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This tag is for questions about the user profile page, which contains a list of all the questions, answers, and an audit trail of the user's activity on the site.

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Both the Diamond Symbol and the Badge for mods?

I was glad when a new badge was introduced for the moderators to appear in their profile page because the diamond symbol was getting a bit outdated in design. But why the diamond symbol is still ...
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Possible Bug in Reputation Graph in profile view [duplicate]

Today I just visited my profile and notice something weird as below, Reputation graph shows the reputation growth and from the graph, it can be understood that the last growing phase is of or after ...
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Show the amount of own answers being accepted in the user profile

I can see the amount of answers I have written in my user profile, but that doesn't include the amount of answers being accepted. Can this information be included there as well? This is the current ...
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Expanded Usercards are not Showing Drop-shadow

As per the privilege description, there should be a drop-shadow for a usercard that expands, however it is not showing now. Expected behavior: Current behavior: No drop-shadow, but does expand: (...
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What does it mean to have negative score?

My super inability is to walk passing things without seeing them. But today, I suddenly realised that I have a score of -11/100 on my stackoverflow meta profile! 'Is it normal?' I asked myself. ...
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Obtain user reputation without Flair

Stack Overflow Flair's design is becoming a bit old school. So I'm not in the mood of putting it in to my website. Is there an easy way to obtain my reputation in Stack Overflow to show it in another ...
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Can we have a shorthand URL for user profile pages?

Can we have a shorthand URL for user profile pages? E.g. my profile is under but if I want to write it on a blackboard while lecturing it's unwieldy. It ...
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Is it intended for The Overflow newsletter to be auto opt-in?

There's been a notice on Stack Overflow that The Overflow has been launched today, after reading the associated blog post, and specifically the following part: If you want to subscribe to The ...
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Track next badge interface breaks when two badges earned

I was really excited today as I've been working towards the fanatic badge for the last 100 days and I also got my first tag badge for Ionic4 which I am passionate about the moment. However, the ui ...
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Reputation Card Top % overall label Margin Top missing - Activity Tab, Profile Section

As shown in the image below "top 0.41% overall" text is sticking on reputation tile. I think there should be margin top added to the label. Client Details : Browser : Google Chrome Version : 77.0....
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Developer Story "Synchronize with your profile" checkbox does not respect profiles where inheritance was disabled

I'm talking about this checkbox that appears above certain fields in the Developer Story while editing: I foolishly thought this was somehow going to use values entered in my SO profile as the value ...
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There isn't highlighting on a profile's page description

I don't know if this is intentional, but the description on profile page didn't highlight, even using the correct formatting, as below: This might be a bug since while we're editing our ...
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My top post shows more votes when viewed from my meta profile [duplicate]

I have an answer on this question which currently has 15 upvotes. But when viewed from my Meta Stack Overflow profile, it shows up with 16 votes. Also the case on my network profile: Somewhat ...
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Let's make the "Badges" title in the profile a link!

In the profile section of a user, when we scroll down to the badges section, I see the Badges title is not a link to the badges section in the Activity tab: My feature request is to also make the ...
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114 votes
4 answers

What happens to an account after you die?

What happens to Stack Overflow accounts when the owner dies? Is there a process for marking an account In Memoriam and allowing an account of someone who has died to remain for as long as Stack&...
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1 answer

Name and description are too small on the user profile page

When there is a long address, name and description becomes too small on the profile page. Then, it is hard to read. Instead of it, if Address would go to two lines if it is too long, it would be good. ...
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1 answer

Why does the entire profile section have the hand cursor?

On the profile tab on any user, there is a small "Summary" of the profile showing their avatar, reputation and their badges. It seems a little counter-intuitive for all the parts to have the hand ...
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Developer Story tab tooltip behind top bar

I have just noticed that the tooltip on the Developer Story tab in my profile is behind the top bar. So you really can read only the half of the message. I tested Chrome and Firefox, which both have ...
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Ugly formatting with accept/bounty warning next to question

When a question has been ignored by the user long enough, this warning shows up: IMO, this is pretty bad formatting. The questions should be aligned horizontally, and I believe that the warning ...
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Top tags missing one where I've only posted one answer

In my profile my top three tags all come from the same answer. I've gotten no upvotes on the other answers, to the same tags. My tags page shows JavaScript just fine. So you don't have to look at my ...
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1 answer

User Edits: Profile says one thing, Users tab says another

I've just noticed there's a difference between the number of user edits listed in user profiles versus in the Users page. Exhibit A Exhibit B A difference of 1,826 edits is too large to blame ...
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Where does the current job position displayed on my profile come from? [duplicate]

I have my current position filled out on my profile: What's weird is that I'm not sure where this info comes from. Firstly, I checked my Profile Settings, but it says that no title has been set: ...
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How to remove college information from a Stack Overflow profile? [duplicate]

My college information is public on my Stack Overflow page and is not available on my other Stack Exchange accounts. This means that I might have added that information sometime in the past to my ...
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2 answers

Don't show old title when a user removes it from the profile

I have a title in my Stack Overflow profile, which refers to my school and the class I was in when I registered 2 years ago. However it's no longer relevant, so I was going to change it. But I ...
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Comments in the responses tab on Meta have overflowing rows

Location is "Responses" tab in the "Activity" view: This only affects the Meta profile page; the main SO profile page doesn't have this ...
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(non-Stack) Overflow of top tags and posts on Meta

I just saw Temani Afif's profile, and something weird has happened to the top tags and answers: Sorry for the freehand "circles" However, this doesn't happen to everyone - here's my profile: I ...
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1 answer

There's a lone curly brace on the preferences tab

When you go to, a lone curly brace can be seen. A picture is worth a thousand words:
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User Profile: Number of votes cast doesn't add up [duplicate]

When looking at my "Impact" statistics in my SO User Profile, the number of votes I have cast seems to differ depending on where I look. I've ensured that; "All" votes are showing I clicked directly ...
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Inactive tabs on the S.O. profile page have no bottom border if a number box is present [duplicate]

If click on this tab, the indicator goes away and the border goes back to normal.
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1 answer

How can I list the questions I have upvoted?

Is there a way to view all the questions which I upvoted or that contain an answer that I upvoted?
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Inconsistent capitalization of profile titles [duplicate]

If you navigate to your profile, you'll see that the section titles have inconsistent capitalization (for example, Top Meta Posts vs. Top network posts): Was this intended behavior?
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1 answer

Change the title and company in my profile [duplicate]

On StackOverflow, my profile shows a title and company name where I'm currently working at. I cannot find this information anywhere in my profile edit pages. Is it still possible to edit that ...
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2 answers

Do profile views matter on Stack Overflow?

Just as reputation and badges have their importance, does profile views also considered to be important? If yes please share how.
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1 answer

Broken user profiles, only on Stack Overflow

Today I found three user profile pages on Stack Overflow which throw an error, however, their respective meta counterparts still work, as do the rest of their network profiles. Comments from our ...
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"Job recommendations" makes position jump

On my profile I'm shown "job recommendations" as my job search status is shown as active. Nothing wrong with that as such, but it won't load until 2 seconds after the page, making everything below it ...
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Suggestion for improvement profile questions section

I saw some difference inconsistency in the questions list (profile page) where “accept-reminder” is visible (red text). The texts goes jagged. I think if they are aligned, it will be better. ...
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Line near side of profile page

I was looking at a user's profile, and found there was a line straight through the text. The line continued through the entire page, top to bottom. I suspect this is intended to be the right border ...
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82 votes
3 answers

Is it ok to have links on how to create sock puppets and gain rep fraudulently in user profiles?

The question really is that simple. There's a lot of discussion about what is allowed in user profiles, but nothing that actually covers this. I removed a link to a GitHub repository with code to run, ...
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How is the top tag determined?

On my profile currently it shows Angular as my top tag, but when I view the Activity tab of my profile it shows Node.js as having a higher score. Is Node.js exempted from being a top tag and Angular ...
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UX research time! March 2019 and the user profile and settings

🙋🏻‍♀️Hello! My name is Donna and I’m a UX (User Experience) designer here at Stack Overflow. Recently, Jon Ericson suggested that we share UX research updates so that the folks here can get more ...
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How come profile images have anti-aliasing?

Why does my profile picture have anti-aliasing here on SO? I know its a 16x16, and it would take 2 minutes to re-size it to a 128x128, but I'm interested in the technical decisions behind this, since ...
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Want to check how a particular user has interacted with you on Stack Overflow

Can we have a section on User profile's page which shows how a particular user has been interacted with you? For example if I go to a user's profile, a section should show what answers, comments or ...
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1 answer

What did I just click? [duplicate]

I just answered a question, and before I clicked the Post Your Answer button, I also clicked a checkbox that was right above it. I did not intend to click this checkbox - it's a little early, my eyes ...
18 votes
0 answers

Overlapping content on Safari iPad mini

There seems to be an issue with overlapping content in Safari on an iPad mini 1, model A1432, with iOS 9.3.5 running. Switching it off and on again, deleting cache, rebooting, etc. has not solved ...
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The top bar does not extend all the way on the profile page on iPad Pro (10.5in) [duplicate]

On Safari running on an iPad Pro (10.5 inch) running iOS 11.2.5, the profile page looks like this: The top bar does not go all the way to the right edge. I have indicated the white space left behind ...
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16 votes
1 answer

My Flair and those of others return an HTTP 500 instead of the expected image

I have the same problem as reported in Flair images return 500 errors on flair page but I'm pretty sure Flair worked somewhere between 2015 and today so this is a regression. When visiting my Stack ...
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/users/integrations/slack/<user id> leads to 404 on other SE sites

While trying to change my profile on MSE, I accidentally tapped "Slack Integrations" on the left, which brought me to a 404 page. Should such thing exist only on SO and MSO? Should it be hidden ...
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1 answer

Setting current location for job matching without showing in public profile

I really don't like showing my current location publicly. On the other hand, if I want job matching, I need to fill out the current location info in the Developer Story tab, but once I fill it in, it ...
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1 answer

Some user images are not rendering [duplicate]

I noticed some user images are not rendering, like User 8157105 (trying to anonymize a bit): It looks like the content is being pulled from Facebook. The URL to the image is https://graph.facebook....
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Badge earned in user profile - "Let us pick" button in mobile browser in misleading context

I earned a badge recently, and noticed that there was a Let us pick button next to the badge. I interpreted the information on the page as if it's trying to tell me here's the badge you're meant to ...
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