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A tag used when referencing the appropriateness of certain questions for Stack Overflow.

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New lows in JS tag quality

I didn't think it was possible, but we seem to be plumbing new depths in the quality of javascript questions. Recent questions include one asking how to compare two values, and another asking how to ...
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7 answers

Should I reopen a low quality question which I closed as a duplicate of a wrong question?

Recently I dupehammered the question JS How to get text of child button elements with a div with a known ID?. I incorrectly used jQuery to loop through elements with the same class as the duplicate ...
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Why do some questions hardly get any views? I posted this question 4 days ago, along the way noticing the low number of ...
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Programming Quiz to be able to ask questions [duplicate]

It seems like almost every question I review is people asking to do their work for them or questions already answered on stack. To weed out some of these poor questions perhaps we should Implement ...
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How should you respond to a "Yes or No" question? [duplicate]

What is the recommended way to respond to questions that have a clear Yes or No answer? Example: "Does int[] pass by reference?" or "Is it possible to abcdef?" Often there is a flurry of (...
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Guidance when closing programming questions on Computer Science

On Computer Science Stack Exchange, we have a close reason that reads Questions about software development or programming tools are off-topic here, but can be asked on Stack Overflow. That's not ...
-60 votes
4 answers

Why did they ban me from asking questions for asking a poor question when I copied a question exactly that was asked at least four other times?

Why did Stack Overflow ban me from asking questions for asking a "poor" question when I copied exactly the same question that was asked at least four other times on Stack Overflow? If it was a so poor ...
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Questions asked by users with less than 100 rep should go to a special review queue [closed]

I love SO and all the child forums that exist today. I remember landing here occasionally though I wasn't a developer, but a tester, and my first impression of the site and that remained for about two ...
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No code included flag [duplicate]

What kind of flag should be raised when we see a questions such as: How to randomly select an enum in Swift (no code questions - asking for us to write code). I generally leave a comment telling them ...
65 votes
6 answers

Is it OK to ask simple questions without showing your work?

I have seen a many popular questions on Stack Exchange which are asking for explanations for very simple things like what does the yield keyword do and does Python have a ternary conditional operator. ...
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Even though I set bounties, I received no answers; what is wrong with my questions?

I've been a member for over a month and it seems I do really need to improve my skills when it comes to asking questions. I've given bounties to 3 questions of mine so far:
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What can I do to improve this question on StackOverflow?

I've asked Why UserControl isn't filling VerticalContentAlignment 'Stretch'? It seemed like I provided only what was appropriate: brief background, the goal code and Xaml to reproduce ...
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-20 votes
1 answer

What is the quality standard I'm not meeting with my question?

I can't submit the following question on Stack Overflow: I'm using OSClass 3.3.2 and I want to remove the contact form according to a condition, but I can't find it. Which file is it in? I tried ...
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How would a low quality question get a lot of upvotes?

I look through the Firebase tags (e.g., firebase) a lot and most of the questions are well formed and most get at least one upvote. However, this question has 5 upvotes (2 down), and I believe it to ...
306 votes
22 answers

Let's improve Stack Overflow's "Ask a Question" page!

We've all heard and done our fair share of complaining about declining question quality. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Various ideas have been floated, but haven't gotten significant traction for various ...
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145 votes
14 answers

The life of answering questions on Stack Overflow

You may have noticed recent discussions regarding how best to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, reducing or suppressing low-quality posts from less-invested persons trying to avoid work, and ...
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38 votes
5 answers

Is Stack Overflow losing its shine? [duplicate]

Due to insane number of bad questions are being asked every day it's getting increasingly difficult to find good questions that deserve some answers. As a result, good questions are getting buried ...
10 votes
2 answers

How should I deal with users that clearly don't understand what they are talking about? [duplicate]

I was on SO looking for questions I could answer when I found this one. The user is asking for help with his database, but it seems he doesn't even know how to interact with it, which makes it really ...
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15 votes
4 answers

How to improve question quality of new Stack Overflow users

TL;DR: The low quality of questions has been linked to decreased activity of users who have > 25k reputation. Improving question quality would benefit both ends. What would be the best ways to ...
10 votes
2 answers

How would you handle a question that doesn't demonstrate minimal efforts?

Clarification: I'm not asking for alternative close vote. Look at the following question: I have a list which contains a mix of strings and numbers eg old_list = [23, 35, string, 42, string] ...
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2 answers

Why has this question been put on hold?

I came across this question. And its answer. Exactly the answer I would have given: Is there a system verilog task which returns the length of a reg / logic? Yet, it has been put on hold due to it ...
-8 votes
4 answers

Would using honeypot tags to trigger a warning be effective in raising question quality?

Would using fake "Honeypot" tags to warn/inform the user when added improve question quality? As an example of how I see this working: create an expert-advice-needed tag (and others) ...
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34 votes
5 answers

Why is asking for operators functionality high-quality content within JavaScript community?

First I noticed it some weeks ago when the question for the functionality of !-- operator in JavaScript was posted. I mean I don't even really know JS and could easily tell that this is a not ...
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50 votes
2 answers

Number of new accounts that have their first question closed shortly after account creation?

In the Tavern, the topic of post quality came up recently. One of the ideas thrown out was to delay the ability of newly registered users from posting immediately - perhaps a 30 minute delay to '...
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139 votes
2 answers

User keeps coming back with new accounts, asking dishonest non-questions

On August 30 I flagged a question by Ji Cha. I had noticed that this account had existed for only 12 days, but the user had posted nearly 50 questions, all with the makefile tag, all concerning bugs ...
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Isn't it better to be as specific as possible when asking design questions?

I lurk design-patterns and see a lot of questions of the type "Is this a good design?" and then there's an abstraction of the problem using ClassA/ClassB/Foo/Bar/etc. or animal classes Dog/Cat/etc. ...
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Are the goal and perception of close votes misaligned? [duplicate]

Today I saw an article from Medium on Reddit complaining about Stack Overflow. I looked up the questions mentioned in the article and most of them were indeed closed before being answered. I've ...
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20 votes
3 answers

Why so many up votes on this question and its answers? [duplicate]

I just happened to stumble across this question. At first I didn't see anything unusual, but then I noticed that there were an awful lot of duplicate answers. Not just "similar" answers, ...
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125 votes
5 answers

Should trivial re-occurring questions really be answered?

This question basically asks for an alternative to concatenating strings directly in a loop. I couldn't find a duplicate quickly, but I'm sure that this is a standard beginner problem having been ...
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157 votes
2 answers

Require new users to check the preview before posting

Following on from Highlight the preview on the Ask Question page, whether or not we do that, I wonder if for new users, we may want to (softly) force a review of the preview before allowing them to ...
59 votes
2 answers

Highlight the preview on the Ask Question page

I can't count the number of simple errors in questions that a glance at the preview would highlight for the person posting them, such as HTML not showing up because it hasn't been marked up Code not ...
40 votes
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Upvotes on not-so-good questions: a consequence of the Triage Queue?

Lately I've seen upvotes to questions that should be closed. This has come to my attention in tags that I follow and, more recently, when I gained access to the Close Queue. I wonder if the Triage ...
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Is the quality of 'Hot Network Questions' a concern to others?

I've noticed a trend across multiple SE sites where the 'hot questions' that appear in the right column tend to be rather poor questions for the SE site they were posted on. They are often purely ...
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How can I improve my question on an obscure aspect of jQuery security?

I recently asked a question about security implications of a particular jQuery API: Is jQuery's $.get() safe to call on an untrusted URL? I got 3 answers, but reading through them makes me think ...
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4 votes
4 answers

How come a Question this poor is having 8 upvotes? Also, why is it still open? [duplicate]

The question is how to capitalize the first letter of each word using loops in java? It's a Hot Network Question with 518 views and a score of +9/-1. Not a single close vote has been cast. The ...
10 votes
4 answers

Why are so many useless questions ranked highly, and vice versa?

I find that more and more new questions consist of useless ponderings of obscure details of languages. Maybe I am not seeing the questions that involve actual issues. That could be because the ...
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39 votes
5 answers

Communicating Stack Overflow standards to increasingly international community

One of the greatest assets SO offers to the community is that the forum is contributed to by an international group of contributors. Recently, there has been a huge influx of users with other native ...
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What are the number one tags for low quality posts?

I've been frequenting javascript and jquery tagged questions while occasionally drifting to php and ruby-on-rails tags. I see an overwhelming amount of low quality questions within jQuery especially, ...
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A pointer to "how to post a test case with any Oracle SQL or PL/SQL question"

I see a lot of users posting a new question related to Oracle SQL or PL/SQL, do not post a working test case. A good question related to Oracle SQL or PL/SQL should include a working test case. For ...
20 votes
2 answers

Proposal for a voluntary prescreening queue

Note: A related (and much downvoted) suggestion: Proposal for an approval system for questions. This proposal does not suggest a mandatory screening process, as that one did. Especially when you're ...
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637 votes
8 answers

Why is "Can someone help me?" not an actual question?

To an asker, their question seems pretty good. They've explained the context of their project, there's a detailed list of what they want to accomplish, and they've shown what they have tried / their ...
15 votes
1 answer

Better questions appearing lately?

Has there been any recent initiative activated on the main Stack Overflow site (ie not beta) behind the scenes to improve the quality of questions that appear on the default questions page? For ...
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Methods for discouraging systematic poor questions [duplicate]

Multiple other posts on meta SO touch upon the issue of simplistic questions, saying that the standard approach is to down vote these questions, since a lack of research isn't a valid reason for ...
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2 answers

Why does Stack Overflow allow such rudeness and condescension and arrogance from posters? [duplicate]

ATM, anyone can easily open an account and ask annoying questions that : ask for piles of crappy code with single-letter var names, [i,j,k] array indices, no comments and 'do all my debugging for me' ...
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2 answers

I was able to answer a low quality question and got downvoted

I answered a vague, poorly done question where OP did no research. He wanted to send data from one page to another. And I gave some very basic code using which you can acheive it with GET. But what ...
146 votes
14 answers

Feedback requested: New "recommended" homepage, phase 4 - filters

We've implemented the unpolished filters mockup from this question in an equally unpolished manner. Currently, this is only on the "recommended" tab, found here:
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19 votes
2 answers

Feedback on the quality of this question about a runtime error in a small function I've written

Here is a link to the post: Why is this array undefined when I call .length? Note: I'm not asking "why did I get downvoted?" I was recently banned from asking questions. Since then, I've really ...
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3 answers

Should low quality novice questions be deleted? [duplicate] This question is a typical novice question. Or maybe a bit worse than typical. It started as: Please help me ...
92 votes
7 answers

Feedback requested: New "recommended" homepage, phase 3 - algorithm tweaks

After phase 2 feedback, we've made a few tweaks to how recent hot questions are chosen, namely to better incorporate your tag preferences. Here's a debug page that highlights which questions are hot ...
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1 answer

What to do regarding users posting low quality questions?

A certain user keeps posting low quality plzsendmetehcodez type of questions. I added a comment on one of his posts telling him what to do but he seems to have ignored it and posted another ...
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