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This tag is for questions about the user profile page, which contains a list of all the questions, answers, and an audit trail of the user's activity on the site.

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Why can I only edit my profile from the main site?

I was just about to edit my profile bio (from Meta) when I realised that the "edit" option isn't there, But if I switch to my SO profile the edit option is back. Is there a reason for this?
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Why do avatar pictures change when I update my email address as an OAuth2 user?

My avatar seems to change when I update my email address if logged in using an OAuth2 provider. Wondering why that is? Also wondering what sort of business rules govern this decision that allow your ...
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Add indicator saying if user has contributed to Documentation [closed]

We have Docs now, and some signs indicate that it completely changed the way reputation is perceived. Some users may love this, but others don't as you can see here and here. If the rep is not going ...
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Curious to know How curious I am [duplicate]

While seeing my profile today, I was still wondering how it can be 6 out 5. Above is my Profile's Next Badge area which states 6/5 days asked. After 5/5 Questions I should be awarded with the ...
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Want to check how a particular user has interacted with you on Stack Overflow

Can we have a section on User profile's page which shows how a particular user has been interacted with you? For example if I go to a user's profile, a section should show what answers, comments or ...
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What's wrong with having a "vanity metric"?

I noticed that the new profile changes included the removal of profile views because it's a "vanity metric." I would argue that reputation on SO is 90% vanity anyways, so why remove profile ...
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134 votes
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Am I missing a subtle joke in the "edit profile" page or is there a typo?

When the "About me" textarea is empty on the profile edit page, the following text is in a muted color in the background: BY DAY: Alt-Rock Ninja Cowgirl at Veridian Dynamics. BY NIGHT: I write ...
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117 votes
4 answers

Can we have a "My Best Answers" section?

When I am solving a programming problem or learning to do a new task, I often add new answers at Stack Overflow because teaching other people helps me to learn myself. Some of these answers are short ...
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Please don't teleport me

The location I entered years ago was Catalonia but sometime between October 3 and November 8 you changed my location to Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain I didn't enter that text. Maybe I searched jobs ...
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Possible spam accounts

While browsing through the new users page I noticed this (note the "Download Link:" text in almost all of them): Each of those profiles contains something like this, with links for : ...
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Profile & Developer Story Usability Findings

In December, we did some internal analysis on what's displayed on both the current Profile and the Developer Story, and found that about 40% of the data is in both places. This led us to wonder if it'...
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"Last seen" was important

There are 2 degradations I have experienced since this metric was removed. When quickly interacting with another user, especially on some content produced a long time ago, it was a really quick and ...
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Profile page is very empty, revert to old version?

This is what my profile page looks like: Before today Today There is a lot of blank space on the right side where the links/stats used to be. Can we put it back there?
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How do I hide my profile so employers don't rummage through my SO activities?

There's quite a few people out there who are quite comfortable with exposing their innards to the world, but there are also quite a few and possibly larger group of people who don't want individuals, ...
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Modifying your profile's web presence to a Bitbucket link instead of a GitHub link

Currently you are able to show off your GitHub profile on your profile page. I however am not a huge fan of GitHub and use Bitbucket. Could we perhaps add support for other source control hosting ...
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2 answers

GitHub is misspelled "Github" in the Developer Story page

I noticed a little typo in the Developer Story page: "GitHub" is incorrectly capitalized as "Github". The typo is in two places and perhaps more: If you don't have a GitHub profile linked, then it ...
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Statistics about consecutive visited days

I was looking for a statistics about consecutive visited days, is there any public data which can been seen. Does it require the new site analytics privilege?
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Concerns about (new?) profile settings/preferences related to Jobs

If you want a tl;dr, scroll to the bottom, below the line break. I recently visited my profile page and was surprised by a new Jobs ad: Having never participated in anything Jobs related on Stack ...
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Broken user profiles, only on Stack Overflow

Today I found three user profile pages on Stack Overflow which throw an error, however, their respective meta counterparts still work, as do the rest of their network profiles. Comments from our ...
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3 answers

What's up with this green?

Sometime yesterday, we got a new profile page on Meta and on the main site with some minor design tweaks to vote counts and reputation changes: I quite like these boxes (I guess we gave away circles ...
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Track Generalist badge

The new badge tracker is pretty cool, but I wonder why the Generalist badge cannot be tracked. It's one of the hardest badges to get, and it's probably the most interesting in my opinion (it ...
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Too much space between posts on profile page

Everything was fine an hour ago and suddenly I see my profile page as follows. I have tried refreshing and clearing the cache and checking this site's profile page too. It looks the same here too. ...
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Apparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them

While browsing through some user profiles in the new profile page, I came across this description: Apparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them. I do not understand where ...
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Why can I only enter one job in my profile?

Stack Overflow just asked me to upgrade my account, providing information like where I program (my job) and stuff like that. I have two programming jobs, but there is only space for one. I guess this ...
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Stack Overflow's new profile doesn't know about Stack Overflow Careers existing profile

I have a Stack Overflow profile linked to my Stack Overflow Careers profile. Had them for a while now. I have just been notified of the new Stack Exchange profile and went looking around. Looks ...
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24 votes
2 answers

Reputation bar chart display error

I am seeing the following bug on the reputation bar chart:
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Visible code markup in profiles

When I look at a user's profile, I see this:
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Why can't you see review-badges in your profile-page until you've earned them?

I want to track my progress for a review-badge on my profile-page. Why can't the "next badge" progress-bar be used to track review badges as well as other ones? I've earned the "Custodian" badge, and ...
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User Edits: Profile says one thing, Users tab says another

I've just noticed there's a difference between the number of user edits listed in user profiles versus in the Users page. Exhibit A Exhibit B A difference of 1,826 edits is too large to blame ...
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UI doesn't update when you pick a new badge

(I am reusing a screenshot from another thread as mine is gone now.) I just got the enthusiast badge and then when I picked my next one by clicking the "track the next one", this UI doesn't update: ...
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How are users' top tags sorted in Stack Overflow?

Every user profile on Stack Overflow has a section that shows his top tags (see picture below). However, this list is in a different order if we look at the complete tags list (picture below). My ...
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Privilege icon alignment broken when documentation tab is selected

The vertical alignment of the privilege icon is broken when the "documentation" tab is selected: Why still not fixed after more than 4 months?
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Userprofiles without an accountid give you an Oops! Something bad happened

... but only if you are a member of one or more Stack Overflow for Teams. Visit this userprofile for example. It doesn't have an accountid (found based on this SEDE Query). When you're in one (or ...
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The warning about my Private Information is inaccurate; name changes don't affect my developer story

If I begin changing my name in my Private Information on the Edit Profile & Settings page, the following notice shows up (bold present in the original): ⚠️ Updates to your Full name will be ...
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Can't access profile page - Oops! Something Bad Happened!

For some reason, I can't access my profile page, when I try I get the following error: Oops! Something Bad Happened! We apologize for any inconvenience, but an unexpected error occurred while you ...
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Duplicates in "Company Name" dropdown under "Current position" on Stack Overflow profile page

In the "Edit profile" page on Stack Overflow, I see that there are multiple "Experis IT" and "EXPERIS - MANPOWER GROUP" options in the drop-down list for "Company Name" (see screenshot below). How ...
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Where can I find the list of questions I (un-)protected?

It looks like everything I did is listed in my own profile, at least for my own perusal. Still, I failed to find any notice of the questions I protected / unprotected. Is it just that I didn't look ...
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Profile setting options very confusing on Teams [closed]

The profile settings and display names for Teams is pretty confusing. When I first signed up for Teams it used my private information (my full name) only within Teams. I rechecked Stack Overflow ...
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2 answers

How can you search for a user on Stack Overflow?

I would like to know how can I search for a Stack Exchange user and see their profile.
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Copy Editor badge "Go get it" link should point to Help and Improvement queue

Currently, the "Go get it" link for Copy Editor in the next badge widget is directing to Low Quality Posts queue. I propose we point it to the Help and Improvement queue instead. This queue is ...
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2 answers

Unable to save profile

Why would I get the error message Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: unknown error updating your profile -- please try again! when trying to update and save my profile? Even without ...
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1 answer

Unable to link Personal Careers Page to Stack Overflow Profile

Disclaimer: I read the following SO questions and answers given to them but still no luck finding a solution that actually works. Why am I unable to link my StackOverflow Career profile to SO profile?...
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12 votes
2 answers

How can I determine when I cast a specific upvote?

Is there a way to filter the profile votes list to determine when I voted for a specific question and answer? The reason I'm asking is I just ran across an eight-year old question showing that I ...
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Profile page is squished - edit/flag/votes stats are wrapping and look bad

I know the new design has adjusted some things and that some of the sections can expand to relatively unknown widths, but I believe the below is an unintended consequence of this that can be improved: ...
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I want to see all deleted posts in my voting history

You can see your own voting history from your profile, if you click your profile and under the Activity tab, votes. If you reach 10K reputation, you gain the privilege to see deleted posts. Now in ...
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Main tags in user profile become Meta tags in the user's Meta profile

When linking main tags in Meta with [tag:any-tag] in a comment or post, they are rendered as main tags into the full link: <a href="">...
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User profile favorite tab questions items data not correct on Stack Exchange

I do not have any favorite question in my profile on Stack Overflow (below Snap). But when I visit my profile from another browser on Stack Exchange (incognito or from which I'm not signed in). It ...
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My vote count in my profile is incorrect

My "Impact" box lists my vote count as follows: However, when I look at the breakdown, it's below: I initially assumed that the "Impact" box was just being cached (because it seems to be slow to ...
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Developer Story tab tooltip behind top bar

I have just noticed that the tooltip on the Developer Story tab in my profile is behind the top bar. So you really can read only the half of the message. I tested Chrome and Firefox, which both have ...
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All Actions tab broken [closed]

Accessing the "All actions" tab on the profile page on the main site now reliably results in a Oops! Something Bad Happened! page. The error page appears after a roughly 30 seconds delay. ...
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