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A tag used when referencing the appropriateness of certain questions for Stack Overflow.

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Request for additional confirmation if reviewer picks Requires Editing at question with many votes down and close

Suggest to perform a-b-testing of a feature such that when Triage reviewer picks Requires Editing on a question with multiple votes down and close (say 3-4) system would show them additional popup ...
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Upvotes on not-so-good questions: a consequence of the Triage Queue?

Lately I've seen upvotes to questions that should be closed. This has come to my attention in tags that I follow and, more recently, when I gained access to the Close Queue. I wonder if the Triage ...
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Please help me stop seeing "what's the best programming language" questions

I saw this question earlier today: When is the best programming language for web development? It's deleted, so here's a screenshot, although you could probably get the gist from the title. I wasn't ...
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What are the number one tags for low quality posts?

I've been frequenting javascript and jquery tagged questions while occasionally drifting to php and ruby-on-rails tags. I see an overwhelming amount of low quality questions within jQuery especially, ...
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Why was posting the question with basically no content possible?

This question is a mess of ill-formated image and ... basically nothing else. Wasn't there some kind of "quality filter" and/or guideline that stopped users from posting it like this? This is both ...
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I want to know if people get a warning when their question title starts with "I want to"

According to my non-researched casual observations, questions with titles (and possibly also bodies) beginning with "I want to..." are usually non-question requirement dumps. Here's a recent example ...
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How can I improve my question on an obscure aspect of jQuery security?

I recently asked a question about security implications of a particular jQuery API: Is jQuery's $.get() safe to call on an untrusted URL? I got 3 answers, but reading through them makes me think ...
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Adding a help text to the question box

This might improve the quality of questions from new users. Both the title and the tag text-box have a help text that describe what you should enter, but not the question box itself. Could we add a ...
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Are questions about NULL sufficiently different from questions about nullptr?

Many of the comments on How to ask a question which is similar to other downvoted and closed questions? asked for details re: the specific question I was asking, but since that question has already ...
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Isn't it better to be as specific as possible when asking design questions?

I lurk design-patterns and see a lot of questions of the type "Is this a good design?" and then there's an abstraction of the problem using ClassA/ClassB/Foo/Bar/etc. or animal classes Dog/Cat/etc. ...
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Is the quality of 'Hot Network Questions' a concern to others?

I've noticed a trend across multiple SE sites where the 'hot questions' that appear in the right column tend to be rather poor questions for the SE site they were posted on. They are often purely ...
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How can I improve this question about undefined behavior and comparison operators?

I recently asked this question about comparing pointers and undefined behavior: Is comparing two pointers with < undefined behavior if they are both cast to an integer type? However, I have ...
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Flagged user for continually posting bad questions but it was declined

I flagged a high rep (~30k) user for repeatedly posting incredibly basic questions with plenty of dupes already on the site. Examples (all deleted, sorry): Calling a 'function' in java How to define ...
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Please blacklist "The question says it all" in question bodies

Multiple times a day I see questions starting with The question says it all. as the first sentence of the body. Current example: Why Doesn't Case 1 Do Basically The Same Thing As Case 2 (...
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How can I improve this question? "How do I get the window coordinates in SwiftUI?"

I asked this question after consulting documentation, searching for others' solutions, and using various search terms across both Google and Bing. I could not find a way to do this, so I posted a ...
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What can I do to improve this question on StackOverflow?

I've asked Why UserControl isn't filling VerticalContentAlignment 'Stretch'? It seemed like I provided only what was appropriate: brief background, the goal code and Xaml to reproduce ...
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Voted down question can't recover

Question: Why are extension methods used extensively in LINQ, despite the framework's guidelines? When originally asking this question I mis-quoted the source and it was down voted accordingly, ...
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A pointer to "how to post a test case with any Oracle SQL or PL/SQL question"

I see a lot of users posting a new question related to Oracle SQL or PL/SQL, do not post a working test case. A good question related to Oracle SQL or PL/SQL should include a working test case. For ...
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Badge or bounty to encourage questions and answers with good quality (pass an exam)

Is it possible to consider a mandatory badge/bounty for newly joined contributors? The badge/bounty is earned by taking a training and passing an exam; a new contributor can post questions or answers ...
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