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This tag is for questions about the user profile page, which contains a list of all the questions, answers, and an audit trail of the user's activity on the site.

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When ordering answers on vote count, the question scores are displayed on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

There were lots of UI changes on SO in the last days. But I just noticed some functionality change: when ordering (in the Activity tab) the answers on votes, the answers are properly ordered, but the (...
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Where are the bookmarked question votes on this new user profile styling?

I've noticed that the Stack Overflow user profile has new styling. However, as you can see in the screenshot, along with the other text like 0 answers and 29 views, there's votes too; but that's all ...
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Updated Reputation tab displays dates incorrectly

It must be a recent update, but I've just noticed that on the Reputation tab the dates are displayed incorrectly. For example, instead of 12 secs ago it says 12 secs agoprettyDec 7 It seems to be ...
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On "Edit profile" page, Team selector dropdown cannot be selected if the current Team is frozen [closed]

When a Team is frozen, many functionalities cannot be performed. This also includes editing your own profile, where all input elements are disabled. However, the Team selector on the edit profile page ...
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"Select your next badge" cells on Teams profile page too narrow [closed]

When selecting a next badge to track in your profile page on Teams, the table cells are rather narrow: This is how it looks like on main sites:
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Strange user profile occurrence (possibly relating to account merging?)

I was visiting the New Users page as I've frequently done this month, to see who was coming close to me (because I proudly am first on the list :), when I noticed a user I hadn't seen before. ...
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Job Title showed Employer Name without me adding it [duplicate]

I can't say when it was added, however, I noticed just now that my profile was updated so that my Job Title was "Database Administrator at {Employer Name}". I haven't made any changes to my ...
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"Votes" tab on user profile is on its own line

The "Votes" tab seems to have been dropped onto its own line, away from all the other tabs. I'm not sure I remember this previously being the case. I imagine the the addition of the "...
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Profile shows employer

For some reason, my profile has started to show my work title (it may have been for months, I have removed it now). I don't remember setting it - would there be some kind of LinkedIn integration that ...
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Where can you check your suggested edits? [duplicate]

Today I submitted a few edits to people's posts and when I wanted to submit another one I wasn't able to because: "You have too many pending edits. Further edits cannot be submitted until prior ...
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Why are we repeating the same information twice when viewing an user activity tab?

When opening the site switcher (little SE icon in the top right) when viewing any user activity on their profile page, the user information from the top bar is repeated. Is this a desired behavior? It ...
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"All actions" tab broken yet again [duplicate]

As has happened many times before, my "all actions" profile tab fails to load. Attempting to load that tab hangs for a while, then displays an "Oops! Something Bad Happened!" error ...
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Make the 'Profile' -> 'Top tags' details clearer please (mainly 'score')

How can someone know what score means in a user's profile page (example)? (We shouldn't rely on users searching the web. It should be clear here.) The 50 posts % is a bit clearer (though not ...
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Profile activity page does not adapt when viewing the full site on mobile

The user profile Activity page does not adapt to a mobile view like the rest of the site. I'm not sure if this is by design or a bug, but as it doesn't conform to the rest of the mobile experience I'm ...
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How do I change my Display Name in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have logged in and confirmed my account by email, but my display name is user17252202 rather than my name. How do I change this?
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What is a "rare" badge?

I noticed the following on the profile page of a relatively new user: What is the definition of "rare" here? In case it helps, the above notification only seems to be displayed for a user ...
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Top tags and Top posts are coming in row format in my profile?

Top tags and top posts are showing up row-wise pretty neat and tidy for my profile. Is it just for my profile or do have an update on the SO Profile page?
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My profile page just broke after adding several code blocks

After adding a few code blocks, the about me section on my profile page just overflowed the page horizontally. There are supposed to be scrollbars on the code blocks and not on the page itself. ...
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Can other members see old versions of my user profile?

I had a strange comment on a question I posted. The user referred to something that had been in my profile a few weeks ago, but which wasn't there when I posted the question. I'm curious how the user ...
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Background of tooltip for "Developer Story" tab in the profile page does not contain all text [duplicate]

There is some text falling off the tooltip. A picture is worth a thousand words.
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Unable to update profile picture - Unusual error

I am unable to update my profile picture. It is showing me this error: I tried using JPG, JPEG and PNG image format but none work, I also tried using different options such as 'click here' and 'drag ...
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Remember last used user profile tab

When I click a username, I usually want to see their activity. Now for each username I click, I have to click 'Activity' again: I want that to remember that I last visited the 'Activity' tab. The ...
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"Last seen" was important

There are 2 degradations I have experienced since this metric was removed. When quickly interacting with another user, especially on some content produced a long time ago, it was a really quick and ...
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Public profile link is not visible in dark mode

Public link is not properly visible if we have selected dark theme.
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It is time to hide a user profile's total upvote/downvote count from public view

This has to do with the public statistics regarding a user's total upvoting and downvoting count, which can be seen by any visitor in the Activity menu. This feature request proposes to hide the up ...
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Rename "User groups" to "Collectives" on the SO profile page

On the Stack Overflow profile page, there's a new label showing how many user groups that user participates in: Except those user groups are actually Collectives. For the sake of consistency, and ...
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Reduced profile page

The new profile page shows each paragraph in a single line and restricts the length of it drastically. Is it intended to continue with this reduced representation? For my profile page it means that I ...
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Comments should be more evident in profiles

In the profile area of the site, there is a section for each important type of action taken by the given user. Written comments, however are listed only in the All Actions section, and to see them ...
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Where is the link to Meta from the profile page?

As we already know, previously we had a link on Stack Overflow's main profile page, which redirects us to Meta Stack Overflow. Today I noticed that the button is missing: I think this could cause ...
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The GitHub and Twitter links are obscured in the new layout

Update I think I've changed my mind. It is not that bad. With the new layout of the profile page, the GitHub and Twitter icons are so small and occupy just a tiny space which makes them hard to find ...
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Site Admin. Why are some settings updated on "Save" while others "OnChange" [closed]

When I want to upload or change profile information it requires me to click Save which is fine. When I change one of my users to an Admin, it saves it after I select it. Seem inconsistent and in ...
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What's wrong with having a "vanity metric"?

I noticed that the new profile changes included the removal of profile views because it's a "vanity metric." I would argue that reputation on SO is 90% vanity anyways, so why remove profile ...
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User Page is not responsive as width of screen decreases

Recently, I came to my user page to check how things were doing and I resized my tab to around 1260 pixels. Around this width, elements on the page became fixed and would no longer move relative to ...
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How can we find "last seen" and "profile views" info on the profile page now that they are gone?

Today the layout of the user profile page has changed. I haven't found any information on MSO about it. Now that it's gone, how can we find "last seen" and "profile views" ...
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Bring the "last seen" field back on "profile" page, please

N. B.: This is not a duplicate of How could we know “last seen” and “profile views” in profile?, as this is a feature-request to return the "last seen" like it was presented before, w/o ...
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Profile page is very empty, revert to old version?

This is what my profile page looks like: Before today Today There is a lot of blank space on the right side where the links/stats used to be. Can we put it back there?
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Filter vote casts based on a specific post type

If we open our user activity tab and go to the votes tab, we can filter our vote casts by All Upvote Downvote Deletion etc Why isn't there an option to filter the votes casts on a specific type of ...
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How are badges ordered on the user profile?

Here're my top three bronze badges on the main site, it seems they're ranked by class: But if I go to my activity's badges section and rank them by class, the top three bronze badges are these: ...
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Navigation on user profile reputation page is broken

When visiting the reputation change page on a user profile page, you can navigate forwards and backwards using the pagination buttons at the bottom, but you can't navigate back using the browser's ...
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How can you edit what appears under your name and location on your Stack Overflow network profile?

How do you edit what information appears under name and location on your Stack Overflow network profile? I was able to successfully update the About Me section on my network profile using the "...
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Style bug: "Select your next badge" window overlapping close button [duplicate]

The close button on the "select your badge" window overlaps with the word "badge". This was not an issue, at least for me, before today. System notes: OS: Windows 10 Web browser: ...
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Irregular badge summary formatting on profile page [duplicate]

The following screen capture sums it up: Have there been some recent UI changes to the site? This screen capture was taken from my Android phone.
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Select Your Next Badge UI Element Misplaced

On the "Select your next badge" popup, the exit button is misplaced and written over the window title thusly: macOS: 11.4 Safari: 14.1.1 This behavior is present on SO and Meta.
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"Jobs" needs an interface to exchange CV with 3rd party services - or is there any?

Unfortunately, there are many companies who link to some external application-flow on Jobs and there doesn't seem to be any rule for them, like the similar "no link-only answers" would ...
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Add a little space between the location input box and the warning message

Go to Edit profile and settings and enter an imaginary location in the Location text box, say, 'Sagiri Mountain'. You will be warned that this location isn't recognized ('We don't recognize that ...
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Pluralization issue in the Profile page - badge count

There is a pluralization issue on the Profile page. Due to the recent badge section changes on the Profile page, for the single badge count, it is showing as "badges" but it is supposed to ...
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What is the new badge UI on the Profile page?

Observe, from my profile page: This appears when you navigate to the Profile of any user on Stack Overflow. Every other site in the network (including MSO) shows the older UI (again from my profile, ...
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If answers have the same vote-count, accepted should appear higher in user-profile

When I go to check my answers (ranked from highest vote-count to lowest), mostly everything is in order. Why not all? Well you see, accepted answers with say (3) votes can be ranked lower than a non-...
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Using a mod diamond in normal user profile

Is using a mod diamond in the text of the user profile OK? The following example clearly states that it is fake, but at first glance this could made users misleadingly think the user would be a mod. ...'s user avatar
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P tag replaced with H2 in about me section

I noticed that the P tag in about me section has been replaced recently with H2 tag in Stack Overflow only. For other sites, it's still P tag. Stack Overflow Travel.SE As a temporary workaround, ...
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