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This tag is for questions about the user profile page, which contains a list of all the questions, answers, and an audit trail of the user's activity on the site.

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Is there a way to see current progress towards a badge?

I would like to see how close I am to the fanatic badge. However, I am unaware of any way to view how many days I've visited in this streak. Is there a way to view current progress towards badges, ...
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Profile picture upload, then disappear

I upload my profile picture about 5-6 times but everytime, after refreshing my profile page, the picture disappears from my profile and come back the last one I used. The image is just 500 kB and no ...
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Who has access to the html that makes up a Stack Overflow profile?

Someone on Stack Overflow hardcoded text in the About Me section of my profile. Do moderators have access to this? Below is the text area tag.. <textarea id="wmd-input" class="wmd-input ...
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Profile "Answers" section: Indicator if own answer has competing accepted answer

At the moment the Answers section on every user profile has two styles for the answer count: white background, grey font: Own answer is not accepted green background, olive font: Own answer is ...
114 votes
4 answers

What happens to an account after you die?

What happens to Stack Overflow accounts when the owner dies? Is there a process for marking an account In Memoriam and allowing an account of someone who has died to remain for as long as Stack&...
74 votes
2 answers

Votes cast has upvote-like symbol and is confusing

I've cast 1,152 votes, fine. But the icon beside it in my honest opinion seems to indicate that they are upvotes. It's like I've upvoted 1152 posts, when I've clearly not. I've predominantly ...
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'rel=nofollow' in Profile links

I was looking around at a couple of profiles on Stack Overflow today and I noticed certain users have different links connected to their profile's url. For instance if you go to my profile you will ...
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Badge multiplier in the profile page is misaligned

The snapshot should be self-explanatory. The per-badge count (× 3) is misaligned. Is this a bug? Seen on Chrome 43+, on Windows 7. Additional: The profile page from which the snapshot is taken. ...
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1 answer

What happened to the gear icon in the reputation box of my profile?

Today I noted a difference in MyProfile page, especially in Activity tab. The top of the page contains the Reputation, Badges and Impact boxes. Until last week, in the Reputation box, an indication ...
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Is there a way to get a "breakdown" of the People Reached stat?

My question is quite simple: Is there a way to get a "breakdown" of my People Reached stat, ie. how many people I have reached with each individual answer, or which answer has contributed most ? So ...
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We should be more watchful of 0-activity spam users

Today I was running some data queries in the data explorer and ran across some interesting user profiles. In particular, I was looking to see whom of those who states their location said San Diego (...
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Can I remove one of my badges?

Suppose I don't like one of the badges that I've earned. Is it possible for me to remove it from my profile, and if so how? I can't find any related options on my profile page.
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Can we stop showing jobs on the profile activity page, please?

Recently, job recommendations were added to the activity tab in the profile page. This is quite annoying, as I don't want to read it all the time. Also, I've set my preferences as I am not actively ...
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Can we copy site settings (Hide Left Navigation bar) across Main and Meta?

As the title says, currently Users have to enable/disable navigation bar settings individually for Main in Main site preferences and for Meta in Meta site preferences. Can we have a common setting ...
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Why does the vote count on my profile's tags not update?

This is what my profile vote count per tag on Stack Overflow since last Monday It should be more than that because I got more up votes since then. Why don't these values update?
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Large tags pushes out score and post count in profile

I happened to come across this in a random profile. Please see below screenshot: It happens in Chrome stable(Version 65.0.3325.146 (Official Build) (64-bit)) Mac Sierra Safari (Version 11.0.3 (...
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Why have the badge icons lost spacing around them?

For some reason, my badges just lost a lot of their spacious weight It's not normal for a healthy badge to be that skinny. I'm getting a little bit worried - what have the SE staff done to make my ...
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Tab separator on profile page looks misplaced [closed]

I believe this | should be positioned between 'Votes' and 'Answers', at least that is where I remember it to be. It also appears that all 5 tabs are in reversed order. It's in <span class="filter"...
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Activity tab - IMPACT showing ~1000k

Why doesn't it show "~1m" instead? What are the rules of deciding when to switch to "m"? I'm asking because I saw many profiles that has "~X.Ym" and I'm curious to know when do we display what.
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How is impact calculated in the profile view [duplicate]

I came across this profile alex555 (I took this one but this could have been any other one) which as an estimated impact of 91K. I've got an impact of 99K. Profile comparison: | Alex555 ...
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Bring back the reputation user panel in activity summaries for meta profiles

Internally, reputation is still tracked on meta sites just as it is on any other site, complete with point values for votes and daily reputation caps. If it were shown, I'd have the number 131k next ...
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2 answers

What does the "System setting" option do for the Theme preference?

With the new theme mode, there are 3 options: Light System setting Dark What does the middle option, "System setting", do? For me, nothing changes; it looks the same as Light.
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2 answers

Show Your Deleted Questions in Your Activity History (Only Visible to You) [duplicate]

While working on an alternate question here, I would have loved to see my old question (which had since been deleted by the community). I know it's available to moderators, would it be possible to ...
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(non-Stack) Overflow of top tags and posts on Meta

I just saw Temani Afif's profile, and something weird has happened to the top tags and answers: Sorry for the freehand "circles" However, this doesn't happen to everyone - here's my profile: I ...
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Request for some features to remain after sunsetting developer story

It is announced the sunsetting of the jobs and developer story in the near future. Could Stack Overflow team consider to keep some features from the developer story? More specifically there is a ...
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Overflow on badges in profile

text-overflow: ellipsis doesn't work without overflow: hidden. .profile-badges .badge-tag { overflow: hidden; } (And some more text to meet quality standards. Isn't it funny that bug report with one-...
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Allow specifying minimum monthly and daily compensation, in addition to annual compensation

Currently it's only possible to specify a minimum annual compensation in the Job Match Preferences. When discussing temporary contracts, at least here in Belgium, compensation is always a daily rate. ...
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How do I track tag badge progress for a given tag?

In the past I remember being able to choose on my profile page to track a tag badge progress. Now the gear button does not provide access to tag badges, or I cannot find them. How do I track tag ...
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Name and description are too small on the user profile page

When there is a long address, name and description becomes too small on the profile page. Then, it is hard to read. Instead of it, if Address would go to two lines if it is too long, it would be good. ...
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Suggestion for improvement profile questions section

I saw some difference inconsistency in the questions list (profile page) where “accept-reminder” is visible (red text). The texts goes jagged. I think if they are aligned, it will be better. ...
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Is "Top Posts" using the wrong active class?

The active tab for the Newest Posts (user profile page, tab "Profile", tab "Newest" and tab "All") uses the class active which I think is not working. When referring to ...
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Why did this user lose all his rep? [closed]

I've seen this user before, and he normally has a high rep. His profile serves to corroborate that, yet his current rep is only 81. Upon closer inspection, I realized there are a TON of high-valued ...
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All Actions tab broken again

Accessing the "All actions" tab on the profile page on the main site now reliably results in a Oops! Something Bad Happened! page. The error page appears after a roughly 30 seconds delay. ...
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Community User Profile Views

What is going on with Community's profile views? I highly doubt that he/she/it has only 649 profile views. He/She/It has been a member of our community for 7 years and 8 months appearing constantly in ...
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1 answer

"Got it! We won't bother you with this anymore" on profile page — what was it?

When I went to my profile page, a nicely-designed display box was shown in place of the information I was after, but it wasn't relevant to what I was doing at that moment, so I clicked the "Not now" ...
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3 answers

What is the name of the picture used in Stack Overflow profiles?

Is there an official name for the type of image/avatar used as the default profile picture in Stack Overflow? I have kept mine (check my pic) as an example. Is there a name for this kind of images? I ...
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"Votes" tab on user profile is on its own line

The "Votes" tab seems to have been dropped onto its own line, away from all the other tabs. I'm not sure I remember this previously being the case. I imagine the the addition of the "...
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Autobiographer Badge rewarded on so

Just got the Autobiographer badge. The info says "Completed "About Me" section of user profile.". Iirc I wrote the "About Me" section back in 2012, and after reviewing other people with that badge, I ...
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Walls of text distort user profiles

I've been noticing this with a few user profiles of late. A large amount of About Me text can cause the user's profile to be distorted. Here is an example:
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Line near side of profile page

I was looking at a user's profile, and found there was a line straight through the text. The line continued through the entire page, top to bottom. I suspect this is intended to be the right border ...
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Visiting the Developer Story Preferences tab makes the story tab visible, even if I never touch the checkbox

Since the rollout of Developer Story yesterday, everyone has a new preferences tab in their profile: This lets you control the appearance of a "Developer Story" tab next to the default "Profile" and "...
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All actions in my activity fails to load [closed]

If I go to my Stack Overflow profile -> my activity -> all sections, I am getting the below response: The rest of the site seems to be loading fine. The other tabs are working. It seems if I ...
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New profile page: grey frame around profile image

First off, kudos for the new profile page. I love it. One thing though... the user image has this grey frame around its top half: (I see this in three different browsers) Is this intended? To me it ...
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My user ID appears in the search box automatically

When I click on my Stack Overflow profile icon (as shown in the image below) the user ID appears in the search box automatically, Doesn't that seem odd? Or is this expected?
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Why was the accept rate feature removed from a user's profile? [closed]

In the past, users were afraid to have a low accept rate and actually bothered to accept an answer. Now most newbies don't!
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2 answers

Add indicator saying if user has contributed to Documentation [closed]

We have Docs now, and some signs indicate that it completely changed the way reputation is perceived. Some users may love this, but others don't as you can see here and here. If the rep is not going ...
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Why do avatar pictures change when I update my email address as an OAuth2 user?

My avatar seems to change when I update my email address if logged in using an OAuth2 provider. Wondering why that is? Also wondering what sort of business rules govern this decision that allow your ...
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Curious to know How curious I am [duplicate]

While seeing my profile today, I was still wondering how it can be 6 out 5. Above is my Profile's Next Badge area which states 6/5 days asked. After 5/5 Questions I should be awarded with the ...
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Is there an objective moderation standard regarding political messaging in user profiles?

As already discussed here or here on bringing up politics on Stack Overflow profiles, I noted @Brad-Larson's remark on the difference between what's acceptable on profiles vs. what's acceptable in ...
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Want to check how a particular user has interacted with you on Stack Overflow

Can we have a section on User profile's page which shows how a particular user has been interacted with you? For example if I go to a user's profile, a section should show what answers, comments or ...
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