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Questions tagged [quality-filter]

The undisclosed algorithm through which all new questions are passed to determine if they can be posted on Stack Overflow.

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Ban links to

So recently, I have seen images linked from (an image hosting site) used in questions. Often times, the OP doesn't post their code in the question, but just links it to the website. ...
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Does the quality filter work?

Just came across this question which only contains 32 characters in a single sentence. I thought a quality filter would prevent such posts. Is it turned off? For the benefit of <10k, here's the ...
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1 answer

Exempt edits from "Title cannot contain" for high-rep users

Could we please lift this restriction from edits by users with a significant amount of reputation? Ref: What triggers my title rejection? In other words, I am proposing a new privilege "use ...
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What is being done to improve new question quality?

TL;DR What exactly has been tried in the past to address new question quality, what is currently being done, and how are the current tactics being assessed? Intro This post is to highlight my ...
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Add warning for code surrounded by '''

I have seen so many people confuse ``` with ''', resulting in a post that needs to be edited. Can the linter add a warning that ''' does not highlight code, or can it be added in the sidebar?
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Stack Overflow question quality filter wants me to format formatted code

I was making a pretty big post on Stack Overflow. I spoke of multiple ways to approach the problem at hand and some of my solutions. Therefore, it involved lots of code. It looks like this (sorry for ...
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Add to the list of sites that prompt to put code in the question itself?

As far as I am aware, if someone asks a question and pastes a link to websites like JSFiddle, JSBin, or CodePen, they get prompted to put code in the question itself. Lately I've been seeing links to ...
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Fine tuning the low quality auto flags

I'm probably misquoting someone but it's said that "the best moderation is the one that doesn't have to be done". This opinion is usually held in SE and demonstrated trough the quality filter. We ...
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Which restrictions exist for question titles?

I tried to edit a question title and wanted to insert the word "Problem", but could not submit the edit because this word is apparently not allowed in question titles (see example below; ...
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Can subjects other than Null Pointer Exceptions be given popups on the Ask page pointing to a canonical question?

When I ask something about NPE, there will be a popup that says please read "What is a Null Pointer Exception, and how do I fix it?" I wonder how can I make one of my questions behave like this. When ...
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Why was this flagged 'Your question appears to be spam.' as a new user?

I attempted to post the following question using an account I created for work and it wouldn't let me, giving me the red message: Your question appears to be spam. Can I add a custom soap ...
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12 votes
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Why is the word "problem" forbidden in titles?

I have a title for this question: Does MySQL optimize selected aggregations on related tables to avoid N+1? I had to rename it. The original was: Does MySQL optimize selected aggregations on ...
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10 votes
0 answers

"code that is not properly formatted" for reference-style link

My answer gets this error when I try to edit it. The root of this error is the reference-style link; removing the links eliminates the error.
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1 answer

Automatically flag excessive txting vocabulary use for low-quality queue

As mentioned here, it isn't particularly difficult to distinguish posters who are native English speakers, but don't care enough to write a good question, from non-native speakers who are trying. ...
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6 votes
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Existing answer detected as improperly formatted code while trying to edit

I'm trying to edit the regex community-wiki reference post, but any change I make gives me the error: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. Please indent all code ...
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Can be added to the list of sites where links require accompanying code?

Yes, the site is linked to less often than jsfiddle and codepen, but it has been used a few thousand times, and it crashes often, leaving readers of posts that link to jsperf wondering what benchmark ...
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Which part of my previous post "is NOT properly formatted as code" on Stack Overflow?

Could anyone specify which part was wrong with my description in my previous post? I've just asked a question on Stack Overflow here. In the process, I couldn't post my question because of the ...
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I don't post code, but the editor requires me to format as code

Question in question: The Facebook app I create doesn't present in my profile setting. How to find User ID for Facebook App ID? While I'm not sure which part the checker thinks it as code, I ...
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Please blacklist "The question says it all" in question bodies

Multiple times a day I see questions starting with The question says it all. as the first sentence of the body. Current example: Why Doesn't Case 1 Do Basically The Same Thing As Case 2 (...
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Syntax is not getting highlighted/accepted even if I use (Ctr+K) or indent the code myself

I have tried everything from using '```python' to indenting myself. The code which I want to upload does get highlighted in grey when I use the above methods but the syntax doesn't get highlighted. ...
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Why am I getting "an error occurred submitting the question" when posting a question?

I am trying to ask the below question with tags 'tsql, sql-server2008-r2, query-optimization' and the title query runs slow but Stack Overflow won't accept it. Instead, it shows the error message: ...
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Impossible to write or edit posts on SO using `begin snippet`

Attempting to write or update a Stack Overflow post that uses the begin snippet directive seems to be impossible currently. For example, attempt to edit any answer in this post, and it will be ...
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Possible bug in volume of text required in question setup on main Stack Overflow?

On the main Stack Overflow site over the last two days, I've seen at least 3 new questions where there has been a need to add a large block of unnecessary text to the question, in order to override a '...
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Why are all my questions subjective?

Each question I write get the "Your question seem to be subjective"-warning. How does this algorithm work? Not very well I think. I don´t think my questions have been subjective and so far no one ...
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I thought we blocked the words "need help" from titles?

I just ran into this creature : what bugs me is that I was pretty sure Meta had decided to block the phrase "need help" from posts. Doesn't this just make you cringe though ? reading sounds terrible ...
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Unable to post my question because it is not properly formatted

I've seen this question asked and answered various times, but I can't solve it with the given information. I have code that displays just as I want it in the preview. But more than an hour of trying ...
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