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The questions tag should be used when you ask a question on meta that is referencing question(s) on the main site. For example, if you have a question about why questions on Stack Overflow are of such low quality, you should include the questions tag.

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16 votes
6 answers

Should a fairly off topic question that would be beneficial for the community be asked?

I have had a question for quite some time now, but have been reluctant to ask as I understand it would be borderline off-topic, and hence I have yet to ask it. I drafted the question here, which was ...
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14 votes
1 answer

At what point should editing a question become creating a new question?

I asked a question that is a bit niche. It's about a particular piece of software, ported to an uncommon processor architecture. When I initially asked the question, I shared all the information I had....
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13 votes
1 answer

Why aren't blatantly off-topic questions closed consistently?

I flagged both and ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Questions on algorithm complexity, not related to any particular code

What should we do with theoretical questions on algorithm complexity not associated with any programming code? Can they be moved to Computer Science or any other better suited site? Here's just one ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Google one liner questions with no SO answer [duplicate]

I was wondering what is the common policy for questions such as: I want to move alternate rows to another sheet in excel It lacks research as googling the title or something close yields plenty of ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Can we close questions that put most code in an image? [duplicate]

Sometimes I just see questions that post code in an image like this. As we know, code in images is not very helpful to other visitors. Honestly, even the question is valid and we can help OP to ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Are questions on programming tools installation/configuration on-topic? [duplicate]

I have seen several instances of questions that don't seem to be directly about programming. To be precise, they are about installing and configuring development tools - e.g. NS2, Cygwin, Visual ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Does it violate Stack Overflow rules to answer a narrow and specific “give me teh codez” question?

Consider this subset of the “give me teh codez” case where: A question specifically and clearly explains what the questioner is trying to achieve, That questioner shows no effort in trying to achieve ...
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10 votes
1 answer

How to ask same question again on Stack Overflow?

If I am not satisfied with the answer for a question that was asked and answered on Stack Overflow? How can I raise the same question again, without breaking Stack Overflow laws? For example, I feel ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is there a way to find unanswered bounty questions with specific tags?

There are tabs for featured and unanswered questions. Is there a way to combine them?
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7 votes
2 answers

Providing a GitHub URL in questions

What are the guidelines/rules for providing a link to a GitHub project when posting a question? The reason I ask this is because there were instances where I attempted to replicate my problem in as ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Is there a way of grouping a bunch of related question you want to ask so that answerers can see what you are doing?

I’m working in Objective-C, SKSpriteKit and am trying to create a class which will work in both OS X and iOS for flexibility. I have come across various issues/questions which I want to post onto ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Impacts of deleting a Question

What effects does deleting a question have? For example, reputation earned for question, reputation earned by others on answers, flags marked on comments, if question is marked as favorite, ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Duplicate top banners show different sentences

I noticed that, when dealing with questions closed as a duplicate, the banner can show different sentences. For exemple, let's consider those three questions closed a duplicate. One can have this ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Where is the right place to ask for code improvements?

I have a problem related to strings in Java, and I have a solution to it. Now I want to know how to improve on it (suggestions for a better data structure to use for this problem, etc.). Is it ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is it appropriate to provide example code for someone else's question?

I went to post a question last night, but quickly realised it was a duplicate of another question. I offered a bounty on the question to draw attention to it, and someone quickly asked that I provide ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Asking questions about advantages & disadvantages on SO?

This question related to: How to ask. Is it good choice by asking questions that compare between two topics(advantages and disadvantages on each side), I'm feeling confused of asking a question like ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What are my options if my question receives no answers? [duplicate]

Several days ago I posted a question. I got no answers at all, so people probably just didn't look at the post. My question remains however, and I'm still looking for help. Since it's been a few days ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What's our policy on people who, instead of answering, question a user's reasoning for asking?

I see this all the time, where a user will ask a question, but many of the comments and answers are actively trying to question the user's methodology. It's a bit hard to explain, so I'll try again: ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What subjects would be good for a self-answered question? [closed]

I'm good at researching, and I'm also good at debugging, so I rarely find the need to ask for help here. But I still want to contribute questions, which is an enormous part of SO. I have gotten the ...
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-2 votes
1 answer

How can I improve the visibility of my question? [duplicate]

When I post a question on Stack Overflow, I don't get a lot of views quickly, which reduces the number of possible answers. What should I do to increase the views on my question?
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-4 votes
1 answer

Should I invite other users to answer my question in comments?

After asking my this question, I receive an answer (call it A). But answer A and an answer (call it B) in a similar question contradict each other. So, I invite the poster of answer B to have a look ...
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-5 votes
1 answer

How to mark a question as favorite? [duplicate]

Is there a way to mark a question as favorite? It would be really great to have a "Your Favorites" dropdown on the nav bar or something like that. I know I could use bookmarks but there are just too ...
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-6 votes
2 answers

What should I do about ChatGPT content in questions (not answers)? [duplicate]

I came across a question today that pasted a ChatGPT answer into the question. How can I handle such a case?
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-8 votes
2 answers

Can you explain why my question was downvoted? [duplicate]

I do not really understand why was my question downvoted. Can someone explain it to me, please? (Question)
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-11 votes
1 answer

Asking for help from specific users [duplicate]

I have a situation: I found the answer to my question (the similar question was asked before and someone gave answer to it), but I have additional questions regarding the given answer. I cannot post ...
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-25 votes
3 answers

Most questions have already been asked, can't think of anything new to ask [duplicate]

This is kind of related to the Fastest Gun in the West problem, except it's for questions instead of answers. Many of the most common programming questions have already been asked and answered: Why ...
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-38 votes
2 answers

Consideration for removing the downvote button from questions [duplicate]

I have noticed that a lot of legitimate questions get downvoted cause they don't use proper nomenclature or are unclear. That's a frustrating user experience for people who are trying to learn, but ...
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178 votes
6 answers

When did SO turn from "A site for professional and enthusiast programmers" to a "Help me with my school works" site?

I have been active on this site for many years, yet I have never seen the level of programming questions so rudimentary as it has been in the last 12 months. Yeah sure, there has always been beginners ...
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  • 80.8k
133 votes
4 answers

Why do I get a down vote on every VHDL question I ask?

I'm an experienced VHDL designer, but sometimes I have questions, too. Many of my questions in the topic of VHDL receive a -1 downvote right after posting them on SO. There was never a comment ...
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132 votes
7 answers

Congrats on 1m [javascript] questions!

I thought it'd be nice to write up a celebratory post, in honor of javascript passing 1,000,000 questions! My thanks go out the the massive community active in the tag, asking, answering and ...
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  • 72k
115 votes
4 answers

10,000,000+ questions preemptive bug attack

Having 8 digits or more questions asked breaks the layout and looks bad. When Stack Overflow hits its 10th million question, it'll be an extraordinary event, likely celebrated with shenanigans, riots,...
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  • 8,724
115 votes
6 answers

SO is being used as a real-time cheating platform

What can SO do to discourage users from abusing the community? See This is obviously not a screenshot of my answer but never have I felt more disgusted ...
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105 votes
2 answers

What's with the Stack Overflow UNIKONG game?

What's the deal with this new UNIKONG game on Stack Overflow? Is it some sort of ad? Is it just for fun?'s user avatar
  • 19.9k
97 votes
5 answers

10 million questions or 10 million GOOD questions?

Stack Overflow's hit 10 million questions. Yay. I'm curious, though; what does the question count actually include? Does it include closed and downvoted questions? Because in my favourite tags over ...
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61 votes
4 answers

Will Stack Overflow celebrate the 10M question milestone?

It seems like it would be a big(-ish) deal. 10,000,000 questions on Stack Overflow. Or is it only me?
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  • 4,945
61 votes
2 answers

How can I improve my first ever Stack Overflow question?

My first question on Stack Overflow was pretty damn poor, but my second question (which is essentially the same question but with a bit of brain applied to asking it) was pretty good, so far as ...
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53 votes
2 answers

"Is my answer right?" questions

I have come across this question in a review. In a departure from usual homework questions, this one is a homework assignment along with proposed solutions, and asks whether they are correct. Is this ...
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  • 1,837
52 votes
3 answers

What should I do if I accidentally post a question before I'm done writing?

I just posted a question. The substance of it isn't really important; what is is that I accidentally posted it when it was absolutely terrible. Thankfully, everything turned out fine, because I put a (...
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  • 6,211
45 votes
3 answers

What is the Meta consensus on comments that self-promote answers to old questions?

When answering an old question, when is it appropriate to add a comment under the question promoting your answer? In my experience answering old questions in the pandas tag, I have come across other ...
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  • 394k
44 votes
5 answers

Why don't we just delete crappy questions?

Something that has bothered me ever since I joined the Stack Overflow community is the large number of awful questions. I know that if a question is low quality, it will get closed, but the ...
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  • 6,411
42 votes
2 answers

What to do with a highly voted, rotten, link only *question*?

Looking at Haskell's top questions I noticed this particular question: Small Haskell program compiled with GHC into huge binary. This question is very peculiar: question and answer have many upvotes ...
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  • 101k
42 votes
9 answers

Does a well explained question nullify a "no research effort" downvote?

First let's start with my understanding of what "this question does not show any research effort" means, because if my understanding is wrong then this question is probably invalid: As I understand ...
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  • 48.3k
41 votes
3 answers

Are questions that boil down to errors in off-site resources on-topic?

This question asks for an explanation of a snippet of code in an off-site resource. If you take the off-site resource out of the question, the question is essentially: Q: What does this syntax ...
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  • 25k
40 votes
5 answers

What to do with questions where the author inserted gibberish to bypass the minimum length check?

I came across this question while going through the triage review queue. The question body was quite large, however almost all of it was code. The question itself was a couple of sentences long. What ...
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  • 9,858
38 votes
5 answers

Is Stack Overflow losing its shine? [duplicate]

Due to insane number of bad questions are being asked every day it's getting increasingly difficult to find good questions that deserve some answers. As a result, good questions are getting buried ...
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35 votes
1 answer

Sort featured questions by highest bounty

Can we have an option to sort featured question using their bounty? For example, sort highest to lowest bounty value?
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33 votes
2 answers

When is it ok to extend a question with another question, after initial answers have been posted?

I encountered this question recently, which had a bounty placed. After the bounty was placed, an answer was generated. In response to the bounty, the poster then mentioned in comments that they were ...
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33 votes
2 answers

Review: Good Question, Bad English

I've been participating in the reviews for a few days. Yesterday I had a question in the "First Posts" queue, where I just didn't know what to do. From a technical standpoint, it was an interesting ...
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30 votes
1 answer

Found a post that completely broke SO formatting

Consider the following question; more specifically, its first revision. The post in question dates from March 2012. The OP formatted his code by explicitly writing <code> markup. Somehow, the ...
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