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Questions tagged [profile-picture]

For questions about the profile picture option, which allows users to upload a custom photo as their avatar. Not for questions about Gravatar.

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Why can't I make a Google account profile photo my SO profile pic but in other sites I can?

I have seen a few people have different different profile avatars on different different part of Stack Exchange, like a different profile pic in Stack Overflow and on Arqade, so I also decided to ...
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Add Clarification When Updating Profile Picture

Note: This question was originally me listing what I thought was a "bug". That is, I tried to update my profile picture multiple times and wasn't sure why it wasn't working without any feedback. ...
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Avatars from Facebook do not appear for some users

Some users have avatars that won't show up, for example, Consistently across the whole site, for example, in chat oneboxes: Inspection of the profile page tells me this is with Facebook avatars. ...
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Google user avatars are broken for new users

This user signed up less than two hours ago but the profile image is broken. I think something should be fixed in signup flow. I would suggest that the image be retrieved from Google and re-hosted on ...
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Hat over rep when picture is missing

My Facebook picture got de-synchronized after I activated e-mail login and I have never updated it (and I don't have a profile picture). With the new winter bash hat-over-picture feature I'm ...
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Profile picture changes when applying other network-wide profile settings

I was editing my profile on StackOverflow, only changed my work title and email address. I clicked on "apply to all network profiles" (or something like that) at the bottom of the page, then realized ...
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Today I visited Stack Overflow and my profile picture has vanished - but I didn't change it

I noticed today that I no longer have a profile picture. It simply displays like this, which I assume is the default: I haven't updated my profile in ages and I have had the same profile picture for ...
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Remove the placeholder image from the developer story if I have no image set

The developer story (the one at the URL) has this quite big placeholder image at the top of my CV because I don't have an image set for it: If I don't have an ...
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Why is my selected profile picture being replaced by my Gravatar or Identicon?

As I was editing some questions, it appeared like "Edited just now by Imran Ali Khan", but my profile picture is showing the default Identicon picture. I checked my profile, and my picture is uploaded ...
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Visual Temporary Bug on profile page change picture

when you are on profile page and responses tab is active and there are some responses regarding questions and you change your picture to one of the options available (in my case identicon, gravatar) ...
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Why is my Stack Overflow profile avatar image not showing?

For the last two days, my avatar image has not been showing on my Stack Overflow profile. Browser: Chrome
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Unable to update profile picture - Unusual error

I am unable to update my profile picture. It is showing me this error: I tried using JPG, JPEG and PNG image format but none work, I also tried using different options such as 'click here' and 'drag ...
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Broken profile picture

The profile picture seems to be broken for some users. For example, for user Paul. When I go to the picture's link, I see this:
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Can't change profile picture on Stack Overflow

After dragging the picture I want into the area and clicking "Save Profile" at the bottom, I am prompted with the following message: Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: ...
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Large hat pushes the profile and activity tabs to the right

I don't know if this behavior is intentional, but it looks kinda funny to me that the Profile and Activity tabs are moving when you switch from the Profile tab to the Activity tab and vice versa. This ...
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How Profile views are counted? Is it counted on Hover of my Profile pic?

Is profile view gets counted if a user actually Sees my profile page on,Or even if he just hovers on my profile pic ,then also Count is increased? thanks
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Use anonymous-gravatar when user avatar could not be loaded

I've found this user: Min Min. Maybe this user is using Google account because of: <div class="gravatar-wrapper-164"> <img src="
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How come profile images have anti-aliasing?

Why does my profile picture have anti-aliasing here on SO? I know its a 16x16, and it would take 2 minutes to re-size it to a 128x128, but I'm interested in the technical decisions behind this, since ...
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Profile page was not updated after I connected to new Facebook account

Three years ago, I connected my old facebook account with my account on SO. I changed my profile picture on SO to be the same as my Facebook profile picture(My SO profile picture changes whenever I ...
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I can't change the Stack Overflow for Teams avatar

When going to Stack Overflow for Teams I have a different avatar than my Public Q&A profile. But I don't know how to change the avatar for the team. This one is a computer-generated avatar.
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New user default picture?

Recently, I have noticed that the default picture assigned to a new user have changed. We no more have the random colorful pattern. Instead we have the First Letter within a colored background (like ...
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Null profile image selectable from Facebook

I have no profile image on Facebook, but Stack Overflow allows me to select it as a null image And It gives an error everywhere. In console it also gives error Failed to load resource: the server ...
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Profile picture size is off on response feed on mobile web version

Using Chrome on Huawei P9, using latest updates of Android. To further clarify. This is not something that happens with this particular user. There are a number of examples just like this. Also it ...
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Profile picture gets out of bounds

Not a big issue, but it could annoy the OCDs among us. Well, the image describe the bug (or it's not a bug?):
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Stack Overflow user thumbnail is skewed - object-fit: cover;

This makes me cringe: Can we put an object-fit: cover style on that user image please?
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Can't update profile "About Me". It says "invalid image" when my image is from the gravatar option

Can't update profile "About Me". It says "invalid image" when my image is from the gravatar option. I was given the option to select a gravatar profile picture. Then now when I want to include an "...
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Why do avatar pictures change when I update my email address as an OAuth2 user?

My avatar seems to change when I update my email address if logged in using an OAuth2 provider. Wondering why that is? Also wondering what sort of business rules govern this decision that allow your ...
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