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The questions tag should be used when you ask a question on meta that is referencing question(s) on the main site. For example, if you have a question about why questions on Stack Overflow are of such low quality, you should include the questions tag.

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-23 votes
2 answers

"Debating" question mark/badge

How about marking hot questions like The art of programming: Java vs C# as "debating" questions? A debating question - a question which has several alternative applicable answers each of which having ...
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-24 votes
3 answers

Refuse questions containing the words "don't work" or "doesn't work"?

It occurs to me, after years of prompting individual questioners to explain what "doesn't work" is supposed to mean when they complain that something is wrong, that our question submission ...
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-27 votes
1 answer

Upvote a question more than once in exchange for reputation

Just like we can give our reputation to a deserving answer, with bounties, I'd like the ability to upvote a good deserving question in return for being deducted some reputation points of course. Case ...
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-29 votes
1 answer

What is gained from closing out questions if they aren't asked perfectly?

I just spent significant time writing a detailed response to a perfectly valid newbie question. The question wasn't asked perfectly, but it was absolutely clear what the newbie was asking and what is ...
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-31 votes
2 answers

Add an optional field to link to source code repository when asking a question [duplicate]

I've run into situations where the original question did not include all the source code required to debug the program. Sometimes I've done this unwittingly, and to avoid this I find myself adding a ...
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-34 votes
1 answer

Downvoting questions because they are based on learning resources frowned upon by the community [closed]

1) There is consensus AGAINST recommending or disrecommending any learning resources on SO: Should there be The Definitive Web Development Book Guide and List? 2) People use learning resources that ...
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-37 votes
1 answer

Make the first N downvotes on a question only count as 1/N

The first downvote on a question is much easier to get than any subsequent downvotes. Having a -1 score, though, can prevent the submitter from receiving an answer. I propose to give that -1 score ...
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  • 48.1k
-43 votes
2 answers

Why make learning programming difficult for someone who wants to learn? [duplicate]

Several months ago I got banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow in order to improve my programming in Python. I was only asking like 2 questions a week, and I was putting a lot of effort into ...
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-45 votes
2 answers

Show how many online users could answer the question

If I write a question with tags android, json, etc., I would like to know how many users subscribed to those tags are currently online. This may also be a kind of probability that my question will be ...
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-50 votes
2 answers

Prevent Users from editing for upto an hour as an option when posting a question

I recently read this post here Users stating that they do not want their posts to be edited Which describes a user who didn't want his post editing and would rather have people clarify in the comments....
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