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The questions tag should be used when you ask a question on meta that is referencing question(s) on the main site. For example, if you have a question about why questions on Stack Overflow are of such low quality, you should include the questions tag.

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More vote-to-close autocomments

If I vote to close a question as a duplicate, an auto comment is placed on the question along the lines of Possible duplicate of {question link} This is a great feature! It immediately gives the ...
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Bookmarks for the close -> duplicate interface

Most of the times, when I close a question as duplicate, I open a new tab to make a quick google search to get the question ID, to then close the question. I almost never find the duplicate, which I ...
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Questions and Articles are occasionally duplicated into two identical posts created in the same instant

I've noticed a number of incidences where a user posts the same question twice. However, these posts are created within the same second so this isn't a situation where a user keeps posting the same ...
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Audit questions also teach, so why aren't they manually cultivated?

I understand there is a legitimate purpose to making sure a user is paying attention when going through the review queues. However, in my opinion, a pre-requisite to doing this is to have some level ...
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See entire preview while editing a question

Most editing doesn't take a tremendous amount of time especially when it's in a tag you are familiar with. New users typically don't use backticks properly or will leave logcat and other error ...
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The Stack Overflow mobile app should allow re-opening a question

The option for voting to close a question is available, but should we want to vote to reopen, the feature is not there: Now this feature is missing in the Stack Exchange app also. Moving forward ...
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What is being done to improve new question quality?

TL;DR What exactly has been tried in the past to address new question quality, what is currently being done, and how are the current tactics being assessed? Intro This post is to highlight my ...
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I found some newly posted questions with duplicate titles. Is this a bug?

I just saw at least two new posts with a title that matches two existing canonical duplicates: What is a NullPointerException, and how do I fix it? (duplicating What is a NullPointerException, and ...
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Good question etiquette for generalising questions regarding a protocol, not a framework or language

TLDR A protocol can be used by many languages and frameworks - their usage is fundamentally generalised to some extent. If the key part of the question is not regarding the development of the protocol ...
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Is there an issue with the Stack Overflow question list today?

I found a strange issue on Stack Overflow. In the last 1 hour, four questions are repeated within a few minutes of time. Question links are First question (3 mins difference) asked by amir ...
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I see dead questions

So, this is probably something with the caching but tag pages recently started showing me deleted questions. For example: Which in particular links to this question:
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When asking a question, make it clearer how to format code properly

We've all seen new questions with code that looks something like this: func someFunction() { // code here more here etc. } Obviously they posted: func someFunction() { // code here more ...
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What is the recommended way of dealing with old (then on-topic) question with a bounty?

I posted a question about MD5 hash collision back in 2014. As far as I know questions about algorithms are on-topic on Stack Overflow, and the cryptography tag did not have the warning "...
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Influx of users including the content of their post twice in their question

As the title says, I've noticed an influx of users recently where they've posted a question where the content of the post is duplicated. If this was a one-off I'd think it were a user error, but these ...
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Please fix incorrectly closed duplicates of "Reverse each individual word of Hello World string with Java"

The question Reverse each individual word of "Hello World" string with Java has been incorrectly used as a canonical for questions that ask about how to reverse an entire string. For ...
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What should be done with questions regarding unlocatable elements in Selenium?

A quick search in selenium brings up some questions like this: I am doing automation with selenium, I have tried this: [Some code of a Selenium automation, often with a complicated XPath query, and ...
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Block links to CodeSandbox without providing the code

Links to code-sharing services are blocked when the person asks the question and doesn't put the code into the question. It seems this is not the case with CodeSandbox: See this question: higher-order-...
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Please help clean up some "Litter" - [vsftpd] tag

In a comment to the question "User permission error with vsftp", the OP remarks that "stackoverflow seems to be littered with vsftpd questions.". I have used up my close votes for the day helping the ...
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Should we automatically detect pastebin (and other related) sites?

New users can only post a limited amount of links. However, they might reserve this link for paste sites such as pastebin, bpaste and so on. In my opinion, these kinds of websites are useless as the ...
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The original poster name is not shown in the front page list for edited questions

When a question is edited, the name of the original poster is not shown on the front-pages. Instead the name of the user editing the question is shown. This is kind of confusing, and it happens when ...
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Multiple questions with three close votes are still open or three delete votes aren't deleted

I opened a question that already had 3 close votes but was nevertheless active. I refreshed my browser couple of times but it had no effect. I was even allowed to submit another close request. And ...
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Discrepancy between question header and close banner on months ago calculation

Today I was doing some moderation on is there a difference between software architecture and web development architecture? and saw that the question header shows the question was asked 5 months ago, ...
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Is a question about variable scope on a low-code platform appropriate for Stack Overflow?

Background I am working on a new business process management platform called Oracle Process Cloud service (often referred to as PCS). The platform is built on top of Oracle's Unified BPM Suite and ...
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Help and Improvement queue skipped questions appearing again

As everyone can see - Help and Improvement queue often contains questions which really can't be improved by someone other than the author. Well, we have "Skip" button, and it pretty much does its job ...
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How do we find pure ruby programming language questions?

I am looking for pure ruby programming language questions. I started with the tag ruby, but found many rails specific questions on rails that are incorrectly tagged ruby (usually alongside one or ...
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When viewing questions sorted by Active, it would be nice to see how a post was modified

99% of the time I'm using SO, I am viewing questions of specific tags and I almost always have the questions sorted by "Active". Under the question excerpt is its tags on the left and a ...
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Can the New Question wizard check for multiline code inside single backticks?

Every day I fix up numerous questions that have multi-line code blocks enclosed in single backticks rather than triple backtick code fences. Or they don't put a newline between the triple backticks ...
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Addressing questions caused by a common tutorial, but dealing with different aspects

In the last year or so, I've been seeing lots of questions that are related to many different aspects, but have a common factor: a certain YouTube tutorial[see below note]. Problem is, that tutorial ...
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Making a long question shorter / easier to read

I've asked a question Debugging visualizer which targets DateTime doesn't transfer the value and added a bounty. I feel that by its nature, the question is already rather complex. As comments come in ...
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"Unanswered" option to the new custom question filter

Currently the new (and nice) new question filter has 3 option to choose filter: No answer No accepted answer Has bounty As one can see here: As can see here and here, "Unanswered" is not the same ...
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Help center section for link-only questions

Do we have an official help or faq entry for link-only questions, and if not, shouldn't we have one? I am talking about these questions: How do I solve the problem explained [here]. I have read ...
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One of my questions tagged incorrectly and I can't edit it -- why?

While looking at my older questions, I noticed that one of them was tagged with javascript but it has nothing to do with JavaScript at all. The question is about Python. I don't think I tagged it ...
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What are the best practices for a good C library linking question

To start off: I'm not a programmer. I'm a civil engineer who picked up matlab in school and then scientific python in my career as a means to set myself apart from most other meat-space engineers. ...
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How should I handle this low quality question which was cross-posted?

The question is Minecraft forge mod: Remove a block and place a new block I tagged it as java because that's the language used for development in Minecraft, so it can be on-topic here if modified ...
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Filter by Bounty queues up regular questions as well

In SO's Bountied question tab, the default values are selected or checked: Filter by —> Has bounty Sorted by —> Bounty ending soon Tagged with —> no values (however, python tagged in this example) ...
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The Previous/Next question buttons should skip ignored tags

The new Previous/Next question buttons which have appeared over the weekend are a great feature, but they don't skip ignored tags. I answer questions primarily under the HTML CSS and JavaScript tags, ...
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How can I improve this downvoted question?

I'm working to make my questions better and with my latest I have made sure I conformed to the whole outline. I think my question is good, but for some reason I still received downvotes. I'm not sure ...
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Default list for question saving

When it comes to question saving on Stack Overflow, they are always "saved for later". Through the user profile's Saves tab, it is possible to create lists to organize these bookmarks. ...
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Long tag names cause user card to wrap to the next line and become incorrectly aligned

I have just noticed a bug in the questions page while scrolling the list of questions in the huawei-mobile-services tag: the user card is not correctly aligned to the right: It is aligned to left, ...
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Help and Improvement queue show skipped question over and over

This question is already asked here: Help and Improvement queue skipped questions appearing again. That question was asked in Apr-2015. There are no answers to that question yet. The bug is neither ...
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Need a better top hit/suggestion for Swift "unexpectedly found nil" questions in the "Questions that may already have your answer" list

The Swift error "fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value" is a common error that new iOS or Swift users encounter as they struggle to grasp the concept of Optional types ...
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Should anything be done about a misleading question?

This question asks whether or not there is a Windows equivalent of the head command. Unfortunately there are two fairly major issues: The person asking the question provides an example that shows ...
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When the "Best Answer" is not always the "Right Answer"

I have recently joined SO, interested in Python, pandas, and NumPy, and have noticed a tendency for questioners to favour, and often explicitly request the following: "One-line" answer "Most efficent"...
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Are blender questions on topic?

First off a bit of background. Blender is a open source program for entirety of the 3D pipeline. (If all that means nothing to you then you will understand why I'm asking this.) In May of 2013 blender ...
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What is the algorithm/metric used to determine question similarity?

When one asks a question on stackoverflow, a list of already asked questions (ranked in order of most similar to least similar?) are displayed to the user. How is this similarity determined? Does ...
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User profile favorite tab questions items data not correct on Stack Exchange

I do not have any favorite question in my profile on Stack Overflow (below Snap). But when I visit my profile from another browser on Stack Exchange (incognito or from which I'm not signed in). It ...
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How do I opt-out of red dot on custom filters and questions

I have custom filters for questions with the tags I frequently use, but a red dot on them + a red dot on every new question that I haven't seen doesn't feel like a good UX (to me) and distracts me, so ...
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Advertising or legit question/answer pair?

I have encountered this question and I am struggling to find any usefulness in it! The title is not great and the question is of very low quality. Answers are basically a bunch of links to the ...
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Question Links statistic

Is it possible to add a number of links to the question page available on Stack Exchange sites that has a link to this question. For example I can find on the page asked 1 year ago viewed ...
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Does SO have a mechanism to batch fix links?

The Qt Project has undergone some change from Nokia to Digia. It also introduced the open governance model, aka. Qt Project. Having said that, the infrastructure has also changed. Among other things ...
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