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A tag used when referencing the appropriateness of certain questions for Stack Overflow.

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1 vote
1 answer

What qualities make me receive downvotes?

On questions I ask, and some answers I give, esp. if I have a link (even if I say some of the text from the link and the link is for greater than can be written out and source), but those with a link ...
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110 votes
1 answer

Feedback requested: New “recommended” homepage, phase 2

A while ago, we started work on a new homepage algorithm for Stack Overflow. See phase 1 (with feedback), and motivations for some more detail. We had gotten to a point where we were pretty happy ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to educate asker when being beaten by rep hunters

I came across this question today and I knew the answer right away. It was in fact a question on a very basic SQL query (full joins) that most people should pick up in their first few lessons on SQL. ...
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22 votes
2 answers

A 'detect bad questions' course for repeated poor questioners?

Further to my question asking about statistics regarding first time questions being closed (Is there a statistic on the percentage of first-time questions that are deemed low quality?) I had a thought:...
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34 votes
2 answers

Details of the “quality-score” algorithm as discussed in the recent podcast

Recently there was a Stack Exchange podcast which discussed the new "quality-score" algorithm that has been developed by the SE team (discussed from roughly 30min mark onwards). The "...
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3 votes
1 answer

Programming text identification questions

I can’t find any information on whether about books fit on SO or not. Not so much recommend a book to learn… questions, but rather questions about specific books. There seem to be a small handful of ...
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-11 votes
1 answer

Would it be possible to display geo-location with user's profile tile

I see a lot of questions on StackOverflow, from users with reputation 1, and common profile name, like userXXXXXX. Usually it feels like the individual is asking the community to do their job, however ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Why was my question upvoted and became notable, when it was heavily downvoted at the beginning?

When I posted this question - What is the difference between QCheckBox::toggled() and QCheckBox::clicked()?, it received 4 downvotes immediately, and the top-voted comment was that "This is clearly ...
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29 votes
1 answer

What should be done if the asker didn't even read the error?

Today, I came across this question. Title: java lang IllegalStateException : scrollview can host only one direct child I have relative layout in which i have table layout when i want to add the ...
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51 votes
7 answers

Is it reasonable to downvote a question that 'could be googled' but isn't a duplicate?

I know a lot of questions are just a waste of everyone's time but there are quite a few that get downvoted apparently for being too easy to answer. Is this a knee jerk reaction? Is it even common? As ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What can I do to get better traffic/responses to my questions?

I'm having particular difficulty getting this question answered. In this instance I've actually been downvoted 1 (though likely just as it's basically a carbon copy of a question I'd asked before). My ...
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-15 votes
2 answers

Use of bolding in a question

I always used bold to highlight key elements in a text. I didn't had any problem using it before on SO (How to move changes without committing?, Fit elements into box, Split 2D quad by line), so I was ...
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60 votes
10 answers

Was I (and Stack Overflow) being too strict and unreasonable in closing this question?

This question was asked and, somewhat predictably, closed: How do web designers do complicated CSS coding?. The question (reproduced at the bottom in case of deletion), to my mind, was horrible (...
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47 votes
4 answers

Why do people downvote elementary questions?

There is a common situation on SO where people don't have the ability to ask a good question because they don't understand the concepts at hand well enough. If they were able to ask the question ...
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1 vote
0 answers

"I'm too lazy to do my homework" questions [duplicate]

I just saw this question: This is far from the first "I'm too lazy to do my homework" question I've seen. ...
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92 votes
11 answers

Feedback requested: New "recommended" homepage, phase 1

For the background, see: The Stack Overflow homepage is over-emphasizing bad questions (and a proposed solution) We've put together a first pass at a new homepage algorithm. You can check it out here: ...
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-19 votes
4 answers

Using upvotes to fight bad questions

I've seen several discussions on how to stop the flood of bad questions and thereby improve signal to noise. Currently we can close them but it's seems at least on some popular tags that it's hard to ...
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  • 21.4k
3 votes
0 answers

Voted down question can't recover

Question: Why are extension methods used extensively in LINQ, despite the framework's guidelines? When originally asking this question I mis-quoted the source and it was down voted accordingly, ...
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  • 30.2k
37 votes
1 answer

Appropriate Response for 'Do My Job' Questions

I came across a question recently (that I now can't find, so maybe it was moderated to hell) that basically displayed a few error messages (in C# perhaps), along with a block of code and the ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to deal with very simple questions that garner downvotes?

With Apple having just released the Swift programming language, there are many new questions flooding in, and some of these might be qualified as general reference (something that's easy to find with ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Bad question warning [duplicate]

Every time I post, I see the warning: Wait! Some of your past questions have not been well-received, and you're in danger of being blocked from asking any more. For help formulating a clear, ...
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17 votes
1 answer

How should the error message be formatted? [duplicate]

Let's say I have this error in plain text: Error in quantile.default(as.numeric(x), c(0.25, 0.75), na.rm = na.rm, : missing values and NaN's not allowed if 'na.rm' is FALSE In addition: Warning ...
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  • 3,301
419 votes
6 answers

The Stack Overflow homepage is over-emphasizing bad questions (and a proposed solution)

We made a change quite a while ago to the homepage of Stack Overflow which was well-intentioned, but I'm starting to think may have been a mistake. The change was to switch Stack Overflow away from ...
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22 votes
2 answers

Should we really mark new questions as duplicates of old crappy ones?

Introduction I'm guessing this applies to all tags, but in c++ we currently have issues where new questions are marked as being duplicates of older, not very well written, questions. Surely, the old ...
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40 votes
7 answers

Does the broken window theory apply to closing questions?

Lately I've been seeing complaints that we've taken away valuable tools to fight the rising tide of low quality questions. The assumption often seems to be that it's harder to close questions, so the ...
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  • 20.8k
-9 votes
4 answers

Increase the minimum character limit for posts

At the moment, there is a 30 character minimum enforced when posting a question or an answer. I think that any half decent question or answer would have at least a minimum of 200 characters (a link ...
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  • 12.2k
102 votes
5 answers

Gamification rules have to be changed. Aiming quality, not quantity

The site has evolved. Evolved a great deal, and now it's essentially different from one it was at the beginning. I hope, after promoting this post for a very long time, there is not a soul left who ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Bounty on a question of questionable quality [duplicate]

There is a question here that isn't specifically about programming -- it's about algorithms. I think that it's not a good question for SO (although I may be wrong, but that isn't relevant here), so I ...
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26 votes
4 answers

Would asking a question at a reputation cost help improve quality / durability for SO?

In my opinion, a lot of questions (probably because of the massive amount of them) don't really get the attention they deserve: A lot of them don't get answered at all. Questions deserving to be ...
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36 votes
3 answers

What is the recommended way to improve question writing without being downvoted into oblivion?

I've posted a question that received a downvote. The original downvoter didn't specify an issue with the question. Luckily, a senior user (@kapa) helped me to identify some issues with it, and I've ...
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  • 1,865
20 votes
2 answers

Non-reproducible example in question. Edit or not?

It seems to me that there are a lot of interesting questions with non-reproducible examples (I mostly check the questions under r). In most cases there is a comment saying that the OP should provide ...
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  • 7,638
26 votes
2 answers

Answering questions that show lack of research?

There is always a discussion open regarding homework questions, duplicates, etc. But I can't seem to find anything that tackles a few questions I have. I have just come across this (<10k ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How should I respond to this user?

This is the comments discussion - Last character taken twice by textwatcher Anyway, a user posted on meta spamming/complaining his question is not being answered promptly - https://meta.stackoverflow....
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  • 74.1k
9 votes
0 answers

Adding a help text to the question box

This might improve the quality of questions from new users. Both the title and the tag text-box have a help text that describe what you should enter, but not the question box itself. Could we add a ...
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  • 12.9k
4 votes
1 answer

I've had some bad questions in the past, a warning says to edit them, but how should I?

"Wait! Some of your past questions have not been well-received, and you're in danger of being blocked from asking any more. For help formulating a clear, useful question, see: How do I ask a ...
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20 votes
2 answers

Require new users to post all of the needed parts of a question separately

Background: Today, I decided to try and re-join SO to answer questions... And immediately, on the very first question I found, I was forced to revert to my old pattern: posting a frequently required ...
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  • 126k
180 votes
18 answers

Why the backlash against poor questions?

Disclaimer: I'm a new user to SO in terms of posting questions and comments, and more generally being interested in the site beyond it being the first hit in Google for my programming question. Sorry ...
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  • 1,430
33 votes
2 answers

I didn't give enough information to answer my question, should I withdraw it?

I asked this question. In working on the issue today, I realized that the problem was due to a mismatch between the names of my form controls as given in the VBA and as given on the form itself. ...
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  • 9,320
59 votes
4 answers

Are there legitimate "fix my code" questions?

If a competent coder asks a "spot the bug" question where the answer is non trivial, should it be downvoted? Does it depend on additional factors like the question's appeal to others? Suppose such a ...
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  • 1,430
233 votes
12 answers

Allow users to optionally filter out low-quality questions

Lots of people are talking about this, so time to throw my hat in the ring. Note that this is just my idea and hasn't really been vetted by other Stack Exchange employees (probably some of them will ...
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733 votes
10 answers

How much research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users?

I'm well aware that some research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users before they post any new questions, but I'm not sure just how much research effort is considered adequate. I asked a ...
335 votes
1 answer

Something in my web site or project doesn't work. Can I just paste a link to it?

I have a CSS, HTML, or JavaScript problem on a website I'm working on. I would like to just describe the problem and paste a link to the external site in question. Can I do this instead of posting ...

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