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The questions tag should be used when you ask a question on meta that is referencing question(s) on the main site. For example, if you have a question about why questions on Stack Overflow are of such low quality, you should include the questions tag.

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Question tagged [x] don't return [x] tagged questions

Seems like a second iteration of this issue... I navigate to and alas, the questions don't even have a javascript tag: I opened the link in ...
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How can I handle off-site contact links in the question?

How do I handle a question that refers to social media options when contacting the person about this question, namely Discord and Telegram? Is this behavior allowed on this site? Do we have any ...
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Is writing a guide instead of a question allowed?

I came across this post: Guide: How to store objects in a Hive database in Flutter This post doesn't pose a question but rather instead, provides a guide on how to accomplish a specific task. From ...
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How do I get the entire body text of my questions, answers, and comments from API requests?

I tried USER ID/timeline?sort=creation&page=1&pagesize=100&site=stackoverflow, then USER ID/timeline?...
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Is it ok to list related questions at the end of my question?

Is it ok to place links to related questions at the end of my question using "related to" notices? Or it is bad practice on SO? I have some questions about one big problem, and I separate ...
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Is this question within the website's standards?

I asked for advice to improve this question and I would like to know if it is good before any downvotes. If it is bad please recommend on what I should change. Link to question: Question
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What's the problem with this question?

I asked a simple and straightforward question. It has four downvotes, but no comments to say why. What's wrong with it?
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Deep learning questions almost never have minimal reproducible examples

I've noticed a recurring issue that I believe we can improve upon. Admittedly, I'm not entirely sure what the solutions should be, but I think that these problems should be outlined. Within SO's ML ...
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Question is tagged C, C++, and C#, no answer explains all three languages

This question is tagged C, C++, and C#: "What's the best way to do a backwards loop in C/C#/C++?" I think the asker assumed the same syntax would work for all languages. However, no-one has ...
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What is the proper way to improve an answer?

Recently, I asked a question but didn't receive much attention. In the meantime, I researched and obtained a "custom" working solution for my use case. After a few days, another person added ...
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If I ask for CSS help for an Electron app, does it help to provide HTML for help? Wouldn't it be much better to just open the app and inspect it?

I submitted a CSS help post last night, but it got closed. I mentioned it was for an Electron app and provided the name for it. The app has Chrome developer tools available for inspecting elements. I ...
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Discrepancy between question header and close banner on months ago calculation

Today I was doing some moderation on is there a difference between software architecture and web development architecture? and saw that the question header shows the question was asked 5 months ago, ...
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What do we do when answering an old question that turns out to be a duplicate of an older question?

An old question was brought to my attention that I was able to solve, and I wrote an answer. So far normal, but it turned out to be a duplicate of an even older question. I asked for moderator ...
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At what point does "Search and Research" become too much to ask? [duplicate]

The guidelines specify that we should "Search and Research" before asking a question. I recently asked a question which someone downvoted and voted to close. Their reason to close was "...
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Are migrated questions affecting my history?

Recently, I got unable to ask new questions in StackOverflow. I understand that I should not appeal this is meta, but what I want to know is that why my migrated questions affect my questions' history....
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What flag, if any, would have been more appropriate for this low-quality question?

This now-deleted question consisted entirely of this text: Stackoverflow is Thinking add the IA to the webpage for users assist ? Nothing, I know they are going to fight to close this question. I ...
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Questions asking for efficient answers, considered harmful (or, how to prevent benchmark "answers")

Prompted by this question: How should we handle answers that don't answer the question, but evaluate the performance of other answers? The issue with the above Meta question is that it used as its ...
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Default list for question saving

When it comes to question saving on Stack Overflow, they are always "saved for later". Through the user profile's Saves tab, it is possible to create lists to organize these bookmarks. ...
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Why is SO discouraging questions and answers writing? [closed]

I have been continuously feeling that SO nowadays discourages Q&A writing on SO. I come across a problem, and I do: - Search (Google, Bing, etc.) - Find similar a question and answers that links ...
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When answering, should we upvote the question and the other (correct) answers? [duplicate]

When answering a question on Stack Overflow and the other Stack Exchange sites, I usually upvote both the question, as well as any other answers on the question that correct and working. My reasoning ...
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What would you improve on my first Stack Overflow question? [closed]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Resteasy - Multiple resource methods match request "POST /.../..."
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Are library installation problems on topic for Stack Overflow?

I would appreciate help understanding why this question about TensorFlow module installation on Mac Silicon is marked as "not about programming or software development". Is it because the ...
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3 answers

Refuse questions containing the words "don't work" or "doesn't work"?

It occurs to me, after years of prompting individual questioners to explain what "doesn't work" is supposed to mean when they complain that something is wrong, that our question submission ...
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Is there something to do with active tags which are mainly collecting non-programming questions?

Just came across yocto (, then after a few clicks bitbake, and the more generic openembedded and embedded-linux. Even when these topics are going heavy-weight, they seem ...
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How should we respond to unclear questions? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How can I take a string in an integer input field? The post asks about data type conversion. However, when I added an answer, I got a negative mark for ...
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Are "Can someone help me understand what this code is doing?" questions ever on-topic? [duplicate]

I often see questions when somebody notices an as-yet-unknown feature or syntax in somebody else's code and posts a question about it. Sometimes the author of such code really diminished its ...
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Addressing questions caused by a common tutorial, but dealing with different aspects

In the last year or so, I've been seeing lots of questions that are related to many different aspects, but have a common factor: a certain YouTube tutorial[see below note]. Problem is, that tutorial ...
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Help fixing some of my questions in order to (hopefully) lift the question ban

I have asked 10 questions in total on Stack Overflow. Of those, 7 are negatively-scored, 2 have scores of 0, and 1 has a positive score. I am now hitting a question ban, and I see that what I should ...
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Differences between asking questions on SO in general and in a specific Collective

Is there a difference from the point of view of visibility and on-topic rules between asking questions through "main" SO screen and using Collective-themed tag(s) and asking the same ...
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Show OP engagement history statistics on questions [duplicate]

Motivation It is a frequent occurrence on SO that OPs do not engage with the responses they get. They do not vote, do not accept and do not comment on any of the sometimes multiple answers they ...
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What to do with edits to questions "To verify @<username>'s answer that this is not possible. I had the following Q&A with Chat GPT"

I have answered a question as "It's not possible" having a two of tags that I'm gold tag badge holder and provided the link to the official doc about the related feature. The OP replied to ...
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2 answers

How do you process questions that are particularly salient with good answers that are closed? [duplicate]

I'm curious as to how folks handle questions with good answers that get closed. Recently, I was looking for where to find the downloadable Javadoc for a specific instance of Java, the other day (many ...
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What should I do with a question that has a workaround, but no direct answer?

I have an open question that is unsolved, but I have come up with an alternate approach that avoids the original problem. I posted my workaround as an edit to my question, because I think it might be ...
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Quality filter preventing including links to jsfiddle tricked by using backticks

I recently came across a question that had backticks enclosing the entire content, as you can see in this screenshot: The jsfiddle URL at the end is not a proper link, nor is it rendered as inline ...
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What should we do with questions from users that didn't even try to learn the language? [duplicate]

Today I saw this question about Rust (now deleted, screenshot attached for <10k). The problem in the question is that the variable is declared incorrectly (like C/C++ Type name; instead of Rust's ...
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3 answers

Why this user can find Stack Overflow can be VERY frustrating

I'll probably get criticized for this too, but way too often instead of getting help on Stack Overflow, I get edited unnecessarily such as changing some bullet points to remove the bullets or changing ...
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When asking, Is it preferable to use "I" even when there is a "we" and the "we" is not a useful or necessary detail?

I sometimes see question posts where the asker refers to a "we" instead of "I", where the "we" is their company or some other unknown group of people they are speaking on ...
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1 answer

Is it allowed to ask questions where others can each share their opinion? [duplicate]

I want to ask a question in Stack Overflow about what I should do, and everyone can share every opinion. But, I guess everyone will mark this question as "Opinion-based", right? So can I ask ...
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2 answers

Is my question fit for Stack Overflow?

Update: I recently edited the question and fixed a lot of problems with it. Now the following is pretty irrelevant Update 2: My post is deleted again... I recently posted a question and it got some ...
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How can I improve my question about an import issue in TypeScript?

I'm facing an issue when importing third-party packages that have external type packages like @types/packageName. Example: UUID, aws-lambda I wrote my question with details including app structure and ...
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Is there a better place on Stack Exchange for this question about a Perl+Tk RAM-related crash?

I donated now 250 points of mine to their question and with these "popping" bounties it will be the last. However, this user asks a good question and gets no answer. Is there a better place ...
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I found some newly posted questions with duplicate titles. Is this a bug?

I just saw at least two new posts with a title that matches two existing canonical duplicates: What is a NullPointerException, and how do I fix it? (duplicating What is a NullPointerException, and ...
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2 answers

What should I do about ChatGPT content in questions (not answers)? [duplicate]

I came across a question today that pasted a ChatGPT answer into the question. How can I handle such a case?
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Is it allowed to post syntax error problems?

It seems like some users use Stack Overflow as a debugging tool. Example post: - the OP asked the question with an error and a few minutes after that added ...
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A lot of poorly formatted C code lately [duplicate]

Lately I have seen a lot of strangely formatted code: Instead of this: // some // code we see this: ` // some // code ` because the asker puts two extra back ticks around his code block. Has ...
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Why is this another question heavily downvoted?

So if you may know from my last question, I am currently reviewing my existing questions for improvements, to help lift my question ban. I came across yet another question of mine, which has quite a ...
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I want to seed Stack Overflow with questions about my product/project. What do I need to know?

I run a project or business that involves coding and I'd like for people to be able to find information about this on Stack Overflow. What do I need to know about doing this? Is this allowed? Return ...
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Is there anything to do about an unfair downvote on a clear question? [duplicate]

This is a question about something not clear in of the official Microsoft documentation about C#. The first comment on that question clearly mention that something is actually missing from the ...
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Get rid of enterprise architecture

Looking at corporate it lead me to find questions about enterprise architecture a business function concerned with the structures and behaviors of a business, especially business roles and ...
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Can an answerer assume the scope of a question up to the latest standard of the language [or a library], if no version is specified?

For example, Stack Overflow started c++ with the rudimentary ISO standard c++98. Then it evolved through c++0x/c++03, c++1x/c++11, c++14, c++17, c++20 and nowadays upcoming c++23. Suppose a user asks ...
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