come in ...
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How to deal with obtrusive edits?

The question / answer In February of 2020, I created and answered this question. As of now (April 2021), it has received 13 upvotes for the answer and 5 for the question. This makes me conclude that ...
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How can I filter questions based on tags? [closed]

I know two types of logic filter. Like: [Tag1] [Tag2]: Tag1 && Tag2 [Tag1] or [Tag2] Tag1 || Tag2 Are there more patterns or advanced filter logical searches?
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Are changelog type questions acceptable?

Are changelog type questions acceptable on SO? By changelog, I mean questions like: 'what are the concrete API differences between version 1 of Foo and version 2?' or, the specific question regarding ...
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New user is posting the same code over and over again from three different accounts [duplicate]

A user keeps posting basically the same code, varying the question, but each time fails to trim down the code into a succinct snippet. The question is basically always "I want to build a web shop,...
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Stack Overflow needs an entrance exam

Every day, we see hundreds of questions asked that are of such low-quality one might wonder why Stack Overflow even allows to post it. We keep closing and downvoting them, but the problem doesn't end. ...
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Where do I ask how to learn to do X? [duplicate]

Frequently I find myself wondering how to learn to do something that doesn't seem to fall into any obvious category. To be clear, I am not asking for the best way to learn it, or for a book/off-site ...
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2 answers

Do we do anything to "network error" questions?

Everyday hundreds of questions caused by network issues emerge. Examples include: (Git or SSH) cannot connect to port 443: connection timed out All kinds of package managers: pip ...
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Why do my questions get so few views?

I posted my question on Stack Overflow three days ago, and I have also put a bounty on it, but it is still not receiving a decent amount of views. I can't understand why, and I also noticed that it ...
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How can I make sure the question I'm going to post is not going to be duplicate?

Background I recently posted a question on the main site, and later pointed out by another user that the question has been answered, not once, but a couple times already. Soon, I found a working ...
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What should be done with questions regarding unlocatable elements in Selenium?

A quick search in selenium brings up some questions like this: I am doing automation with selenium, I have tried this: [Some code of a Selenium automation, often with a complicated XPath query, and ...
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Is filler allowed to bypass "It looks like your post is mostly code; please add some more details."?

This is not a duplicate of How should I flag questions trying to get around the “This post is mostly code” filter? because my flag was declined, meaning that the answers there are irrelevant to my ...
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If the question is ok, should it be upvoted? [duplicate]

In the triage queue stack encourages to upvote questions which show research and a sincere effort. I see consensus on many many questions, but never any upvotes on either of them. What is the correct ...
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Give some to get some. Should seeking help be "taxed" with giving some in return (eventually)?

I am a big supporter of the concept of a self-moderating community. At the same time, I strongly believe everyone in a community should participate in it in a way that creates a net positive effect (...
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Stack Overflow questions page no longer loads new questions

I just noticed this a few hours ago: the questions is no longer loading new questions. My search query is [javascript] or [c++] and I have to refresh the page periodically to see new questions. There ...
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8 answers

Should I post a question asking to confirm knowledge?

Every now and then after I've done research on a topic/issue, I would like validation on my findings. How should I phrase a post like this to make sure it is a beneficial post for Stack Overflow? For ...
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What's wrong with my questions, and how can I improve them?

Coming from this meta question, as you can guess, I am actually question banned. I have read plenty of meta topics about being question banned and the only way out seems to be "Improve your ...
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2 answers

A question got deleted while I was updating my answer

My knowledge was that I cannot delete a question if it has an answer, because members of the community have invested their effort in answering it. Also, the question can still be of value to future ...
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What should happen to questions about simple programming errors? [duplicate]

For instance, this one: Same Iteration Yields Different Results In Different Codes The OP simply had their print statement in the wrong place. I don't think it will be valuable to anyone else -- its a ...
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Deleted question after it was answered

A user asked a question about his code and why it wasn't working. It was a simple and basic Python issue where he forgot to include his closing strings on some of his lines, causing parts of the ...
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4 answers

Why was my question closed for not being reproducible/caused by a typo?

First of all, I just want to make it clear that I'm not here to rant about my question being closed or demanding my post be reopened. I'm just curious. The post in question is this one. The question ...
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All of a sudden no new questions in search?

This is probably only me, but I am only seeing questions from 1.5 hours ago or later.\ Screenshot: It isn't only for the Python tag either; any tag I look at on "Newest" has this issue.
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2 answers

Old forgotten questions

What happens to old questions with answers that never get accepted, but don't get any more answers or activity? Do they just hang out on the site getting more and more forgotten? They're usually asked ...
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Why are these two totally unrelated questions linked?

Ruby net/http/get does not work with url's, but works with uri's. Why? has How do I set an Electron variable at compile time? as its only linked question, and vice versa, the latter has the ...
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6 answers

A way to reduce the number of questions with only images?

The problem: This is something that I particularly see a lot in the pandas tag. People will ask questions that look something like the following: I have the following dataframe <link to imgur ...
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2 answers

Does downvoting affect the reach of a question? [duplicate]

Does downvoting affect the reach of a question? I mean people will not open those question that have more negative votes. And what about question visibility?
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Would it be appropriate to ask SO about how computers sort arrays of chinese characters (UTF-8)

I ask because I didn't have an actual problem regarding chinese character enumeration. I just happened to have this thought come to my mind and I'm eager to know it. My question would be about sorting ...
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How do I deal with a question with a user who intends on breaking TOS of a specific API? [duplicate]

I have come across this question where a user is asking for help in self-botting in Discord in the [] tag which is an API wrapper for the Discord API. Self-botting is explicitly against the ...
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What should I do when an answer misses the point of my question (in my opinion), but the community seems to approve the answer? [duplicate]

A few times already I have posted questions on Stack Overflow and received answers that the community approves (i.e. the answer gets multiple upvotes), but in my opinion aren't good. For instance ...
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2 answers

Why was this question about coefficients in Big O notation upvoted instead of being closed?

I saw that this question had received many upvotes and was not closed: Why do we ignore co-efficients in Big O notation? I was confused by this, because it seems to me that the question is not about ...
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Some question revision histories are rendered with a very wide width [duplicate]

I have noticed over the last few months that the revision history for some questions is very wide. See an example here: In contrast most revision histories are displayed with a normal width. See an ...
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Warn users when using the Tables feature in question formatting tool

Lately I observe that more and more new users use the Tables feature in the question formatting tool. Ref.: 1, 2, 3, 4. Has it been specifically suggested anywhere recently? May be a coincidental ...
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'Ask a new question' Title example/placeholder

When I go to ask a new question I get the following generic title suggestion: e.g. Is there an R function for finding the index of an element in a vector? I have several related questions and ...
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