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Questions tagged [profile-picture]

For questions about the profile picture option, which allows users to upload a custom photo as their avatar. Not for questions about Gravatar.

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24 votes
1 answer

Why do some accounts have a profile picture with a crossed-out, grey human figure?

Normally, accounts on SO either have a profile pic that’s set by the user or a geometrical shape like the following: However, on some accounts, I’ve seen the following symbol in place of the profile ...
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Do suspended accounts lose their non-default profile picture?

I was checking on questions I visited yesterday, some of which are by the same user. Yesterday, this user had a non-default profile picture, but today I observed that their reputation was reduced to 1 ...
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Why is my Stack Overflow profile avatar image not showing?

For the last two days, my avatar image has not been showing on my Stack Overflow profile. Browser: Chrome
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My profile picture isn’t showing when I open my profile [duplicate]

When I go to my user page it's not showing the image, but the small profile picture when I'm on the main page is showing. Here's the image that's not loading: Image Link:
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5 votes
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Unable to update profile picture - Unusual error

I am unable to update my profile picture. It is showing me this error: I tried using JPG, JPEG and PNG image format but none work, I also tried using different options such as 'click here' and 'drag ...
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Wrong profile image shown in Jobs

I just happened to see this in Jobs and I was surprised: This identicon isn’t my profile pic or the image shown under identicon if I go to edit my profile (more context on my choice of profile image ...
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Did my avatar just change to a generic one, but only on SO? [duplicate]

On all other sites (Electrical Engineering, Video Production, Emacs, etc.) my avatar looks like me: But today I noticed that on SO, my avatar looks like a generic gravatar: What happened,and how do ...
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1 answer

Emailhashes are not available in Users.xml [closed]

I'm making a list of users identicons, and given that I should get the Users.xml file from an archive to find email hashes in order to make the user identicons in Gravatar. Obviously in the title, ...
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15 votes
0 answers

Google user avatars are broken for new users

This user signed up less than two hours ago but the profile image is broken. I think something should be fixed in signup flow. I would suggest that the image be retrieved from Google and re-hosted on ...
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Avatar and screen name. How can I change it?

I uploaded a GIF and set a screen name for my profile. It didn't change anything. Why is this?
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1 answer

Is changing my profile picture to a Muhammad caricature allowed?

I know about this question: Are political avatars and profiles OK? The accepted answer says: There is a fine line between what is and is not appropriate, and each case would need to be examined on ...
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10 votes
0 answers

Today I visited Stack Overflow and my profile picture has vanished - but I didn't change it

I noticed today that I no longer have a profile picture. It simply displays like this, which I assume is the default: I haven't updated my profile in ages and I have had the same profile picture for ...
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8 votes
1 answer

My gravatar is broken on most Stack Exchange sites

I just noticed the wrong Gravatar URL is used for my profile for most Stack Exchange profiles. This wasn’t happening last time I checked. The correct one is used on:
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6 votes
1 answer

Are Stack Overflow user identicons under copyright protection?

When you join Stack Overflow, if you do not provide your own user profile image, you get an automatically generated identicon. My question is simple and quick: Are those identicons under copyright ...
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Use anonymous-gravatar when user avatar could not be loaded

I've found this user: Min Min. Maybe this user is using Google account because of: <div class="gravatar-wrapper-164"> <img src="
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0 answers

Profile page was not updated after I connected to new Facebook account

Three years ago, I connected my old facebook account with my account on SO. I changed my profile picture on SO to be the same as my Facebook profile picture(My SO profile picture changes whenever I ...
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28 votes
2 answers

Are animated GIFs allowed as avatars?

I just saw an animated GIF as an user's avatar. I'll avoid linking the user profile here for obvious reasons, but here is a GIF showing their GIF: According to this answer GIFs were not allowed as ...
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Some Of The Profile Pictures Cannot Display [duplicate]

I was browsing Stack Overflow but I noticed that the profile pictures cannot be displayed:
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13 votes
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Broken profile Image hosted remotely [duplicate]

This question was last edited by a user with a broken profile image hosted remotely on I thought this wasn't possible, because once a new profile image is uploaded, either via ...
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How come profile images have anti-aliasing?

Why does my profile picture have anti-aliasing here on SO? I know its a 16x16, and it would take 2 minutes to re-size it to a 128x128, but I'm interested in the technical decisions behind this, since ...
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How do I change my profile photo? [duplicate]

I am not able to change my profile photo. Why? I signed up through my Google account and the default photo on my Google account was picked.
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15 votes
1 answer

Some user images are not rendering [duplicate]

I noticed some user images are not rendering, like User 8157105 (trying to anonymize a bit): It looks like the content is being pulled from Facebook. The URL to the image is https://graph.facebook....
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1 answer

What different options do we have for displaying profile pictures?

Moments ago, I stumbled with this broken profile picture and noticed it is from Browsing a bit more I found other host sites (e.g are being used. But when I try ...
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12 votes
0 answers

Hat over rep when picture is missing

My Facebook picture got de-synchronized after I activated e-mail login and I have never updated it (and I don't have a profile picture). With the new winter bash hat-over-picture feature I'm ...
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What should be the type of my profile picture for Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I just joined Stack Overflow, and while setting my profile I uploaded my picture for the profile, but it is giving this error:
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3 votes
0 answers

New user default picture?

Recently, I have noticed that the default picture assigned to a new user have changed. We no more have the random colorful pattern. Instead we have the First Letter within a colored background (like ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Are Avatars With Sexual Content Acceptable? [duplicate]

I came across a male user who uses an avatar that shows two young women, one bowing to kiss the cleavage of the other. Is this kind of content acceptable on StackOverflow? I personally find this ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Why can't I view this user image?

I can see the user image from outside the profile: But I can't see it from the profile. Why?
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18 votes
1 answer

When signing up to teams, your profile pictures on other SE sites gets updated [closed]

I recently joined a Stack Overflow Team. When I did, I confirmed my profile, and all was good.... Until I logged into chat, and my avatar had changed. My chat account is linked to my coffee.SE page, ...
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I can't change the Stack Overflow for Teams avatar

When going to Stack Overflow for Teams I have a different avatar than my Public Q&A profile. But I don't know how to change the avatar for the team. This one is a computer-generated avatar.
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28 votes
1 answer

My profile picture disappeared

I manage my Stack Overflow identity via Facebook. This morning, when I came online, my beautiful photo was replaced by the empty silhouette. I'm wondering if this has something to do with Facebook's ...
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Wrong profile picture on Channels [closed]

When I joined Channels, it gave me a new and completely alien profile picture, even though it looked like it was going to use my regular network profile image, as apparently it is supposed to. ...
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1 answer

Is it legal to use a logo as profile picture? [closed]

Would it be okay if I change my profile picture to, e.g. the windows or the google logo? Or is this illegal?
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0 answers

Null profile image selectable from Facebook

I have no profile image on Facebook, but Stack Overflow allows me to select it as a null image And It gives an error everywhere. In console it also gives error Failed to load resource: the server ...
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Profile picture gets out of bounds

Not a big issue, but it could annoy the OCDs among us. Well, the image describe the bug (or it's not a bug?):
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1 answer

How can I "tell" my SO account to use the picture of my Gmail account?

I've just asked a question about changing the picture of my Stack Overflow account, they told me to change the dimensions of the picture, I tried that, and it didn't work. I asked a colleague of ...
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What's with the default user icons? [duplicate]

In my time of programming things, I have had many questions, and have gone to many Q&A sites for answers. One thing I noticed about many of these Q&A websites have something in common: the ...
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The user icon won't change except in the developer story section [duplicate]

I changed my profile picture a couple of hours ago. It changed only in the developer story section. But the old profile picture is still there. Is that a bug or I need a certain privilege to ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Remove the placeholder image from the developer story if I have no image set

The developer story (the one at the URL) has this quite big placeholder image at the top of my CV because I don't have an image set for it: If I don't have an ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Broken layout in mobile version of profile page -> activity -> responses caused by profile picture from Facebook?

I've received a comment on Stack Overflow from another user and wanted to read it on my smartphone, using the mobile version of the website (not the app). So I went to my profile page → activity → ...
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Add Clarification When Updating Profile Picture

Note: This question was originally me listing what I thought was a "bug". That is, I tried to update my profile picture multiple times and wasn't sure why it wasn't working without any feedback. ...
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Stack Overflow user thumbnail is skewed - object-fit: cover;

This makes me cringe: Can we put an object-fit: cover style on that user image please?
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3 votes
0 answers

Profile picture size is off on response feed on mobile web version

Using Chrome on Huawei P9, using latest updates of Android. To further clarify. This is not something that happens with this particular user. There are a number of examples just like this. Also it ...
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Broken profile picture

The profile picture seems to be broken for some users. For example, for user Paul. When I go to the picture's link, I see this:
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3 votes
1 answer

Gravatar: different email used in the past that was changed later?

So I have used different email, (let's call it A), when I registered on Stack Overflow. Then I changed an email (let's call it B) for Stack Overflow. Then I used B email for Gravatar ...
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0 answers

Change image on expanded usercard [duplicate]

Today I saw an image changing when hovering the profile picture of a user (@BoltClock): Normal card: Expanded card: Tested on this Meta question How did BoltClock do that?
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1 answer

Uploaded avatar image only appears on hover [duplicate]

My uploaded avatar image only appears when I hover over it. Normal: Hover:
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1 answer

Why is my profile picture near the search bar different from the one on my profile?

The profile picture that is displayed near the search bar on stackoverflow is different from the one displayed on my SO profile. Why is this? Near the search bar: On my profile: Is this a bug? This ...
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Change profile picture via mobile app [closed]

How do I change my profile picture in the Android mobile app?
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Can't change profile picture on Stack Overflow

After dragging the picture I want into the area and clicking "Save Profile" at the bottom, I am prompted with the following message: Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: ...
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