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The questions tag should be used when you ask a question on meta that is referencing question(s) on the main site. For example, if you have a question about why questions on Stack Overflow are of such low quality, you should include the questions tag.

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7 votes
1 answer

How can I search question with two tags?

Searching with [c#][.net] results that question with both tags. So, it is and condition when searching that way. But I wanna know how to search with or condition so that the resulting questions have ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Why does Stack Overflow partition out programming questions to many different sites? [duplicate]

I often come across excellent philosophical questions that the experts on Stack Overflow would be well-positioned to answer. However, the SO format guidelines require specific questions related to a ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to re-ask an old question which is not answered yet?

I ask lots of questions, they stay unanswered yet and the number of their views is too low. For example these: How to set focus on next input in Jquery autocomplete item select How to update tree ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How do you ask a question in comments when you don't have enough reputation to do so? [duplicate]

Here has been my recent experience: I was attempting to improve the community of stack exchange as its the first resource I usually hit when searching for a programming problem. Usually the questions ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Let's give the Original Poster a chance to post an appropriate question

This post is about how SO can help the OP post a good on-topic question, avoiding duplicate, off topic, too broad, and unclear posts that end up in review queues, launch reputation hunts, and finally ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How to deal with different answers that would be a very great answer combined? [duplicate]

Referring to this question: Can a range-based for loop take a type argument? This question has three answers that are all correct and good, and would make for a perfect answer if they were combined, ...
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-25 votes
5 answers

Closing questions just makes people feel really bad - can we make it harder in general?

Just trying to start a conversation about this blog post .. which really resonated for me. I'm not heavily involved with Stack Overflow but I use it ...
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162 votes
1 answer

What was the first question asked that still exists on Stack Overflow?

What was the first question asked that still exists on Stack Overflow? I am just curious.
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152 votes
5 answers

How to ask a good question when I'm not sure what I'm looking for?

I am a student in computer science. I am technically a junior, but as far as my major is concerned I am on a sophomore level. Because of this and the fact that I didn't do any programming before ...
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128 votes
8 answers

Can I avoid being a "leech" when I am a beginner in a topic and only ask questions?

I am not even sure if this this is something I should concern myself with, but as a newbie in my category, I see myself only asking questions for a long time to come. Even on things I might possibly ...
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76 votes
12 answers

Removing phrases like "I looked everywhere on the internet and I did not find anything"

I have been habitually removing statements like the one in this question's title when I edit to improve a question much the same as I remove 'Thanks', 'Kind sir' and other general salutations. I do ...
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72 votes
8 answers

Is using Stack Overflow for gimme codez questions encouraged?

There seems to be now be an implicit license for "gimme codez" questions like and associated reputation gains for cheap answers to such questions. Is this ...
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53 votes
2 answers

Should I delete my question if it got negative votes?

I recognize the flaws in my question, but still (to my knowledge) there wasn't anything similar enough on Stack Overflow to it, and I think it could still help others. However it got negative votes (...
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48 votes
3 answers

Is it OK to answer vague, unclear questions?

I answered this question recently. The question was pretty vague, not clearly stated, and (in my opinion) didn't show much research effort. However, I knew how to fix what I thought their problem was, ...
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43 votes
2 answers

Do any companies have agreements with Stack Overflow to use the site as a support channel? What's the best course of action if not?

I recently read Why we're not customer support for [your favorite company] and it kind of shocked me because I've seen companies list Stack Overflow as a seemingly legitimate support channel for ...
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39 votes
1 answer

Titles matter in Questions: Edit those First

We've been having an interesting debate over whether some of the flagged answers to this really popular question should be deleted since they don't answer the premise of the question. Taking a step ...
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38 votes
1 answer

Do questions posted on the weekend get less attention?

Is there any statistical evidence that questions which are posted on the weekend get less attention than those posted during the work week?
37 votes
1 answer

How do Zero-Score Questions Impact a Question Ban?

I was recently question banned on SO and have been doing everything I can to reverse the ban. I have no negative-score questions (although this question was at -2 before it was revised: Scrolling ...
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36 votes
3 answers

Should I edit on-hold questions?

Should I ever edit a question if it is on-hold? The OP is supposed to edit the question anyway when it is on hold, so an edit by another user is bound to be overthrown by the OP's new edit. And if ...
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34 votes
4 answers

Why is this heavily downvoted question not yet removed from Meta Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have a heavily down-voted question (Does Stack Overflow support code bidding?). I raised a moderation attention flag, and it was marked as helpful. However, my question is not yet removed from Meta ...
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34 votes
2 answers

Deleting java tag from questions tagged android+java

While reviewing Suggested Edits I noticed this user deleting the java tag from many questions tagged android and java, with the edit message including "android != java". For example, this question. ...
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33 votes
4 answers

How can Stack Overflow help developers evaluate technologies?

The biggest problem I am facing now as a developer is finding the right tool for the job. The problem isn't finding them, but knowing whether they are worth taking the time to evaluate. Especially, ...
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27 votes
8 answers

Is it possible to ask general 'how to' questions?

Is it possible to ask general 'how to' questions? I think 'how to questions' are helpful for everyone. Yet I think they tend to get bad feedback in 2021. In particular, is the moderating bot stepping ...
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26 votes
2 answers

Reasking a question

I asked a question and its been 3 days with no answers or even comments/questions yet. I feel that it won't be answered going forward even though its an "easy" question (it doesn't require debugging ...
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25 votes
1 answer

What should I do when I decide to give up on a question I asked?

Sometimes I ask a question, but at some point I am no longer interested in testing answers to see if they work. There's a variety of more or less valid reasons for this. It could be because the ...
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21 votes
1 answer

Search questions tagged to only single Tag

I want to search questions tagged to only one tag. Like as example if I search questions from tags specifying one tag as "java", the result displays the questions tagged with "java" and other tags. ...
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20 votes
3 answers

Why do so many posts contain poor grammar or poorly worded titles?

Often times when I visit the homepage of Stack Overflow, the majority of questions state the problem, have horrible grammar, or are in the format of how to xyz. If the point of the site is to ask ...
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19 votes
2 answers

Require new users to post all of the needed parts of a question separately

Background: Today, I decided to try and re-join SO to answer questions... And immediately, on the very first question I found, I was forced to revert to my old pattern: posting a frequently required ...
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18 votes
2 answers

Can you ask a question because you're curious?

Is it ok to ask a question (and a good one! A question that requires knowledge just to understand) just because you're curious? I mean, the question is not related to my job, it is interesting in ...
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18 votes
4 answers

Is it subjective to ask about why something wasn't implemented in the language? [duplicate]

I asked a question on StackOverflow which I admit is quite subjective. I'm asking why a particular property was never implemented in Delphi's VCL. I was just wondering how proper of a question this is ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Questions on Visual Studio Code [duplicate]

There are currently over 2,000 questions on Visual Studio Code, a code editing application made by Microsoft. The tag description is: Visual Studio Code is a source code and text editor for Linux, OS ...
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12 votes
3 answers

NullPointerException Question on Stack Overflow

I saw a moderator closed one question in which OP had issue related to NullPointerException How can I make this custom adapter work I don't know whether it is right to do so or not. We all know ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Are we permitted to discuss software under NDA if the NDA is partly lifted?

In the past, Stack Overflow has closed questions about new software that is currently under NDA. However, Apple has partly lifted the NDA on iOS 8, allowing developers to discuss the APIs in public. ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Is it okay to ask a new question about an answer?

Through searching I found a question that answers the thing I am looking for, so I have no need to ask the question. But in the answer there is an example, a bit more than asked for. That extra bit is ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Not allowed to post because ' Body cannot contain "text" ' [duplicate]

I'm trying to post a question about HTML and it keeps saying my first sentence isn't allowed. I've tried a number of different combinations of things, but with no success. I have tried again after ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to deal with post containing only code

How should I deal with stuff that contains only code (both question, "here code, fix it" and answer that has just a bunch of lines and not comment at all)? Is: for answer: flagging it as "This is ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is this kind of parental advise in the community OK? [duplicate]

Should we flag such a question like the following? Compiler does not identify class on the same package Because the OP posted something like (edited by me): System.out.println("random ass shit"); ...
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-12 votes
1 answer

Serial downvotes for single tag

After posting a question tagged under google-maps-api-3, I was looking at other questions with the same tag and noticed that a majority of new questions get downvotes within a few hours of them being ...
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-41 votes
2 answers

Can we hold competitons?

On Russian SO, we have special tag "Competition" for users to try out their skills to create some special program. For example, make less code, improve it, or solve a special problem. I tried to find ...
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451 votes
12 answers

Stack Overflow fails to promote well-researched, well-written, but difficult questions

TLDR; The question promotion algorithm favours questions that are hastily asked first and then actively followed up, but neglects questions that are meticulously written and as a result received ...
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  • 3,246
167 votes
3 answers

Make the "must be accompanied by code" warning more direct

Right now, if you try to post a jsFiddle link without posting code, the site says this: Links to must be accompanied by code. Please indent all code by 4 spaces using the code toolbar ...
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138 votes
3 answers

Psst. We're talking about you over here

I would like to be notified when a Meta question is asked about a Stack Overflow question I've asked, answered, or commented on. I'll refrain from suggesting solutions here in order to avoid ...
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83 votes
4 answers

Are questions really getting worse?

I have noted that recently fewer and fewer questions are getting positive score and I think this is a tendency that has been going on for a while. In fact I wrote a DB query to check how the percent ...
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81 votes
1 answer

Recent flood of very low quality questions and non-questions with the Python tag today - what is going on?

I am wondering if Stack Overflow has been compromised by spammers. Within a few minutes, I have flagged a lot of questions which are either non-questions or low-quality and they all have the python ...
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  • 2,251
77 votes
17 answers

Is it possible for some "Too Broad" questions to be exceptions to the rule?

I randomly came across this question. It's obviously too broad: there are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format (see the first answer, which has more ...
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61 votes
1 answer

Housekeeping my own self-answered questions

Over the past few weeks I've posted three questions that I've ended up answering myself. Having read the advice in this question about "What do I do with my unanswered questions once I solve it by ...
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59 votes
3 answers

Is it okay to close questions that simply provide too much code?

Quite often, I see a question that is asking for an answer to a specific, answerable problem. They provide enough information for an answer to be possible... but that's just the problem. These people ...
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43 votes
6 answers

What makes a "good" performance question on SO?

I've just achieved the ability to review close/reopen votes, and am trying to take this responsibility seriously. I was presented with the following question, and recommended that it be closed as too ...
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40 votes
2 answers

Is it OK if I flag a question for removal because the OP is being rude to everyone trying to answer his question?

Today I came across this question. Whenever we are asking for clarification or telling the OP (politely) that his understanding is wrong, the OP is making a mockery of our politeness. He is passing ...
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39 votes
8 answers

Questions about really rare languages

I have recently noticed this question, which seems to be about a programming language called MJS (and, more recently, MJSLQ). It seems from the comments that a lot of people do not know what this ...
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